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(AZCentral)   Case of the flu ends man's record of skiing every day for 20 years   ( divider line
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5886 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2005 at 5:05 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-04-05 05:07:34 PM  
peat and repeat were in a boat...
2005-04-05 05:07:42 PM  
Wow that database must have been farked up good. I'm sure this was submitted multiple times about three weeks ago...
2005-04-05 05:07:46 PM  
Hot news day.
2005-04-05 05:07:58 PM  
Walk it off!
2005-04-05 05:08:29 PM  
Global warming was just going to stop him anyway, sooner or later.
2005-04-05 05:08:38 PM  
Captain Tripps wants his two dollars!
2005-04-05 05:08:39 PM  
Who greenlighted this?
2005-04-05 05:08:54 PM  
If he was really that dedicated, he would have gone skiing anyways.
2005-04-05 05:11:47 PM  
I'd try to beat his record, but i'd be broke pretty damn fast.
2005-04-05 05:16:45 PM  

/didn't rtfa
2005-04-05 05:19:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-05 05:20:14 PM  

Schipper doubts anyone will be able to break his skiing streak. He says nobody's that crazy

Yeah dude, you're a farken madman strapping on a set of skis and using gravity to slide down a slope every day.
2005-04-05 05:20:29 PM  
You mean to tell me that in Maine, you can ski year round?

Not even us Canadians have that luxury. Our snow actually melts in the summer despite what Americans may think.
2005-04-05 05:22:09 PM  
there are porn gals who probably do this more often than--wait, oh you mean actual skiing...
2005-04-05 05:23:14 PM  
Actually although the regular season ends in early June, there's some kind of bus-thing you can ride up to a part of the glacier and keep on skiing until mid august. The pisser is that it's only open from like 11:30 to 3:00 pm, and it's still the same price as the rest of the winter.
2005-04-05 05:24:10 PM  
That's Whistler, British Columbia I meant
2005-04-05 05:29:15 PM  

No the record was only for days the mountain was open (i believe).

Most ski places in the states give senior citizens free lift tickets.
2005-04-05 05:29:29 PM  
You mean to tell me that in Maine, you can ski year round?

It depends on which of the following contradictory statements you believe. Had it been consecutive calendar days I would think the author needn't write "during ski season"

For more than two decades he skied the slopes at Sugarloaf in Maine without missing a single day. That's nearly 4,000 consecutive days during ski season.
2005-04-05 05:29:54 PM  
You mean there's grass in Canada?
2005-04-05 05:30:39 PM  
2005-04-05 05:35:23 PM  
My ski season ended 2 weeks ago when I broke my leg in 3 places.

I guess I have to wait a year to start my try for the record

A-Basin in CO tries to stay open until July 4 every year.

//random rant/self pity over
2005-04-05 05:39:02 PM  
Any see this?

[image from too old to be available]

They had a short bit on an old dude that had surfed every day for the past 27 years. That's almost 10,000 days of surfing. Amazing.
2005-04-05 05:45:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-05 05:52:35 PM  
He's a wanna be.
I've got locals at my ski area that claimed their 35/20 a few years ago....35 years at the same place...20 winters on seasonal unemployment.
One woman has been at it for at least 20 years and I'd have trouble believing she's missed more then a few days in that time. And she's first chair to last chair. The mountain manager 'accidentally' ran her off the slope with his 4-wheeler a month ago...she went down 20 feet of rock scree into a creek. Climbed back out, went to the bottom and got back on the lift. And making it all that much funnier...she rides her telemark gear in old leather boots and skinny skis more often then not.

He's not doing it 'year round'...not in maine at least. Just everyday that Sugarloaf is open I'm guessing.
2005-04-05 05:53:27 PM  
LineNoise: Most ski places in the states give senior citizens free lift tickets.

Actually ... most give seniors discounted lift-tickets.

However, I doubt this guy stood in the ticket lines ... probably a season-pass holder. They offer those at discounted rates to seniors too.

However, this guy seems to have become a bit of a living legend at Sugarloaf (They're going to name a trail after him), so it may even be the case that they gave him freebies.
2005-04-05 05:58:47 PM  
Yeah, I see it now.

That's nearly 4,000 consecutive days during ski season.

Not quite as impressive as year round, but expectable in the US.
2005-04-05 06:08:41 PM  

Actually ... most give seniors discounted lift-tickets.

My home mountain, Mt. Bachelor, gives free passes to those over 70. I think it's pretty common, actually.
2005-04-05 06:16:42 PM  
I worked at Sugarloaf on the 93-94 and 94-95 ski seasons. Paul had to go to the doctors in Boston one time, so he got a ride up to the top on a snowmobile @ 1 in the morning, skied down, drove to Boston, had his procedure, got back to the hill at 10 the next evening, and bummed a ride up on a snowmobile so that he could keep his streak going. This, from a 70+ yr. old guy. He was in better shape than I'll EVER be (not much of an accomplishment there, but still...)
2005-04-05 06:20:08 PM  
got2av8 - Sounds like he's got connections and is supported by the local management then...which is great.
2005-04-05 07:41:48 PM  
I for one welcome our same story greenlighting overlords.
2005-04-05 10:36:13 PM  
This isn't sad.
2005-04-05 10:38:40 PM  
safeinsane: PWN3D!

That, of course, reminded me of this old gem:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-05 10:41:19 PM  

Heh, what is that, a volleyball?
2005-04-05 10:47:08 PM  
I have yet to miss a day that the slopes have been open in Kansas. Ever.
2005-04-06 12:34:11 AM  
VideoVader: Heh, what is that, a volleyball?

I have no idea. It was in my 'fark pictures' directory. It makes me smile every time though.
2005-04-06 12:56:28 AM  
Playerslight and safeinsane -

Is there a way to enlarge those little movies? They're farking hilarious.
2005-04-06 01:26:22 AM  
octo: Is there a way to enlarge those little movies? They're farking hilarious.

I don't have the original, just this tiny gif. Sorry.
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