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2002-03-28 09:18:53 AM  
Go flame war, it's your birthday, go flame war...
2002-03-29 12:48:26 AM  
He keeps his little moron in his pants, then?
2002-03-29 12:48:52 AM  
hah homestar rules.. i never really got into this guy at first but now i love him.
2002-03-29 12:49:58 AM  
2002-03-29 12:50:16 AM  
Hahahaha! Now that my sound is on this is a farkton funnier.
2002-03-29 12:50:47 AM  
homestar talks like my 4 year old nephew. and this kid who was on my team when i went to space camp when i was a kid. he was really fat too.
2002-03-29 12:51:27 AM  
You know, for a GIGANTIC SPERM with feet, Homestar is starting to grow on me. Kinda like fungus, or maybe yeast.
2002-03-29 12:52:01 AM  
Strong Bad: awesome....Homestar: crapfully crappy.
2002-03-29 12:52:04 AM  
I love this site. This site is the gweatest.
2002-03-29 12:52:58 AM  
Hey, what was Homestar Runner wearing for you guys in that one scene? I watched it twice... the first time he was naked (and blurred out), the second time he was dressed as a sailor.
2002-03-29 12:55:33 AM  
Strong Bad has the coolest name ever
2002-03-29 12:56:18 AM  
Hah! Humorous! Say... that should be a tag!
[image from thomasj.net too old to be available]
2002-03-29 12:57:37 AM  
Anyone try the "Make Homestar Talk" thingy?

There's supposed to be a seven word sequence, and then he does something. I can't find it.
2002-03-29 12:57:46 AM  
Home star runner.net "it's dot com" lol

Nice Jorb.
2002-03-29 12:58:30 AM  
What am I supposed to buy?
2002-03-29 12:58:35 AM  
Why can't the crap on tv be this funny? That was fukkin nuts. I love laughin like that.
2002-03-29 12:59:17 AM  
Just got it.

Making Out With Marzipan Is Totally Awesome.

Brings you to a Strong Bad Talks.

Pretty Cool.
2002-03-29 12:59:38 AM  

Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome.

This takes you to the StrongBad talker. Make him say

Homestar is nothing but a total loser

Then you get all kinds of goodies when you click on a boxing glove in the upper left-hand corner
2002-03-29 01:00:33 AM  
After successive viewings, I was wondering: Did anyone else get the sailor/nudie shot/clown outfit or is the Nyquil I just took kicking in?
2002-03-29 01:02:09 AM  
Homestar is nothing but a total loser
2002-03-29 01:02:35 AM  
And the strong bad one once you solve it takes you to a new home page with strong bad as the main character, but I don't know if there's anything else from there.
2002-03-29 01:02:36 AM  
I got those, except one of them was him in a witch outfit, too. Whoever makes these put a lot of easter eggs in them.
2002-03-29 01:03:02 AM  
Naderbot: I'm slow today.

Yeah, that's the museum, I like the mario paint video
2002-03-29 01:03:09 AM  
My favorite character will always be the poop smith, though.
2002-03-29 01:03:37 AM  
Yeah, I saw the witch outfit.

Sswift. Click on the upper left hand corner. There's a whole filing cabinet full of hidden stuff.
2002-03-29 01:04:39 AM  
[image from liquid2k.com too old to be available]
2002-03-29 01:04:41 AM  
I started out as a strongbad skeptic and naysayer. However, I must say that I have grown to appreciate the humor of homestarrunner.com - excellent work!

Welcome to Homestarrunner.net: it's dot com!
2002-03-29 01:06:36 AM  
2002-03-29 01:07:43 AM  
I just learned of this place a few hours ago, before this was posted.

I like it.
*shrugs and goes back for more*
2002-03-29 01:08:39 AM  
"The poopsmith's job is obvious."

Homestarrunner kicks my ass.
2002-03-29 01:14:08 AM  
I love the options you get to choose from on the main page. I can't decide if the Atari one or the Halloween one is the best. But the fact that there are a ton of variations on the opening page show why this site ROCKS!
2002-03-29 01:14:51 AM  
i feel kind of stupid admitting how funny i think this is...especially homestar talker. you are a delicious marshmallow.

i oughtta consider growing up.
2002-03-29 01:15:54 AM  
laf..... that's funny..... bahahaaaaaaa
2002-03-29 01:16:32 AM  
Strongbad commentary is the best thing about the cartoons
2002-03-29 01:17:06 AM  
Hahaha you guys gotta watch the "Jorb" video
Not really but still its funny
2002-03-29 01:17:24 AM  
LMFAO !!! ok, now has anyone gone to the "talker" and hit "marshmellow" yet ?! OMG...... LMAO!!!!
2002-03-29 01:20:49 AM  
Okay, I've tried this whole "adult" thing, but when I can't stop hitting Marshmellow and giggling it's time to stop pretending.
2002-03-29 01:26:02 AM  
The boxing glove in the StrongBad menu isn't anything special -it's the same as the HR button on top of the normal menus. It's just the museum.
Btw, the 4 outfits I've seen in the First Time intro sequence were (in this order)
Clown, Witch, Sailor Suit, Naked
2002-03-29 01:28:01 AM  
ok... wayyyy too much time here.... the "Talker".... for the first suprise... "Making out with Marzipan is tottaly awesome"

for the second suprise.... "homestar is nothing but a total loser"

2002-03-29 01:28:05 AM  
the secret sentence on Homestar Talker is "Making out with marzipan is totally awesome."

2002-03-29 01:37:46 AM  
This is awesome. I like Homestar and the gang more every time I go to the site.
2002-03-29 01:38:46 AM  
lol... 4 seconds Guy

oman.... "JOREARB!!!!

lmfao !!

2002-03-29 01:48:32 AM  
Yes, that sounds very good, my only recommendation would be next time add a few more syllables, perhaps three, perhaps four.
2002-03-29 01:57:46 AM  
[image from thisisjeff.com too old to be available]
2002-03-29 02:05:03 AM  
Hey, anyone here live in Free Country, USA?
What's that like? I mean, it sounds pretty neat, you know, living in a free country.
Cause, I live in It's Kinda Wet Out, Canada so I wouldn't know.
2002-03-29 02:08:05 AM  
FriskySheep has been a longtime fan of this site, he's the one who told me of it earlier.

FS: :P

I'm addicted now, thanks.
2002-03-29 02:08:57 AM  
Homestar and Strongbad are the shiat...
2002-03-29 02:09:42 AM  
Regarding the different main pages, I prefer either page 8 or page 13, both for the same reason. STRONG BAD!!!!! Page 8 is the falling Homestar page. Roll over "toons" and hear Strong Bad's balloon song. LMFAO! Also, on page 13, roll over "email" and hear Strong Bad's infamous duck quote. ROTFL!!!!!

Yes, I've been on the site a time or 30.
2002-03-29 02:14:01 AM  
Oh yea, I forgot page 7. Roll over "characters" for another Strong Bad quote. LOL!!!!!
2002-03-29 02:16:21 AM  
watch the cheat is missing to see how freaky Marzipan is.
Guest staring Homsar and Strong Bads loyal subject, the tire.
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