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(Forbes)   Forbes' stunning findings: 21- to 24-year-old men consume twice as much beer as any other age group   ( forbes.com) divider line
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2002-03-28 03:53:09 PM  
Give me vodka or give me death.
2002-03-28 03:53:38 PM  
Forbes am smart.
2002-03-28 03:53:43 PM  
Wonder how many college campuses they had to visit to figure THAT out.
2002-03-28 03:53:58 PM  
Its our FUEL!
2002-03-28 03:54:14 PM  
Don't they mean twice as much as all the other age groups combined?

You know, judging by my underage-drinker friends, I'd say that a helluva lot more is consumed by a lower group, but hey, that's just speculation.
2002-03-28 03:54:23 PM  
I'm going home tonight and I'll try to prove them wrong.
2002-03-28 03:54:35 PM  
And 15-21 year olds consume the rest.
2002-03-28 03:54:57 PM  
So let me get this straight. You're saying that 24 one-year-old babies can out drink ME? Bring'em on!!
2002-03-28 03:55:19 PM  
must leave office, must find beer
2002-03-28 03:55:40 PM  
o shiat, i only have 5 months left *not fair*
2002-03-28 03:55:42 PM  
That expensive advertising must really work. Otherwise why would any beer drinker willfully consume Budweiser, Miller or Coors?
2002-03-28 03:57:04 PM  
Duh. People spend money to figure this stuff out?
2002-03-28 03:57:22 PM  
I'll drink to that !!! lt& BURRP gt&
2002-03-28 03:58:08 PM  
hehe, I want to know how they convinced them to give them money for this "study"

ya, we need beer money... er study money... ya.
2002-03-28 03:58:36 PM  
White_Russian: Cause its really really cheap...

That or they really enjoy the restroom.

Guess I'll have to cut back my beer consumption - not 20-24 anymore... :(
2002-03-28 03:59:34 PM  
That expensive advertising must really work. Otherwise why would any beer drinker willfully consume Budweiser, Miller or Coors?

Well, in the case of college students, that's all some of them get. Once they get out of school and into the real world, they can afford better beer(GUINNESS).
2002-03-28 04:00:07 PM  
in other news, the same demographic group may like boobies, ESPN.
2002-03-28 04:02:08 PM  
Budweiser and Miller are the expensive beers for college kids. Most just go for the cheap stuff and by a case of Milwaukee Best Ice or Natural Ice. Real cheap, real strong, tastes like real piss!
2002-03-28 04:02:52 PM  
2 words- grey goose
2002-03-28 04:03:28 PM  
that's b/c they are too dumb to realize that Maker's Mark is the way to go...

*shameless plug*
2002-03-28 04:04:50 PM  
I drink miller here in Chicago because it is pretty cheap and taste better than *dons flame retardant suit* Old Style. Now if I am not being thrifty and drinking at home I drink Guinness. And when I am home in DC I drink Rolling Rock... it is super cheap there.

"people in chicago always brag about old style. Before I drink that swill again it's gonna be a while..."
2002-03-28 04:05:16 PM  
Becks is pretty good.
2002-03-28 04:05:23 PM  
Litespeed74: if you like that, go find a vodka called mezza luna (its spelled all funky but GO FIND IT!)
2002-03-28 04:05:55 PM  
hey 9/10, not all college students drink $hiat. I have preferred that tasty Guiness beverage since I was a wee lad of 16. Most college students prefer schwill, but not all
2002-03-28 04:06:07 PM  
What it DOESN'T tell you is that after 24, you graduate to REAL liquour. Then the fun starts.
2002-03-28 04:06:27 PM  
Light beer shouldn't even count in this equation- it's the same thing to drink a 8-9 Bass as 30 or so Lites. I've proven this to myself when marooned with the latter
2002-03-28 04:09:01 PM  
I must be ahead of the curve, Good_Beer. I tried a martini for the first time a couple months ago, and I'm hooked. The strange thing is that I don't really like gin very much.
2002-03-28 04:09:42 PM  
462, do most bars have it?
2002-03-28 04:10:00 PM  
Enphinitie, I genuflect in your general direction. Beer is to water as Maker's is to really living.
2002-03-28 04:10:15 PM  
img.fark.comView Full Size

