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(SFGate)   New Google feature allows you to see over your neighbor's fence, find Drew's garden gnome   ( divider line
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15527 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 05 Apr 2005 at 8:28 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-04-05 5:55:50 PM  
If you want worldwide satellite photos, try NASA's excellent (read: open source) WorldWind software. It's free, but the imagery is kind of old in places.
2005-04-05 5:57:11 PM  
It is at once cooler and scarier than shiat. I found my house and looked up some of my old military bases.

What's really interesting about one of the military bases is that the map's depiction of the base and its surrounding roads is totally and outlandishly bogus. There's a fake golf course, all kinds of fake streets, fake lakes with all kinds of crazy inlets....

The DoD surely told Google, "hey, uh, make that place look like Middle Freaking Earth, ok? We don't need no Osama Juniors studying up on yr maps, Chet."
2005-04-05 6:03:49 PM  
Jaw-dropping, but I'm not sure why I'm so amazed by it.

I'm gonna see if they have my shallow graves in the pics!
2005-04-05 6:08:29 PM  
find Drew's garden gnome

Man, talk about a shout-out to the old school.
2005-04-05 6:13:57 PM  
Well, now a billion unwashed Fark-liters will be hitting it. Yahoo.
2005-04-05 6:14:48 PM  
Two things:

1. I saw my car sitting in the driveway. That was creepy and cool.

2. I used to live on Ft. Meade in Maryland. It is the home of NSA. You weren't allowed to take pictures of the building at all. MPs were all over the place. I can see the whole complex on this. Every detail. Very creepy.
2005-04-05 6:15:08 PM  
Wow, I can see the boat in my parents backyard.

Its a 15 foot McKee.
2005-04-05 6:16:06 PM  

2005-04-05 6:17:24 PM  
whats really awesome, based on some construction and trucks, i can tell you to within 3 weeks when the pic for phoenix was taken
2005-04-05 6:19:25 PM  
Pretty spiffy!

The resolution out here in flyover county is crappy, but I can see the old casa in Houston pretty well.
2005-04-05 6:22:44 PM  
Wait all I saw was a map --- am I looking at the wrong thing?
2005-04-05 6:23:16 PM  
That's cool, saw my place in Ottawa.
2005-04-05 6:24:48 PM  
Cryptome has an interesting collection of photos that have been blurred/pixelated. Some even show fake additions of trees and stuff to obscure things.

Fark can't link to it, but here's the URL:
2005-04-05 6:26:05 PM  
Remember when terraserver first came out back during the dot com bubble? Had major coverage with about 1 m resolution in some areas, but it installed a little spyware-type program to keep you from copying it to the clipboard, or even taking a screen cap. After the dot com crash, they scaled it back a bit, seems to me.

"Every once in a while I like to stick my head out the window and smile for a satellite picture." - Stephen Wright
2005-04-05 6:28:26 PM  
That keyhole software is cool as hell, if you haven't tried it yet.
2005-04-05 6:28:58 PM  
Oh --- DUH is that what the "satellite" link does? Har har har.

Wait a minute? Is that? My SO's Arse? What on earth is he doing with that pizza?
2005-04-05 6:29:27 PM  
Wow...I tried the zip code to Dyess AFB (79607) and the resolution of the flight line was pretty tight!
2005-04-05 6:32:58 PM  
I've been using Keyhole Professional at work for about 2 months now. It is fantastic for land planning purposes, especially if you enjoy doing that kind of stuff.

Unfortunately I don't so I just use it to plan my bike routes.
2005-04-05 6:42:03 PM  
Well, I can see the blob that is my apartment building.

For all you Farkers that live in nice rural settings, look up zip code 07302.
2005-04-05 6:46:03 PM  
Tallahassee is about 2 years back.. looking at some of the construction...but the resolution is great!

Chicago might not be all up to date considering I don't see big X's writen across this place.... :(

Anyone looked up Groom Lake yet?
2005-04-05 6:46:31 PM  
Suck it, Mapquest
2005-04-05 7:14:21 PM  
Cool! Now we'll really find Osama.
2005-04-05 7:14:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-05 7:28:25 PM  
This is pretty cool:

Punch in ATL to get the Atlanta airport
Look at the runway which is furthest south
Scroll to the left, you will see what looks like an Airtran plane just touching down
Now scroll a little bit more to the left, you will see what appears to be another Airtran plane in the parking lot -- he's on approach for the same runway.

