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(HFXNews)   "I had a tear in my eye, actually, when I was watching it," said Police Constable Mark Hobeck. "It was full of beer. We were hoping a Hostess truck full of pretzels would come by, but no such luck"   ( hfxnews.com) divider line
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2005-04-05 09:49:10 AM  
It was on its way to Ontario, said Irene Lane of Olands Brewery.

2005-04-05 09:59:34 AM  
Alexander Keiths is one fine beer as IPA's go.

/I'll have to grab some on the way home.
2005-04-05 10:04:08 AM  
I knew they had beer in Nova Scotia, but roads too? Amazing, eh?
2005-04-05 10:09:15 AM  
There was absolutely no way I could ever hope to improve on that headline. My thanks to Const. Hobeck for making it such an easy submission...

I'll bet he's getting a razzing at work today.
2005-04-05 10:15:55 AM  
SpinStopper: I knew they had beer in Nova Scotia, but roads too? Amazing, eh?


Yes... we Nova Scotians do appreciate our brew. In fact, I will follow OlafTheBent's suggestion and grab a sixer on my way home.

did you know Nova Scotia has the highest rates of alcoholism in Canada? You're welcome.
2005-04-05 10:21:52 AM  
That sucks, eh?
2005-04-05 10:52:26 AM  
In other news...Hostess makes pretzels, apparently.

/I did not know that
//best Dana Carvey-as-Johnny-Carson impression
2005-04-05 11:20:58 AM  

In other news...Hostess makes pretzels, apparently.

They sure do. Hostess and Frito Lay merged in 1989, now known just as Frito Lay Canada. They make Rold Gold pretzels and, more importantly, Hickory Sticks - which go great with beer as well.

/does anything not go with beer?
2005-04-05 12:16:25 PM  
pineapple does not go good with beer

/unless it's a hawaiian pizza
2005-04-05 12:19:31 PM  
"Looks like an explosion at the Simpson house."

Chief Wiggum: "Forget it, it's two blocks away."

"It looks like beer coming out of the chimney!"

(Wiggum takes off panting)

"Dispatch, we need pretzels, repeat, pretzels!"
2005-04-05 12:38:41 PM  
this is why i LOVE working with Canadians. god bless you NORAD
2005-04-05 04:20:20 PM  
Nova Scotia is beautiful, but some of those indian names are impossible to spell or say.....

2005-04-05 04:20:40 PM  
"I had a tear in my eye, actually, when I was watching it,"

I bet those tears don't flow as you're hacking down pot plants. Farking hypocrite.
2005-04-05 04:21:50 PM  
46,368 bottles of beer on an overpass, 46,368 bottles of beer...
2005-04-05 04:23:00 PM  
Man... That will trigger an automatic greenlight.
2005-04-05 04:23:07 PM  
Hey Knockboots shouldn't you be working!!!
damn I feel safe.

only kidding.

A truck of bacon would have been good. Canadian bacon.
2005-04-05 04:24:20 PM  
Damn.. I should have gone home from work the other way, maybe I could have scored some. :)

Oh well.. at least it was destined for Ontario.
2005-04-05 04:25:22 PM  
Keith's is indeed a fine beer. Wonder if some guy in a kilt showed up and tried to mend their little broken bottle necks with tiny slings.
2005-04-05 04:26:11 PM  
Anyone remember the Simpsons where Homer dances naked in the spray when a beer tanker truck jacknifes? That's exactly what I'd be doing.
2005-04-05 04:26:49 PM  

does anything not go with beer?

Milk does not go with beer.

Try mixing them for some truly awful stuff.
2005-04-05 04:27:05 PM  
where's the SAD tag?
2005-04-05 04:27:34 PM  

Female Driver!!

/I tried
//Sort of
2005-04-05 04:27:43 PM  
2005-04-05 04:20:40 PM meshman

It has been de-criminalized in Canada, so I doubt they are hacking down plants.....
2005-04-05 04:27:52 PM  
I bet those tears don't flow as you're hacking down pot plants. Farking hypocrite.