Study: Males age 18-24 drink a lot of farking alcohol.
2002-03-28 04:10:28 PM  
Litespeed74: nope, but a bottle is around 25-40 depending on where you buy it
2002-03-28 04:11:33 PM  
I have a humongous liquor store about a block from work, I'll check it out.
2002-03-28 04:11:40 PM  
litespeed74: look for this...

alcoholreviews.comView Full Size
2002-03-28 04:12:10 PM  
Mmmm... Gin.
2002-03-28 04:12:28 PM  
Obviously they've never visited a college dorm.
2002-03-28 04:13:19 PM  
Oh JESUS you guys, the funniest part of this article isn't even the self-evident assertion that 21-to-24 year olds drink the most (besides 18-to-21 year olds... heh), but that Coors is paying 300 million to be the official beer of the NFL, whereas Bud and Miller only offered a *combined* 60 million.

Which shows 2 things:
1. coors id DESPERATE to attract new drinkers, and
2. they are willing to put themselves about 5 times too far in the hole to get this done.

In short, coors is screwed. How much you wanna bet we're going to see a spike in the price of Coors as a result of this? As if sponsoring football can make it a "premium" beer.... hehehehehe
2002-03-28 04:14:30 PM  
I just got back from moab utah, that state has some SCREWED up liquor laws.
2002-03-28 04:16:41 PM  
Great. I drink Coors but their commercials are the worst. Now we get to see tons more like this:
Guy one: Hey...you ready for a cold one?
Guy two: Yeah.
*Guy one puls lever*
[Giant snow ball falls on Guy Two]
Guy two: Well. It's cold. But it's no Coors Light.
Coors: Offical beer of the NFL

and that's the end of the damn commercial.
kill me now.
2002-03-28 04:17:12 PM  
oh yeah, and the other funny thing down further in the article: for this, coors doesn't even get to sell their swill at games! Going to an NFL game concession is going to be like "Welcome to the NFL brought to you by coors. Would you like Bud or Miller?"

2002-03-28 04:18:02 PM  
Bigpeeler: I'll go you one for one single malt. Preferably Maccallan.
2002-03-28 04:18:03 PM  
is this gonna be another boobie-free day?
I need a beer
2002-03-28 04:18:13 PM  
Cant stand Gin
Vodka martinis are the shiat though. Just not as a nightcap. Im more of a tasty beer fan myself......oh thats right.....forgot about my login name.....
2002-03-28 04:19:13 PM  
I will also agree with BigPeeler, single malts are some tasty (thanks dad).
2002-03-28 04:21:29 PM  
dirty martini's mmmmmmmmm
2002-03-28 04:22:45 PM  
03-28-02 04:21:29 PM Litespeed74
dirty martini's mmmmmmmmm

fark, i think i just found a new drinken buddy
extra dirty with three olive, ahh yeah
2002-03-28 04:23:16 PM  
Well all, Im off to have a cocktail. Happy Easter everyone.
2002-03-28 04:23:46 PM  
alcohol, the solution and cause to all of our problems.
2002-03-28 04:23:49 PM  
If Coors wants to sell any of that piss-water they try to pass off as beer, then they need to market it to 15 year-olds, at least they don't know any better.
2002-03-28 04:25:40 PM  
I got a free grey goose dirty martini near closing at a bar a couple weekends ago.. I like a couple olives in it, but the juice was a little too much for me. I'll stick with a beefeater up and dusty, thanks.
2002-03-28 04:28:18 PM  
Kettle One Gibson Martinis...UP. That is da diggity dank of vodka martinis
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