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(Some Guy)   Magic Johnson may run for Mayor of Los Angeles   ( divider line
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1700 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 11:24 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 11:25:40 AM  
2002-03-26 11:26:35 AM  
"Nubian, PLEASE !"
2002-03-26 11:26:56 AM  
oooh, tough break, L.A.
2002-03-26 11:27:08 AM  
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2002-03-26 11:30:33 AM  
Magic is still alive ? I thought the AIDS would've killed him at this point. My theory is that all he has is just a really bad headcold.
2002-03-26 11:32:43 AM  
The only way this would be interesting is if he was running against Larry Bird.
2002-03-26 11:32:48 AM  
His talk show was good, so he must be qualified.

Wow, I typed that whole thing without laughing.
2002-03-26 11:32:57 AM  
There's only one man who could ever run against Magic.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-26 11:33:06 AM  
Skinink: You beat me to that one.

This guy is either the luckiest AIDS victim alive, or it was all just a ploy to try and help him break Wilt the Stilts record for poon.
2002-03-26 11:33:21 AM  
I bet everyone in Minnesota is praying that LA votes him in.
2002-03-26 11:34:08 AM  
Is Hahn white? Why did he object to Parks? What has happened to journalism?
2002-03-26 11:35:26 AM  
If Magic lived in South Africa he wouldn't have AIDS, it would just be some myth invented by whitey.
2002-03-26 11:35:54 AM  
"And I would run for the people, not for me. It would be for the people of Los Angeles."

Yea that is what he told all those biatches he screwed - take it for the team baby.

This guy was a has been a decade ago - why the hell does he get so much attention?
2002-03-26 11:36:03 AM  
Title should also say "France Surrenders"

2002-03-26 11:38:11 AM  
What?!! No FARK jokes about his "Magic" Johnson?

Knickerbocker, please
2002-03-26 11:38:30 AM  
Skreech: For the same farkin reason OJ keeps his face in front of the media. These guys are afraid that now they are past it, people will forget about them. Personally, I would rather just do that, and FORGET THEM. But you can't, they just keep inventing reasons for us to have to see them.
2002-03-26 11:45:04 AM  
It's an historic day. Three consecutive stories about black men. Or something.
2002-03-26 11:48:26 AM  

I am sure that if you asked Halle Berry, that this day was "74 years in the making"
2002-03-26 11:49:12 AM  
Anyone else believe he really got HIV from a prostitute??
2002-03-26 11:55:43 AM  
Anyone else remember the Magic Hour? If he runs and I were his opponent, I'd play that thing in my attack ads. The man can't speak english.

I still have the tapes of Howard Stern and his crew riffing on his show when it made its debut.
2002-03-26 11:58:52 AM  
Arnie wants to be governor of cali in 2006. Feh to politics.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-03-26 12:01:04 PM  
This just proves my theory that celebrities are supremely qualified to do anything.

Oh, wait. That's wrong.

My bad.
2002-03-26 12:03:07 PM  
I find the whole celebrities-running-for-office thing disturbing. Because you know they're going to win, but who knows a thing about their politics? I realize elections are primarily about image anyway, but the idea of someone who has a recognizeable, pretty much untarnishable image already in place can really corrupt democracy. Tom Cruise could probably make a serious run for president, and scare the crap out of anyone who's ever read anything about scientology.
2002-03-26 12:03:15 PM  
Rambis for prez 2004.
2002-03-26 12:13:24 PM  
l. a. lakers fast break makers

kings of the court shake and bake all takers

back to back is a bad ass fact a claim that remains in tact

m-a-g-i-c see you on the court

buck has come to play his way and his way is to thwart

m-a-g-i-c magic of the buck

other teams pray for dreams

but he don't give a [fark]

penetrating the lane like a bullet train

comes the magic blood a telepathic brain

knucklehead suckers better duck

when the buck comes through like a truck

scott stops pops and drops it in

on his way back gets a little skin

from the hand of a man named a. c. green

slam so hard break your t.v. screen

worthy's hot with his tomahawk

take it to the hole make your mamma talk

i hate to burst your bubble but triple double trouble

is coming to your town and he's going to make rubble

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lakers are the team that i watch on the telly

cause they got more moves

that a bowl full of jelly

the buck stops here - pops - then cheers

a roar through the forum

that deafens my ears

the one and only know if his kind

sits in a throne

not for the records that he holds

but for being bald and bold

kareem abdul jabbar

all time great super super star

i hate to burst your bubble but triple double trouble

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does anybody want some magic johnson

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back to back is a bad ass fact a claim that remains in tact
2002-03-26 12:14:28 PM  
Wil/Gma [is that Good Morning America's default account?]

