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2005-04-17 08:43:06 PM  
Ann Coulter = Man
Michael Moore = Fat

There. We get it. Does anyone talk issues anymore?
2005-04-17 08:43:22 PM  
Gump Stump:

Seriously though, I don't think Coulter actually believes what she's saying. She's like Jerry Springer. He knows it's trash, he just has fun and makes money doing it...

Hehehe, I agree. Though I do think she believes at least SOME of the crazy things she says. For example, I don't really believe that she wants to take away womens' right to vote, even though she said she did, but I do believe that she thinks of "liberals" as traitors.

Like I said, UBERTROLL.
2005-04-17 08:43:26 PM  
she's a coont. and i mean that in the most derogatory way possible.
2005-04-17 08:43:48 PM  
Shut........UP: but the talk seemed to be around Dean.

For a while there, a lot of people thought Bush was "having problems" because of his total spacing out when Americans were leaping from the towers in flames. There were a few serious articles about his sanity by some very noted conservative psychologists. Now, see how wrong they were? *cough*
2005-04-17 08:44:28 PM  
Ann Coulter is just above the common sponge, of the phylum porifera, on the evolutionary scale. She is obviously an evolutionary mistake that has god smacking his proverbial and omnipotent forehead in disgust. When that big motherfarker set the clockwork of the universe in motion, he never imagined such a horrible atrocity would come to be. This woman is everything that is wrong with the common american thought process rolled up into one mannish-looking facade of right-wing fecal matter.
2005-04-17 08:44:40 PM  
Who the heck took that picture? She looks lankier than Manute Bol.
2005-04-17 08:44:45 PM  
Shut........UP: Personally, I think you have to be nuts to be a politician...

Hehehe, yup, but I would qualify that: I think you have to be crazy to be a successful politician.
2005-04-17 08:45:16 PM  
I've got a good one. Ann's on Hannity and Colmes on July 2, 2003...

Alan Colmes: You're saying liberals are always against America, Ann; that is what you say in the book. (Slander. -Gosling) They're either traitors or idiots.
Ann Coulter: Right.
Colmes: And on the order of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant. 50 years of treason hasn't slowed them down.
Coulter: Right.
Colmes: So you say liberals are always against America?
Coulter: Yes.
Random FOX News Correspondent Ellis Henican: She can't believe that. (See, when FOX is calling Ann Coulter on partisan BS, that is just plain sad.)
Colmes: Always against America. No modification; no shading. Liberals are always against America.
Coulter: Yes, they are always against America. Why are they.

Further on...

Coulter: I'm accusing liberalism. If I could just- before you jump in and attack it, to get you on the right track, I am talking about ideas, not individuals. I am talking about the entire Democratic Party. I am talking about an ideology. Which ones are doing it intentionally, and which ones it's just factualless idiocy? I don't know, I can't read minds. All liberalism, the ideas, are treasonous.

And just because I feel like putting it in:

Colmes: Are there any conservatives who are treasonous?
Coulter: No.
2005-04-17 08:45:18 PM  
2005-04-17 08:45:19 PM  
MusicMakeMyHeadPound: Nothing left but ad hominem, eh?

Well, dude, I was simply responding tothe post "I hate you! I have a bigger dick than you and my dad can beat up yours!"

"Satire" from my good friend Nick. Hey - it's all good, I'm drinking now, too.

2005-04-17 08:45:20 PM  
I wouldn't piss in her mouth if her gums were on fire.
2005-04-17 08:45:29 PM  
Ann who?
2005-04-17 08:46:34 PM  
Personally, I think she just needs a good, hard farking ... might put her in a better mood.
2005-04-17 08:46:38 PM  
Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.
2005-04-17 08:47:24 PM  
The best thing about trolls is that if you ignore them, they evaporate.
2005-04-17 08:48:31 PM  
She's "special", has no clout, says nothing of substance and is seemingly incapable of compromise or admitting fault...

