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(via Obscure Store)   Credit card company sends man 3,000 rejection letters. He didn't apply in the first place   ( johnsoncitypress.com) divider line
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2002-03-26 07:39:24 PM  
Damnit! There goes my credit rating!
2002-03-26 07:40:11 PM  
Actually he did apply for the card.
2002-03-26 07:40:26 PM  
What no reference to Booing Britney...And I was getting good at that rant.
2002-03-26 07:40:42 PM  
Imagine if they had sent 3,000 cards! VEGAS, BABY!!!
2002-03-26 07:41:56 PM  
This is the story of my life. Oh my life sucks.
2002-03-26 07:42:19 PM  
Why can't this happen to me? Except instead of 3000 credit card rejection letters, give me 3000 GST rebate cheques.
2002-03-26 07:42:26 PM  
Wow! Hookers are taking plastic in Vegas now...weee...I'm on my way!
2002-03-26 07:43:00 PM  
i want 3000 credit cards.... for... im a good work guy.... FIRED
2002-03-26 07:43:52 PM  
They really didn't want him to have an account.
2002-03-26 07:48:42 PM  
Yeah, and he was probably "Pre-Aprroved" like the rest of us.
2002-03-26 07:49:51 PM  
Silent I wish I still had those :-(
2002-03-26 07:50:05 PM  
Both he and his son applied, and the company just thought it was the same guy twice. So the sent him 3,000 letters saying so.
2002-03-26 07:50:24 PM  
So they sent him 3,000 letters saying so.
2002-03-26 07:50:57 PM  
Ain't technology great?
2002-03-26 07:51:29 PM  
2002-03-26 07:52:01 PM  
Wonder how many people will ask 'What the hell is a GST rebate check?' ;)
2002-03-26 07:53:07 PM  
'What the hell is a GST rebate check?'
2002-03-26 07:56:13 PM  
dont look at me...i have no idea...
2002-03-26 07:59:15 PM  
A GST rebate check is a process whereby the government of Canada takes money in the form of 7% of the cost of EVERYTHING, then decides, via some bizarre process likely involving spider monkeys and a dartboard, to return portiions of said money to the general public.
2002-03-26 08:01:30 PM  
What the hell is a Canada?
2002-03-26 08:02:29 PM  
Sounds like a Grade One Shafting to me...

Oh, and BTW, Stekorps... You're a homo.
2002-03-26 08:04:43 PM  
TennesseeBuck: heh.
Dogfahter: sounds like the income tax refunds the U.S. gave out a while back.
2002-03-26 08:06:24 PM  
Canada is the greatest country on Earth, second only to Japan... Sweden, Great Britain, ... well all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Paraguay!
2002-03-26 08:06:39 PM  
..but the GST you get back quartely or annually - or not at all if you make too much (like $30k is the max or so)
2002-03-26 08:09:49 PM  
Stompin Tom is correct - there actually is a sensible methodology to this whole rebate thing.... just can't resist taking shots at the fact that the damn GST still exists...
2002-03-26 08:20:11 PM  
wtf is an earth?
2002-03-26 08:22:22 PM  
Somehow, with AT&T involved, I am not surprised!
How to go from blue chip to cow chip in one generation.
2002-03-26 08:22:56 PM  
Wow, AT&T screwed something up? Why, I would never have imagined that The Almighty Bell would do such a thing. Their customer service reps are well-trained and empowered to handle any customer's complaint... I'm sure the situation will be resolved immediately to the satisfaction of both parties.

:: wipes giant sarcasm booger off face ::
2002-03-26 08:26:12 PM  
UnknownCactus: earth is one of several trillion planets in the universe. It is dominated by a viral species that propagates itself without concern for the consequences and which believes with a straight face that its planet is the only one that hosts life.
2002-03-26 08:28:06 PM  
ha ha the guy should have mailed the letters back to the company
2002-03-26 08:28:52 PM  
Ahhhhhh, nothing like a sweeping generalization to get the flamewar off and running...
2002-03-26 08:30:17 PM  
Earth: Mostly harmless.
2002-03-26 08:34:30 PM  
Dogfather_jr: was that aimed at me? I hardly think that will start a flamewar. But if it does, I'll be proud.
2002-03-26 08:41:05 PM  
wtf is wtf?
2002-03-26 08:41:25 PM  
Don't they give everyone credit cards now?
2002-03-26 08:41:59 PM  
Dodger: wow, you're allergic to spending money, watch the seizures man.
2002-03-26 08:42:04 PM  
Longview, are you from Longview..?
2002-03-26 08:47:16 PM  
Is it just me, or does that picture looked photoshopped?
2002-03-26 08:57:16 PM  
No need to Apply! You've been been Pre-Denied!
2002-03-26 09:08:33 PM  
If we've told you once, we've told you three thousand times, NO NO NO!
2002-03-26 09:16:54 PM  
2986 x 34 cents = $1015.24 = 15 million vietnamese dongs
2002-03-26 09:23:11 PM  
WTF's Vietnamese dongs ?
2002-03-26 09:32:09 PM  
vegasj: it was from a link to a finance conversion chart a couple of days ago - probably in the farkives somewhere...
2002-03-26 09:39:17 PM  
Shlabotnik, are you from Shlabotnik..?
2002-03-26 09:49:05 PM  
I have nothing witty to say. Please pray for my wittiness to return. Please????
2002-03-26 10:12:25 PM  
Vegasj ,

Here is the link to the conversion thingy. Have a few Viet Dongs.
2002-03-26 10:14:36 PM  
Did it ever cross anyones mind that he was drunk when it happened?

I uhh didnt read it so dont bother me
2002-03-26 10:18:29 PM  
Wow, so this is my hometown's 15 minutes of fame. I guess it could be worse. A neighboring town's crowning achievement was hanging an elephant for murder.
2002-03-26 10:20:51 PM  
that photo looks photoshopped and from the Onion...
2002-03-26 10:24:53 PM  

something similar happened to me with a phone company. the charged me for all these long distance phone calls that were like 2 to 10 seconds long and all made within 1 to 2 seconds of each other. i mean there was about 40 all in a row one right after the other. no possible way i could have even dialed a longdistance # that fast let alone so many times in a row. when i talked to the phone company they kept insisting that i had to have made the calls because thats what their computer said... *shakes head in disbelief* needless to say they refused to take it off my bill insisting that someone had to have made the calls from my home and so it is on my credit now until i can dispute it in someway. i want to go live in a forest by myself.
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