I don't have a problem w/Celebs running for office, just the ones who don't know shiat and are running on name only.

Some, whether you agree with them politically or not, are
at least understanding of the issues (Grandy, Bono, Watts, Gregory & others)
2002-03-26 12:15:10 PM  
Screw Magic! (not really, I don't want the Hiv) Phil Jackson should be mayor.
2002-03-26 12:22:41 PM  
Fish500 - what people don't seem to realize is that Mother's Milk is one of the CD's meant for them big-ass rice-rocket stereos, not techno. :)
2002-03-26 12:24:16 PM  
Does Affirmative Action count, when you run for mayor?
2002-03-26 12:30:58 PM  
Eh I was using gma (for non-fark stuff) before good morning america decided to be trendy and abbreviate themselves, the bastards.

My issue with celebs running for office is that whether they know stuff or not, they are using their celebrity status for political gain. Jesse Ventura is obviously the main example of celebrities in office, and he clearly is an informed, intelligent politician. But he is also an informed intelligent politician with atypical views, and while he surely received some votes from people who heard his message and agreed with it, I'd bet the number of people influenced by his politics are insignificant compared to the number of people who thought "hey the guy from Predator/Running Man/rasslin'!"

My point being, they can know stuff about issues that the public disagrees with, or doesn't care about, and get votes anyway. Image is a huge factor in politics. Statements about political views can destroy a career politicians' image, but the perception of celebrities is already set as far as the masses are concerned.
2002-03-26 12:45:31 PM  
I thought Magic wanted to run the New York Knicks?

Whoops, guess not...​nes%2Dsp orts

What a grandstanding attention-whore this dufus is...He makes Charles Barkley look like Mother Teresa.
2002-03-26 12:53:53 PM  
A Gay Black Man with AIDS as the L.A. Mayor?
I guess that sounds about right.
2002-03-26 01:02:36 PM  
If Marion Barry can do it...anyone can. And I don't think he can even dunk.
2002-03-26 01:04:05 PM  
I fully expect the city's motto to change if Magic is elected.

"Awwwwwww, Craig... you are BAAAAAAAAAAD."

2002-03-26 01:04:07 PM  
HE IS A attractive and successful African-American AND HE HAS AIDS! HA HA
wil [TotalFark]
2002-03-26 01:05:33 PM  
It is our duty as a nation to prevent vapid celebrities from running for office. (Not that Magic is necessarily vapid. I don't know a thing about him.)

But if we don't stop this now, we could end up with a complete farking idiot in the Oval Office.
2002-03-26 01:13:05 PM  
I don't know if anyone has had the pleasure of hearing this man speak at length, but he is a certifiable moron. A typical semi-educated dork who believes money equates to intelligence.

You know what, Los Angeles deserves him as mayor. With him in office, Denzel and Halle leading the new "I'm black and I can act" cause and the general "minorities can do no wrong" sentiment that permeates that nuthouse, maybe it could become a magnet for the other imbeciles.

Go Magic go, now I'm pulling for you.
2002-03-26 01:16:07 PM  
I need to borrow from a page in the Magic Johnson Thesaurus to capture this appropriately.

"We must get out and votimitate in order for me to be in the eggnogeration."

I miss him on NBC -- it's hard to butcher the English language like he can.
2002-03-26 01:17:22 PM  
*sky-high leaping ^5 to Wil for that zinger*
2002-03-26 01:20:48 PM  
Lynch: "Now we can't get the Madonna booking. You my crazy uncle."
2002-03-26 01:21:57 PM  
Picture Magic interviewing "The Arnold." It happened on his show.

Howard Stern: "We're watching a basketball player talk to a weightlifter, and neither speaks english."
2002-03-26 01:55:14 PM  
He has extra-marital, unprotected sex with hundreds of women.

He catches aids

He transmits aids to hundreds of women. They don't have the huge amounts of money to pay for the drugs to keep them alive like he does. Many die, all suffer.