Yep, sounds like the current political dialogue in America right about now.
2005-04-17 08:48:40 PM  
[image from img33.echo.cx too old to be available]
2005-04-17 08:49:45 PM  
Ann Coulter is the ultimate troll. The fact that she can say such outrageous things and still get a response is amazing.
2005-04-17 08:50:15 PM  

Personally, I think she just needs a good, hard farking ... might put her in a better mood.

Knock yerself out. I prefer sex with women. ;-)
2005-04-17 08:50:18 PM  
Ok folks, it's real simple:

Turn off the TV. Stop spending 10 hours a day scanning CNN/Fox News/et all for flameworthy news, and then posting your dumbass opinion on Fark. It doesn't make a damn bit of difference whether JesusFreakyInPants wins a flamewar over HippySlasher476, because, lets face it, this is the Internets, and we are all just a bunch of faceless freaks anyways.

In fact, don't pay attention to this comment!

/off to do the dishes
2005-04-17 08:50:25 PM  
Prospero424: I think you have to be crazy to be a successful politician.

Isn't it sad that that's what's happened in america?

I think we could get back to politician be a noble calling if we got serious about term limits and campaign reform.

and banned all lwayers from ever running for office...
2005-04-17 08:50:50 PM  
2005-04-17 08:50:53 PM  
I wish this one would have stayed in TotalFarkistan. I mean, greenlighting it after like 250 posts? Come on. I ain't gonna read thru all that bullshiat. BTW, Ann Coulter is a closet lesbian with an anal fetish.
2005-04-17 08:51:04 PM  
Here's her latest article for all you hippie types that have Fox-Blocker-style web software enabled.

From AnnCoulter.com...

April 13, 2005

Liberals enjoy claiming that they are intellectuals, thrilled to engage in a battle of wits. This, they believe, distinguishes them from conservatives, who are religious fanatics who react with impotent rage to opposing ideas. As one liberal, Jonathan Chait, put the cliche in The New Republic: Bush is an "instinctive anti-intellectual" and his administration hostile to "fact-driven debate." In a favorable contrast, Clinton is "the former Rhodes scholar who relished academic debates." Showing his usual reverence for fact-checking, The New York Times' Paul Krugman says the Republican Party is "dominated by people who believe truth should be determined by revelation, not research."

I'm not sure how these descriptions square with the fact that liberals keep responding to conservative ideas by throwing food. (Remember the good old days when liberals' "fact-driven" ideas only meant throwing money at their problems?)

Last October, two liberals responded to my speech at the University of Arizona during question and answer, no less by charging the stage and throwing two pies at me from a few yards away. Fortunately for me, liberals not only argue like liberals, they also throw like girls. (Apologies in advance to the Harvard biology professors who walked out on Larry Summers in a demonstration of their admiration of "research," not "revelation" but this may account for the dearth of female pitchers in Major League Baseball.)

Unfortunately for them, Republican men don't react favorably to two "Deliverance" boys trying to sucker-punch a 110-pound female in a skirt and heels. The geniuses ended up with bloody noses and broken bones.

It's really outrageous how conservatives respond to liberals who are just trying to engage in a "fact-driven debate." How typical of Republicans to go on the offensive just because a female has been physically attacked. Instead of capturing and subduing my attackers, those strong Republican men should have been trying to understand why they threw the pies.

In the five months following the liberal ass-whupping in Arizona I mean "fact-driven debate" all was quiet on the Eastern Front. College liberals still couldn't formulate a coherent argument, but they seemed to want to avoid ending up in jail having to explain to their cellmates that they were in for trying to hit a girl (and missing).

Then on March 19, all charges were dismissed against the "Deliverance" boys including a felony charge for $3,000 worth of damage to school property. Inexplicably, this outcome did not instantly lead to widespread rioting and looting in South Central Los Angeles.

Democrat Barbara LaWall is the Pima County attorney who allowed the liberal debate champions to walk. LaWall brags on her Web site about "holding criminals accountable." She didn't say anything about liberals, however. Be forewarned, conservatives: Do not expect the law to protect you in Pima County.

