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(Some Guy)   Venom to be one of the baddies in "Spiderman 3." With pic goodness   ( divider line
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56249 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 22 Apr 2005 at 9:48 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-04-22 4:34:43 PM  
Now we're talking! Throw in a little Carnage, and we're set!
2005-04-22 4:40:09 PM  

I bet they don't do the whole Secret Wars thing, which is where Parker got the alien costume in the first place. But it is fun to dream about ;)
2005-04-22 4:43:08 PM  
True, although you're going to have to wonder how they're going to explain the living costume thing without taking him to another planet
2005-04-22 4:45:02 PM  
Unfortunately, artwork and no explanation is not sufficient evidence that Venom is going to be in Spiderman 3.
2005-04-22 4:47:36 PM  
It'll be another scientific experiment gone awry.

The plot to Spiderman 1, 2, 3, etc...

Brilliant scientist creates something.
Something goes wrong.
Brilliant scientist loses control, goes insane.
Peter Parker fights now-evil scientist while struggling with his power and responsibility.
Mary Jane gets kidnapped and has to be rescued.
Evil scientist dies.
Roll credits.
2005-04-22 4:49:02 PM  
That's a spot-on Spiderman plot.
2005-04-22 4:49:48 PM  
That headline made me splooge myself. I hope its true. I don't want to have to walk around with a trouser stain without a good reason.
2005-04-22 4:50:48 PM  
Yeah... I think I'll go ahead and call BS on this one. It just doesn't seem quite right. Looks photoshopped.
2005-04-22 4:51:44 PM  
I forgot the part about how Peter Parker gets words of wisdom from an old person which inspire him to carry on.
2005-04-22 4:51:51 PM  
Fake......... and it's 2 years too early for a Spiderman 3 teaser
2005-04-22 4:52:19 PM  
That would be hella awesome. I wonder if they'll do the whole thing where Eddie Brock tries to commit suicide in a church when the costume finds him.

Please be a non-made up internet rumor. Pleeeeazzzzze.
2005-04-22 4:52:51 PM  
Inaditch, Brilliant photographer loses control. They addressed Brock's character in the first movie. Anyways, I call shenanigans on that picture. If *that's* the production work for Venom in a movie, I don't want to see it.
2005-04-22 4:53:39 PM  
Aw crap. Yeah, shenanigans. Even the "3" looks like they just took the "e" from the existing movie logos and flipped it horizontally.
2005-04-22 4:58:15 PM  
SomeCasper: Brilliant photographer loses control.

Yeah, those out-of-control photographers scare the crap out of me.
2005-04-22 5:06:26 PM  

You left out the fact that MJ will end up soaking wet while kidnapped.
2005-04-22 5:07:28 PM  
I wouldn't want to see a Venom/Carnage Spider-man movie that wasn't rated R
2005-04-22 5:13:03 PM  
I could see Venom in 4, Jameson's kid goes to moon, has a hitchhiker that escapes into the city, hides in someplace quiet, like a church, and finds Eddie Brock.
2005-04-22 5:18:39 PM  
FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE with a captial AKE!

Double FAKE!

Triple extra FAKE!
2005-04-22 5:20:59 PM  
yeah looks like a poor pshop effort to me
2005-04-22 5:22:23 PM  
SpinStopper: Unfortunately, artwork and no explanation is not sufficient evidence that Venom is going to be in Spiderman 3.

Just felt this needed retellin'.
2005-04-22 5:47:00 PM  
Yeah, if they can't do the story right (Secret Wars), I don't want them to do it at all.

/have the secret wars
//have the DC vrs Marvel
///yes, I know I am a nerd
2005-04-22 6:15:55 PM  
How the hell did this get green-lit?
2005-04-22 7:43:52 PM  
DeadPlasmaCell: How the hell did this get green-lit?

one of the mods spilt his beer on his keyboard
2005-04-22 7:49:09 PM  
But Sam Raimi doesn't even like Venom.
2005-04-22 7:49:20 PM  
A cool pic proves nothing.

- modern day Voltaire
2005-04-22 7:50:09 PM  
2005-04-22 04:52:51 PM SomeCasper

They addressed Brock's character in the first movie.