He buys the expensive drugs. He survives.

this makes him a hero?

something is very, very wrong with society.
2002-03-26 02:03:40 PM  
Bad_CRC - he bragged he did 25,000.

Put that figure to paper and you can tell he is a liar, therefore quality political material.

I bet he will make a fine showing if he runs. SAD.
2002-03-26 02:18:18 PM  
Well, at least he's not a crackhead.
2002-03-26 02:23:52 PM  
He'll make a fine running because

1. Celebrities will endorse him.

2. Gays will endorse him.

3. Minorities will endorse him.

4. Morons will endorse him.

5. The media will (tacitly) endorse him by slandering whatever straight, white, drug-free, right-wing opponent that runs against him.

Oh yeah, and 6. Shaq will endorse him.
2002-03-26 02:32:09 PM  
And Riordan was more qualified because...?

Both are successful businessmen/entrepreneurs, and understand the corporate culture. Many of Magic's TGIF's and Starbucks outlets are the most successful outlets in the country. His theaters, which many expected/hoped would fail, have performed strong. Fiscally, he runs an extremely tight ship. But Magic is more involved in the community and more beloved than Riordan was, and has more connections. I've seen Magic speak at corporate functions and not only did he know what he was talking about, but he had the whole room in the palm of his hand. Charisma counts for something in politics, it'd help him get things done. I kinda laughed at this initially, but there have been stranger roads into the political arena. I'd be more concerned with his dedication to the job, he seems to do things more for the ego trip and when things don't work out, he changes his mind.

As for Larry Bird: 1987, NBA Finals, Game 4, Boston Garden, junior junior skyhook.
2002-03-26 02:32:25 PM  
"You know what, Los Angeles deserves him as mayor. With him in office, Denzel and Halle leading the new "I'm black and I can act" cause and the general "minorities can do no wrong" sentiment that permeates that nuthouse, maybe it could become a magnet for the other imbeciles."

"I'm black and I can act"...."Minorities can do no wrong"...
Bigpeeler are you a nazi?
or just a stupid racist bastard?

mind your...I am not judging.
2002-03-26 02:43:04 PM  
I don't know about Magic, but Robert Downey Jr. is sure qualified to be Mayor of Washington, DC.
2002-03-26 02:57:45 PM  
What you said Peaceboy. He's certainly more articulate than mumbling ex-Mayor "Howdy" Riordan. He'd get a lot of votes on the westside and Crenshaw district, but the Latinos are still stinging from the last mayoral race. They'll be sure to put up their own candidate.

If the refrigerator door wasn't ready to shut on Chick Hearn, he should be the next mayor.
2002-03-26 03:09:30 PM  
Just a realist.

When you choose to turn your back on a problem, don't come screaming when it bites you in the ass.

It's your choice to assign a perjorative to something if you feel it helps your argument. That's a common tactic. But it doesn't change anyone's feelings towards the problem.

You know and I know that alot (dare I say the majority) of Americans (for the sake of argument) feel the way I do. But it's very hard to speak your mind in the present day 'feel-good/bend over backwards' society.

No I'm not a racist. I get tired of telling people this, but I think it matters: I have a black parent so that makes me.......say it with me class....Half-rican. I'm not some rebel-flag-waving redneck. I was raised on the left coast in the most liberal environs you could imagine, a commune. I'sa hippie child.

I'll also tell you this. My wife was raped back in 1996, by a black man. 2 years later, my 7 year old daughter was molested, by a black man. My house has been broken into twice, both times by......blah blah blah. You get my point. So now, you would think that if anyone would have a prejudice, it would be me. But I don't.

What I do have is a enlightened viewpoint. I don't really care if you 'like' me or even respect my stand. I have lived with the horror and the nightmare of what has happened to my family and I. I have had people who live in such denial, actually accuse me of NOT being part black. Like that would lend credence to their argument. Like someone that's black COULDN'T have a negative viewpoint about other blacks. I don't get it.

Oh by the way, I too have been at the poky end of the prejudice stick. Called names, stared at, etc. Physically, I don't really 'look' black though my skin is relatively dark. But whenever I mention it, I have had people do the old double take and start watching their words.

Oh well, I have beaten this to death. I have to leave and go pick up my hood at the cleaners. Out.
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