In the three weeks following the dismissal of all charges against my attackers, three more conservatives were attacked on college campuses.

On March 29, liberals' intellectual retort to a speech by William Kristol at Earlham College was to throw a pie. On March 31, liberals enjoyed the hurly-burly of political debate with Pat Buchanan at Western Michigan University by throwing salad dressing. On April 6, liberals engaged David Horowitz on his ideas at Butler University by throwing a pie at him.

If you close your eyes, it's almost like you're listening to Ludwig Wittgenstein!

If there had been that many attacks on Muslims in the weeks following the 9/11 attack, we'd still be watching Showtime specials about it. (In liberals' defense, this is what they must resort to when there are no student newspapers with conservative editorials to burn.)

At the risk of provoking one of those brainy liberals to throw more food, here's an idea: In order to reduce physical assaults on conservative speakers, maybe we should increase the price. But, to the contrary, when conservative speakers are physically attacked on college campuses, university administrators ignore the attacks, Democrat prosecutors somehow manage to get the charges dismissed, and Democrat flacks like Chait and Krugman pretend they missed the news that day.

What might work better is some form of disincentive to liberals who engage in violent behavior whenever they hear an idea they don't like but can't come up with words to dispute. The punishment doesn't have to be severe just a small fraction of the wailing and healing that occurs every time there's a hoax "hate crime" on a college campus. (But which still serve a valuable function by calling attention to the issue of hate crimes.)

Last year, classes were canceled and demonstrations held at Claremont College after a white, Catholic visiting professor claimed her car had been vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic slurs. This at the very moment she was giving a talk on intolerance!

It was just a little too ironic. The incident had all the exquisite timing of an "ABC After-School Special" about hate crimes. But as one student angrily told the Los Angeles Times, the suggestion that it was a hoax is "so sick. They are in denial. People don't want to accept that a well-educated, liberal community can have hate." Needless to say, the vandalism turned out to have been perpetrated by the professor herself.

Or maybe physical attacks on conservatives could merit a small slice of the rage and indignation directed at the display of racist symbols. Last year, a white student at a high school in Washington State was accused of taunting a black student with a noose. In response, the white student was immediately expelled from school. He was charged with a felony. There was a series of town-wide discussions. The U.S. Justice Department sent in mediators. And two more years were suddenly added to Whoopi Goldberg's career.

I think Kristol, Buchanan, Horowitz and I would be perfectly happy if college liberals merely brandished symbols at us. Speaking for myself, I would be unhappy if they didn't. But these Rhodes scholar geniuses with a taste for "fact-driven debate" can't even achieve the level of argument practiced by the average juvenile delinquent. They're still stuck at the intellectual level of 2-year-olds in high chairs throwing food.

2005-04-17 08:51:10 PM  
2005-04-17 08:51:54 PM  
I saw an interview where she recently repeatedly claimed that Canada supported and was involved in the Vietnam War, and was rejecting its former strong military allegiance to the U.S. for not joiing the Iraq war. The interviewer promptly told her she was wrong, which she didn't believe.
2005-04-17 08:52:02 PM  
I'd hit it.
2005-04-17 08:52:49 PM  
Ann Coulter is a douche.

(excuse the joke. it was lame.)
2005-04-17 08:52:53 PM  
This woman is everything that is wrong with the common american thought process rolled up into one mannish-looking facade of right-wing fecal matter.

Alright already. You've demonstrated your skillful competency in hurling insults from behind a screen name. What would actually happen if you were to specifically tell us what exactly is "wrong with the common American thought process" as you so eloquently stated it?
2005-04-17 08:52:58 PM  
metaphorically sleeping

Are you a gross, lumpy, lewd-mouthed, snaggle-toothed loafer who is desirous of a luscious young stripper?
2005-04-17 08:54:29 PM  
Ironically, this woman just finished speaking at my school about 10 minutes ago. There are several people running around outside yelling about what an ignorant harpy she is. The title of her speech was "Liberalism and Terrorism: Different Stages of the Same Disease".

