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(StrategyPage.com)   Three U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan in December accidentally called air strike on their own position after replacing GPS receiver battery   ( strategypage.com) divider line
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2002-03-28 03:23:14 PM  
Dumbasses, WTF they hiring in the army?
2002-03-28 03:24:34 PM  
Jeeze if you replace the batteries why would you expect not to have to do it all over again?
2002-03-28 03:24:37 PM  
didnt this happen in a movie like "spies like us"?
2002-03-28 03:25:55 PM  
Bin Laden must have sabatoged their battery! That sneaky bastard.
2002-03-28 03:26:10 PM  
This is how God cleanses the world...killing one dumbass at a time
2002-03-28 03:26:23 PM  
This may be a stupid question: When the dudes flying in the bomber got the coordinates, did they think to maybe, I don't know, see WHERE the message was coming from? If this is true, I think I know why we can't find OBL.
2002-03-28 03:27:02 PM  
that's a shame.

Desynch, what have you got against ladies that just washed their hair?
2002-03-28 03:27:13 PM  
If I'm going to be telling someone where to drop a bomb I'm going to double check the numbers!
2002-03-28 03:27:59 PM  
Uh, this was reported less than a week after they were killed, so why is this news?
2002-03-28 03:29:49 PM  
Masked Racoon

Those "English as a Second Language" courses aren't working out are they?
2002-03-28 03:31:16 PM  
Yes, kill ALL of those little war mongering towel heads and get our soldiers out of there so this kind of tradegy does not happen! Get it over with, I'm sick of hearing about all the BS that goes on over there. Those people are the scum of the earth and need to be exterminated like you would any cockroach.
2002-03-28 03:31:22 PM  

Poor bastards.
2002-03-28 03:31:50 PM  
"Would be funny?" Yeah, like a kid chasing a ball into traffic is funny.
2002-03-28 03:31:58 PM  
A guy I used to work for told a astory about being in the army in Vietnam. They'd been on routine patrol with his squad and found themselves in a firefight with a few more enemies than they'd hoped would be out there.

Realizing they were in trouble, my boss/friend got on the radio looking for anyone who could shell the position just up the hill from them. He gets an unfamiliar call sign back that says they can do it and asks how much fire he wants there.

My boss, panicked and desperate yells "All of it, give it everything you've got!"

The voice on the other side says "All of it? Are you sure, sir?" Boss can't believe he's getting lip and yells into the field phone "Yes! Goddamn it! all of it!" and gets a calm "OK, here it comes".

So five seconds pass. Ten seconds. No fire. Twenty seconds pass. My boss is just about to get back on the horn to the artillery when the top half of the hill jumps up and moves three feet to the right.

What he didn't know was that the unfamiliar call sign belonged to the Iowa, the biggest battleship around which was a long ways off shore, and he'd just called in enough firepower to flatten Baltimore.

He was a little more careful after that.
2002-03-28 03:32:04 PM  
Can someone say Darwin Awards?
2002-03-28 03:32:12 PM  
"The Pentagon has said that this episode indicates that the troops need more training with their equipment before using it in combat, as the troops were not as familiar with the newly-issued gear as they should have been."--Stephen V Cole

How does that old saying go? :

Good enough for government work.

military intelligence= oxymoron

/note: not funny, just very ironic
2002-03-28 03:32:13 PM  
I think that was "In the Army now".

or was that a laser?
2002-03-28 03:33:12 PM  
This should have been tagged "Dumbass"....
And hey... MayoBoy.... At least some of us have a second language.... Jävla fitta från helvete. Du kan suga min kuk och dö. Apa!
2002-03-28 03:33:46 PM  
I herd a speach by the Sec of the Air Force. He described how the soldiers on the ground would call in airstrikes. Two ground troops would set up an observation post. From there they would use a GPS to radio coordinates to the bombers flying overhead (the air force used a total of 12 B-52's, 8 B-1's and 2 B-2's in afghanistan). If the observers were attacked they would simply ride away on horseback (damn cowboys) and then call in an airstrike on their former position.

Talk about your high plains drifter......
2002-03-28 03:35:04 PM  
Remove the camel riding, AK toting, towelhead wearing, women selling, child abusing, jew killing, sand scum from this planet.

That's my opinion, frankly I don't care if you leftist liberals don't like it. The opposition needs to be eliminated. If you aren't a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.
2002-03-28 03:36:14 PM  
If the idoit was still alive, I'd say he'd deserved to be hit with a $23,000 government hammer.

Of course the person weilding the hammer would need the coordinates first ....
2002-03-28 03:36:44 PM  

When something starts out "Well at least" it means it's probably coming from little Billy who just got home from grade school. Dumbass Sweede.
2002-03-28 03:38:32 PM  
Did you morons even read the article?
2002-03-28 03:39:14 PM  
Desynch::: no
2002-03-28 03:40:55 PM  
Extream energizer battery commercials, next on Springer.
2002-03-28 03:41:08 PM  
03-28-02 03:38:32 PM Desynch
Did you morons even read the article?

