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(THE MUSEUM OF RETROTECH)   All About Acoustic Radar - Includes rare photo of the infamous and feared Japanese War Tuba   ( divider line
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2005-04-08 08:13:52 PM  
Also known as SONAR...

SONAR = SOund Navigation And Ranging

RADAR = RAdio Detection And Ranging
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2005-04-08 08:19:16 PM  
It isn't sonar either, being passive.
2005-04-08 08:19:16 PM  
2005-04-08 08:21:52 PM  
I played the war tuba in high school...
2005-04-08 09:28:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

man, this could make a good photoshop contest!
2005-04-08 10:00:54 PM  
Funny you should mention that Riche, because the first thing I thought of after clicking the link was this:

[image from too old to be available]

I am now forever skeptical of "historical" pictures of technological marvels. Especially when any mention of Popular Mechanics is included.
2005-04-08 10:50:59 PM  
Swindon here, we are monitoring you on our instruments at the moment... we've got you on a japanese war tuba. ...

2005-04-08 10:54:37 PM  
But can they play "Dixie" or "LaCucaracha"?

/diesel train horns are the quest of many a redneck Camaro driver

//what the hell am I talking about???????

///another beer please
2005-04-08 10:54:49 PM  
2005-04-08 10:55:53 PM  
This was surprisingly interesting. plus points!
/hehe... war tuba.
2005-04-08 10:57:32 PM  
Radar? That is soooooo September 10th.
I always use:

2005-04-08 11:02:00 PM  
Yeah but what about the little known steam powered robot called Boilerplate that actually served in combat?

My great, great, great grandfather on my mom's side was actually in the U.S. 77th grandma still has a photo of him with the robot in Europe. Cool stuff!

/I'm full of crap, by the way...
2005-04-08 11:05:44 PM  
Yeah, but can they detect flying gimps?
2005-04-08 11:06:34 PM  
ZAZ: It isn't sonar either, being passive.

Um, not all SONAR is active...

Same principle here.
2005-04-08 11:07:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-08 11:36:09 PM  
I agree with the others, and would submit that the first couple of photos would make a great PS contest, particularly in light of the trendy-assed iPod hysteria.
2005-04-09 12:14:28 AM  
Copies of the book mentioned show up from multiple vendors on, so I'm guessing at least som eof this page is legit. (I'm still having trouble swallowing the Japanese war tubas.)
2005-04-09 12:36:38 AM  
Those last two pictures look like 1, an old pine tree line radar dish, and two, a poorly photoshopped damn.
2005-04-09 12:38:16 AM  
I withdraw my comment in light of this:​tml
2005-04-09 01:09:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-09 01:09:18 AM  
Submarines also use passive sonar, most of the time they are in passive mode, part of the problem with running into undersea mountains in the Pacific.
2005-04-09 01:22:23 AM  
You know, this is the answer to finding stealth fighters and bombers. Neither are supersonic, so the sound gets there before they do. Both make considerable noise. With today's computers I bet accuracy could be in the inches range on a good receiver. I guess it's a good thing the bad guys are stupid. Otherwise our high tech would be falling from the skies thanks to a little 100 year old listening horn. That would be ironic, don't ya think?
2005-04-09 01:30:28 AM  
Xevious, where were you last Monday night when CTU Agent Jack Bauer and the President needed you!?
2005-04-09 01:49:35 AM  
Even more feared were the Japanese War Tuna, with frickin laser beams on their heads.
However, after the war they were tried as class-A sushiatoppings and found to be quite delicious.
2005-04-09 02:01:49 AM  
Why you break-a my saxaphone?
2005-04-09 02:21:59 AM  
I, for one, welcome our Japanese War Tuba-playing overlords.

//"War Tuba" = nice touch
2005-04-09 02:42:47 AM  
As a former tuba player, I approve of this headline. :)
2005-04-09 03:41:48 AM  
Steps have been taken, a brassy uproar / has unleashed the tubas of war. ;)
2005-04-09 04:52:33 AM  
Not a patch on the Irish War Tuba
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-09 07:18:10 AM  
These systems were pretty effective when used by trained personnel, as ridiculous as they look to modern eyes. They were used mostly to detect inbound aircraft, but also saw extensive use in locating direction and rough range of long-range artillery, which was the main killer on the WWII battlefield. This allowed friendly artillery to fire back and hopefully ruin the other artillery guy's day.

And our troops are currently using a new system based on exactly the same principles in Iraq, to locate the position of snipers.
2005-04-09 07:32:54 AM  
This would be a great name for a progressive rock band: "Live in concert...WAR TUBA!"

vossiewulf And our troops are currently using a new system based on exactly the same principles in Iraq, to locate the position of snipers.

Since progress allows us to shrink things down a bit, would our troops in Iraq be using War Piccolos? War Oboes?
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2005-04-09 07:37:49 AM  

Dictionaries define sonar to be active. It might have a more general meaning in the Navy.
2005-04-09 07:38:01 AM  
An array of microphones attached to a computer should be able to pinpoint snipers and PRG and mortar launches.

Probably unfeasible to blanket an area (like Bagdad or Falugia) whith thousands of satelite microphones.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2005-04-09 08:26:58 AM  
This would be a great name for a progressive rock band: "Live in concert...WAR TUBA!"

Deathtöngue, featuring Opus and his giant war tuba!
2005-04-09 01:58:13 PM  
"Cry Havoc, and let slip the Tubas of War!"
/got nothin'
2005-04-09 05:23:05 PM  

Fellow Farkers, that is the future of warfare.

/electric bananphone. blatt!
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