And it begins.
2005-04-05 04:28:18 PM  
When headlines write themselves.
2005-04-05 04:28:53 PM  
Oh, the humanity!
2005-04-05 04:28:58 PM  
Effect, meet cause:

"Firefighters helped the experienced female driver climb out of the smashed tractor-trailer."
2005-04-05 04:32:06 PM  
Damnit, such a waste of good beer... On the up side, it was for people in Ontario, nobody important.
2005-04-05 04:33:27 PM  
"Another tractor trailer was sent to the scene to see if any of the beer could be recovered."

A for effort.
2005-04-05 04:34:31 PM  
[image from sportbilen.se too old to be available]
2005-04-05 04:34:37 PM  
I wondered who stole all of my beer. Friggin Canadians.

2005-04-05 04:34:52 PM  
mmmmmmm...Mix about 1/3 Lemonaid and 2/3 pale ale or a very light weisen (heffeweisen is too heavy)...mmmmmm...great summer time drink.
2005-04-05 04:35:29 PM  
Firefighters helped the "experienced" female driver climb out of the smashed tractor-trailer.

"You ok baby? Lets have a beer. Hey you wanna feel my pipes?"
2005-04-05 04:35:52 PM  
Who's a spilly driver? Let us all stand in awe of Miss Spilly pants!
2005-04-05 04:36:04 PM  
Effect, meet cause:

"Firefighters helped the experienced female driver climb out of the smashed tractor-trailer."

Wow...people like you really do exist?

2005-04-05 04:36:37 PM  
I am reminded of the Simpsons episode when Homer is trying to figure two foods that go together and there are two trucks crashing into one another...one is a chocolate syrup truck and the other truck is loaded with bacon.

what's better then bacon? more bacon.
2005-04-05 04:37:21 PM  
Good observation, scott930.

But they did say that she was experienced as a driver so I am sure that it was just some freak road slippage/tire-loss-of-traction/crazy man driver who cut her off tyoe of deal ....

2005-04-05 04:37:22 PM  
"Oh I dreamed of standing on a lake of beer but no' li' this! Never li' this!"
2005-04-05 04:39:12 PM  
I'm waiting for the reference to Mr. Spillypants...

/too obscure?
2005-04-05 04:39:35 PM  
I can just picture the Scottish guy from the Keith's commercials come running up to the truck:

"Oh Nooo! I dreamt of being in an ocean of beer but not like this. Oh the horror."
2005-04-05 04:40:37 PM  
"I've dreamt of standing in lake of beer, but not like this!, never like this!"

The Keith Brewery tour is oh so much fun, they'll getcha buzzin with a couple pints and then spill your ass onto the fine streets of Halifax right near a pub,.. Good times, great people..

2005-04-05 04:41:40 PM  

In China they make Pineapple beer.

Last time I checked I could still go to jail for growing weed. When was that? Five mnutes ago.
2005-04-05 04:42:44 PM  
funny, before I RTFA I thought that was a fake headline.
2005-04-05 04:43:11 PM  
Wow, was that post ever late going through. Seems a few people have seen the commercials...
2005-04-05 04:43:26 PM  
lick'er dome
2005-04-05 04:44:26 PM  
2005-04-05 04:41:40 PM maynert

Really? I though it was de-criminalized?

/clue me in?
2005-04-05 04:44:42 PM  
[image from hbd.org too old to be available]

Anyone seen my friend? Last seen passed out under the overpass.
2005-04-05 04:45:46 PM  
I took a trip to NS last summer. If I never see a Keiths again, I'll be happy.
It should not be allowed the title IPA!
2005-04-05 04:46:39 PM  
The truck was smashed? Well, there's the problem- everyone knows you're not supposed to drive a drunk truck.
2005-04-05 04:47:08 PM  
maffick: It's not decriminalized yet. I said yet.
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