Yes we did, farkbag.

Now go play with your Freeper friends if you want to rant about the *towelheads*.

2002-03-28 03:41:46 PM  
03-28-02 03:38:32 PM Desynch
Did you morons even read the article?

yuo = faget
2002-03-28 03:42:37 PM  
I have one word for you MayoBoy: Poop!
2002-03-28 03:45:55 PM  
I would ask you the same thing Desynch. The portion of the article Fark referred too shows that our military is either undertrained, or using equipment that is too confusing for battle situations (depending on your views). This incident had absolutely nothing to do with Afghani's of any political or social group, other than the fact that they were trying to call in an airstrike on some. So your trolling is completely out of place, which is why you've been ignored so far.
2002-03-28 03:46:20 PM  
I am glad I have the luxury of making a simple mistake and not getting my hear blown off. Poor guys sympathy to thier family
2002-03-28 03:46:40 PM  
Desynch: Forget your meds today? Now be a good patient and go tell the ward attendent you're thru with the computer for the day and would a triple dose of happy pills.
2002-03-28 03:46:53 PM  
IronBar.. Your insight has given my conciousness a new level of awareness. Farkbag is such an original statement. You must be enlightened.

Joejoe, the only reason I asked is because people here are calling these soldiers that died for our country MORONS. It was an obvious mistake, the battery died, he replaced it and it sent in the coordinates of THEIR location. Anyone could have made that simple mistake, including you or me.
2002-03-28 03:47:31 PM  

Pouge ma Thoin
2002-03-28 03:50:13 PM  
2 words. Military Intelligence
2002-03-28 03:50:21 PM  
Nioj eht yvan.
2002-03-28 03:50:34 PM  
Yvan eht nioj.
2002-03-28 03:50:38 PM  
"Would be funny?" Yeah, like a kid chasing a ball into traffic is funny

Actually a kid chasing a ball in traffic is pretty funny. It helps protect the genepool.
2002-03-28 03:50:59 PM  
Gee Desynch. I bought a GPS for backpacking and learned the simple little fact of reset by reading the instructions. Didn't take me 3 weeks of Class A school. Besides, common sense (which isn't anyway) should tell you that something will revert to zero or default when you remove the power. And these soldiers did NOT die for the US, they died for Afghanistan, in Afghanistan.
2002-03-28 03:51:03 PM  
Desynch: your american soldiers = dumbshoes
2002-03-28 03:51:38 PM  
I'm 100% for peace and love. Don't get me wrong.. I have had it with these people threatening our national security, our economy, and our families.

I hope the USA decides to flex their muscle alot more, soon.
2002-03-28 03:51:38 PM  
All you farking pussies can criticize this mistake AFTER you have the balls to get the fark out from behind your computer and serve your country. Ungrateful pussies.
2002-03-28 03:51:52 PM  
Nice one MayoBoy... Even morons can use translation services on the internet! But thanks for playing....
2002-03-28 03:51:55 PM  
How is the innocent mistake of a child 'protecting the gene pool'?

Stupidity is one thing. Ignorance is another.
2002-03-28 03:52:21 PM  

kcus seulB ehT
2002-03-28 03:53:43 PM  
03-28-02 03:51:03 PM Joejoe

Gee, not everyone can be as slick as the SAS who were pulled off from harassing and killing Irish citizens, to go to Afganistan.
2002-03-28 03:54:06 PM  

Or they might be a Boy from County Mayo. They don't teach much logic in Sweeden do they?
2002-03-28 03:55:34 PM  
Three U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan in December ....

THREE US SOLDIERS DIED BECAUSE OF A SIMPLE MISTAKE. If we weren't wasting our time pusyfooting around with these war mongers this wouldn't have happened.

I'm with you Evil Camel, these leftie liberals have no idea. You don't necessarily have the clearest mind when camel jockeys are shooting at you and you're trying to use a crappy GPS to give out some coordinates to kill other people..

All of you critizing the soldiers for making a mistake, and critizing me because I am tired of your critizism and facism.. are "FARKBAGS". (thanks ironbar)
2002-03-28 03:56:48 PM  
03-28-02 03:51:38 PM Evil Camel : shut the hell up, i do serve my country every day when i pay my taxes and let the stupid good-fer-nothing meat heads join the army and call in air strikes on them selves that i pay for!

03-28-02 03:51:38 PM Desynch
I hope the USA decides to flex their muscle alot more, soon. i have 1 thing to say to u. u DUMB RETARDED fark! u couldent have done it with out the british and u r the epitomy of dubyah's trigger happy fools!
2002-03-28 03:56:48 PM  
measure twice....cut once
2002-03-28 03:59:28 PM  
It's so easy to make light of this from the comfort of your own homes/workplaces/etc. But Desynch is right. See how obvious this small detail becomes when bullets are whizzing past your head, and rocket-propelled grenades are exploding next to you. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, your best friend next to you just got his head blown off...

Like I said, unless you can say you've been there, give it a rest.
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