Those planes are DAMN close together for landings... of course this is assuming the plane isn't really in the parking lot (this is AirTran after all)

/never forget ValuJet
2005-04-05 9:42:11 PM  

i'm sure there was a time lag between pictures...
2005-04-05 9:42:44 PM  
Does anyone else remember that you used to be able to use Mapquest to get satellite photos? Before we moved 2 1/2 years ago, we were able to view overhead pics of neighborhoods on Mapquest.
Still, kind of a weird thought, up there with typing in a phone number in Google gives the address; now you can get a view of it too.
2005-04-05 9:44:50 PM  
the hoover dam, i think

I could play with this thing for hours!
2005-04-05 9:48:54 PM  
You used to could do this with Mapblast, before Microsoft ate them.
2005-04-05 9:49:12 PM  
Will N. Dowd:

If you want worldwide satellite photos, try NASA's excellent (read: open source) WorldWind software. It's free, but the imagery is kind of old in places.

I'll second that- Worldwind is great- especially when you play with the vertical exaggeration and make everything look 3D.
2005-04-05 9:50:12 PM  
Too much to ask for georeferenced, uncompressed TIFFs?

2005-04-05 9:50:23 PM  
karl trotsky


/forgot the pics are a mosaic
2005-04-05 9:50:49 PM  
What's the deal with privacy concerns? There have been satellite mapping products that allow you to locate someone's house from space for years now. Why is it now suddenly a problem when Google, who certainly have a better record than Microsoft, who run Terraserver, gets into the satellite map biz?
2005-04-05 9:54:45 PM  
This is NEW?

Oh no! I can see the NSA's roof! The terrorists have won!
2005-04-05 9:55:50 PM  
i looked at Rachel, Nevada; however I could not find Groom Lake/Area 51 cause I don't know where to look. Anyone?

by the way, the Hoover dam was awesome!
2005-04-05 9:57:47 PM  
It's pretty cool that it's free. I used a free trial of keyhole a long time ago just for the hell of it. Maybe not so useful, helluva entertaining.
2005-04-05 9:59:07 PM  
It's the EXACT same AERIAL photos that have been on for quite some time.

And you can't even zoom in as much with the google. Stupid.
2005-04-05 10:00:42 PM  
2005-04-05 10:03:05 PM  
sorry, that was harsh. you rule google!
2005-04-05 10:03:18 PM  
Mapquest was offering this same service a couple of years ago, dunno why they quite.
2005-04-05 10:05:08 PM  
Check out the US Capitol. Isn't that weird.
2005-04-05 10:05:43 PM  

It looks like you can only zoom about one level further in, but that far in an the image is just blurry. Google may have the same images, but at least they're in color, the zoom is smoother, and it's WAY easier to scroll.
2005-04-05 10:09:09 PM  
I can't figure out what the privacy concern is.

Yeah, I can look at a blurry picture of your house with just enough resolution for me to tell that it's house shaped. Get over it.
2005-04-05 10:11:20 PM  
The White House roofs as well as the roofs of the two adjascent buildings have been photoshoped.
2005-04-05 10:11:31 PM  
welcome to the kingdom of fear, zjspeed
2005-04-05 10:11:35 PM  
TerraServer's still kicking. I'm looking to rent a house so I've been doing virtual neighborhood checks with their 6" resolution (0.1524 meter)flyover pics. A house is about 75 x 150 pixels, and you can tell what kind of stuff there is in the backyard (tents, trees, big swing sets), how the landscaping's done, whether the neighbors are obnoxiously close). There're several data providers who collected images at various dates between 1993 and 2005(!) for my area. Interesting to compare places over time. One of the better ones of a house I like was taken in early afternoon, judging by the shadows. There's probably an optimum window for this kind of photography, where there are enough shadows to provide contrast, but they're not so long that they obscure detail.

Oh, you have to pay $10 for the privelege of the hi-res photos. Still cheaper than driving everywhere.
2005-04-05 10:11:37 PM  

Funny - I just looked at the fort near me and it's the same story - fake golf course. I guess it's better than a big black spot or blurring it out. Excellent..
2005-04-05 10:11:43 PM  
"Punch in ATL to get the Atlanta airport"

That's funny, that was one of the first places I went to. Then I went to my place, and saw my car parked right where it should have been. At least I know my cat was behaving that day and not out joyriding.
Pretty cool stuff.
2005-04-05 10:11:43 PM  

What's really interesting about one of the military bases is that the map's depiction of the base and its surrounding roads is totally and outlandishly bogus. There's a fake golf course, all kinds of fake streets, fake lakes with all kinds of crazy inlets....

Was that base Ft. Eustis perhaps? i see what u mean and i dont remember there being a golf course or all of those inlets on base. The gov't really doesnt want Osamas to know the layout. kinda interesting.
2005-04-05 10:12:04 PM  
Red X's all over.... what (if any ) settings do I need to adjust?
2005-04-05 10:12:09 PM  
Heh: Groom Lake, NV aka Area 51.
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