I felt my time was better spent parked in front of the Xbox, beating the emperor in Jade Empire. Judging from the reactions of people around me, it was probably a good call.
2005-04-17 08:54:42 PM  
ann coulter is my dad.
2005-04-17 08:55:00 PM  
[image from imagehost.bizhat.com too old to be available]

The Time cover: an undead Alice in Wonderland?
2005-04-17 08:55:09 PM  
/This thread
[image from blessthe40oz.com too old to be available]
2005-04-17 08:55:27 PM  
what with the spiffy tag and everything this thread is going to pull a tsar bomba on us all

/ that there be the biggest bobm of them all
2005-04-17 08:55:27 PM  
Somehow this seemed relevant to this thread:
[image from img143.echo.cx too old to be available]
2005-04-17 08:55:41 PM  
barjockey: "wrong with the common American thought process"

How about many Americans stupidly clinging to {right,left}-wing ideology instead of thinking for themselves.

/has a dim view of idealogues.
2005-04-17 08:55:57 PM  
dudemanbro:BTW, Ann Coulter is a closet lesbian with an anal fetish.
BTW takes one to know one.
2005-04-17 08:56:05 PM  
On second thought, maybe not so much ironic as just an obnoxious coincidence. I hear the college spent about $30k to bring her here.
2005-04-17 08:56:18 PM  
...and yes, Amy Grant is a satanist.
2005-04-17 08:56:37 PM  
ixian: ann coulter is my dad.

2005-04-17 08:56:53 PM  
very good, cebailey I enjoyed reading that.
2005-04-17 08:57:37 PM  
Even freaking Bill O'Reilly thinks that Ann Coulter is too extreme.

A bit of Annie's wisdom from her book "Treason...":

"Even model Kate Moss took time out from her drug habit to wrap her head around the war issue. Terrified that an attack on Iraq could lead to an attack on Colombia and dry up her supply, she was foursquare against the war."

Nice lady.
2005-04-17 08:58:39 PM  
very good, cebailey I enjoyed reading that.


"I masturbate to the words of Ann Coulter."
2005-04-17 08:58:57 PM  
Couldn't they have airbrushed some flesh onto her legs? Or at least bought her a decent pair of shoes? She looks like a damn elf.

/ugly outside and on the inside
2005-04-17 08:59:26 PM  
I think we could get back to politician be a noble calling if we got serious about term limits and campaign reform.

.Amen to that/
2005-04-17 08:59:49 PM  
I'm not sure where I read it, but I think someone once best summed up Ann Coulter like this...

Either she believes the things she says (the way she says them) or she doesn't.
If she doesn't then she's being intellectually dishonest to present herself as anything other than, basically a right-side version of George Carlin (whom I admire greatly but know he doesn't mean the things he says).
If, however she does believe the things she says and says them exactly the way she means them, then she's an evil, mean-spirited, insert-your-favorite-negative-term-here, who provides nothing to the public discourse.
It doesn't even matter if she's right or wrong. The whole point of political discussion is to get the other side to agree with your policy goals, or at least to give you enough of what you want to accomplish those goals. When someone speaks the way Coulter speaks, she may fire up her own side, but se enrages the other side. You'll never get anything done that way.
2005-04-17 09:00:29 PM  
[image from geocities.jp too old to be available]
2005-04-17 09:00:44 PM  
Ann Coulter via cebailey
In order to reduce physical assaults on conservative speakers, maybe we should increase the price. But, to the contrary, when conservative speakers are physically attacked on college campuses, university administrators ignore the attacks, Democrat prosecutors somehow manage to get the charges dismissed, and Democrat flacks like Chait and Krugman pretend they missed the news that day.

ROTFL! Sounds like they really hurt her pride with that pie.

A pie! Possibly the most suitable object to throw at a clown like her: fluffy and harmless, yet worth shrilly whining about in the media.
2005-04-17 09:00:58 PM  
I think it is scary that America allows the extremes of it's political debates define the content.

Think of her (and her Liberal counterparts) as trolls cause that is all they really are. They just happen to be well paid trolls.
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