Huh? I don't remember Brock in the first movie.
2005-04-22 9:26:58 PM  
What a horrible photoshop job. Plenty of Farkers could do a better job than that.
2005-04-22 9:53:32 PM  
jonah's kid is an astronaut, not to hard to figure out how the costume is getting to earth. and ya brock was in the first movie.
2005-04-22 9:53:38 PM  
Fake as f*ck. That bad quality picture would never be put out by Sony. Looks like something a 7th grader did on his computer.
2005-04-22 9:55:21 PM  
Yeah... I think I'll go ahead and call BS on this one. It just doesn't seem quite right. Looks photoshopped.

Venom is clinging part-way up a building.
The Empire State Building appears far below in the distance.
The Empire State Building is the tallest building in the city (9th in the world).
2005-04-22 9:56:56 PM  
New Photoshop:

Make a better fake Spiderman 3 Poster.
2005-04-22 9:57:25 PM  
I call donkey shenanigans.
2005-04-22 9:57:40 PM  
Shennanigans! Look at his left foot. Are you kidding me? It's BS. Although Venom in SM-3 would indeed be sick.
2005-04-22 9:58:45 PM  
Jameson's son went to space [or returned] in the second film. They could easily say Jameson's kid is Venom, instead of Eddie Brock [getting "Venom, as it were, in Space]. Jameson's kid should hate Parker for stealing his girl, after all, in Spiderman 2. Purists would be mad for cutting out Eddie Brock, but using Jameson the astronaut who lost Mary Jane to Peter makes sense in its way. I wrote about this possibility once, here. Not that it's worth reading.

{It should be noted that in the comic books, Jameson's astronaut kid becomes the villain Man-Wolf - which is as lame as it sounds.}
2005-04-22 10:00:18 PM  
Photoshop? Fake? Um... maybe it's just me, but isn't that poster a painting?

And maybe he's not clinging to a buildnig that's taller than the Empire State... maybe it's a Kree lander? Or Galactus' leg...? You never know.
2005-04-22 10:00:58 PM  
I'm still hoping for Scorpion.

(Not that anyone else is.)
2005-04-22 10:01:52 PM  
I like Wolverine.
2005-04-22 10:04:55 PM  
It looks fake and Venom's knees are too sharp for it to be real.
2005-04-22 10:06:33 PM  
Secret wars as a movie would be a very, very bad idea. Venom in a film, very very good idea. WIth an R rating, superb idea. To offset the lack of profitibility, I will hold a kegger for cast and crew in back of my place. With BBQ.
2005-04-22 10:06:34 PM  
Spiderbabe is much better than Spiderman!

//Would like some Misty Mundae
2005-04-22 10:06:46 PM  

That is an absolutely godawful fake.
2005-04-22 10:08:59 PM  
I forgot the part about how Peter Parker gets words of wisdom from an old person which inspire him to carry on.

You also forgot extraneously long scenes with Aunt May and Peter crying like a little b*tch.
2005-04-22 10:09:01 PM  
hermes2020: hey could easily say Jameson's kid is Venom, instead of Eddie Brock

Aren't you forgetting that the symbiote was in spiderman first, which is why venom is so much like spiderman, because the symbiote kept spiderman's characteristics.
2005-04-22 10:09:39 PM  
whilst venom may be in SM-3 (marvel wants it so they can do a venom spinoff, sam raimi does not). this is sadly fake..

i will be working on SM-3 as soon as production starts... besides, its not even out till may of 2007, we still have ghostr rider next summer.. ive seen some still from its production, but none of the effects yet
2005-04-22 10:10:12 PM  
Venom rocks.
2005-04-22 10:11:35 PM  
While I agree, this isn't going to happen, and fifteenth the shenanigans on this, if Venom were to be in the movie, I'd want to see an opening fight between Spider-man and a second tier villain (say Man-Wolf to justify the Venom story) in which Peter wears the black costume, realizes it's sentient and gamey (if I remember my Saga of the Alien Costume correctly, that was one of his complaints about it) and then trash it to be found by ruined photographer Eddie Brock.
2005-04-22 10:12:13 PM  
Yea and then monkies flew out of your ass and you gave courage to a cowardly lion.
2005-04-22 10:12:19 PM  

They told me absolutely not, due to how scary they appear, how much backstory is involved, and how violent their storylines can be.

That makes total sense, because they'd have to do spiderman w/ the symbiote first, then how Eddie Brock got it, etc...
Scorpion is looking more and more likely.
2005-04-22 10:12:24 PM  
I knew it! The second Spiderman's webbing failed and he fell 30 stories onto that pipe, I knew Venom was going to be in the next movie.
2005-04-22 10:12:32 PM  
that looks sooo badly painted, the artist that created this didn't even learn his anatomy. (drawing anatomy that is)
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