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(Some Guy)   Scientific theory on the physics of beer foam   ( divider line
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3417 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2002 at 12:26 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-26 12:30:47 PM  
2002-03-26 12:31:16 PM  
I like good head, but not on my beer.
2002-03-26 12:32:10 PM  
They did a study for this ? I know where beer foam comes from : A new tapped keg, or that stupid bartender who can't pour a proper pint. Jeebus.
2002-03-26 12:32:27 PM  
BAH! Another untrue "theory". Give me facts!
2002-03-26 12:32:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
mmm... beer..
2002-03-26 12:32:45 PM  
A beer without head is like a day without sunshine.....or head.
2002-03-26 12:33:52 PM  
I am proud that such a blatant alcoholic could become one of the most well known pop culture icons.

It was a momentous event, and opened doors for all those faceless and nameless alcoholics across the world.
2002-03-26 12:33:53 PM  
Another thing you are trying to ruin with your science. Everyone knows that God, not physics, makes beer foam.
2002-03-26 12:34:07 PM  
oooooh yeeeaaah
2002-03-26 12:34:39 PM  
"The real trick in understanding foams was to not bother, and save a lot of wasted time on something nobody cares about. However, to appease the anti-foam beer fans, Guiness will be releasing a new line of 'Flat' beers."
2002-03-26 12:34:44 PM  
Religion=ignorance: God doesn't make beer foam. The Devil makes beer foam.
2002-03-26 12:34:51 PM  
mmmmm.. Boddington's
2002-03-26 12:34:59 PM  
So THAT'S what the widget is for inside Guinness cans. I certainly didn't know it released Nitrogen.
2002-03-26 12:35:20 PM  
Anyone remember 'Young Einstein'?
2002-03-26 12:35:40 PM  

What like evolution? hahahaha
2002-03-26 12:36:33 PM  
"A beer without head is like a day without sunshine"

A day with rain is like a day without sunshine. Oh, and fark that stupid biatch that said it too.
2002-03-26 12:36:41 PM  
I hear if you want to get rid of the foam on your beer, just wipe the sweat from your sac and apply. Presto, the foam is gone
FNG [TotalFark]
2002-03-26 12:37:54 PM  
I don't care how it works, I'm just glad that it does.
2002-03-26 12:38:29 PM  
wow-and how much money was spent on this study?
2002-03-26 12:39:13 PM  
[a slide shows "Yahoo Serious Festival"]

Lisa: I know those words, but that sign makes no sense.
2002-03-26 12:39:23 PM  
you want good head.. not nasty foam...
2002-03-26 12:39:27 PM  
I'm glad that they have scientists to think about this stuff. Thinking about stuff like this on a daily basis would ruin my enjoyment of beer!
2002-03-26 12:40:08 PM  
OBB: Most release nitrogen, however, rumor has it that an evil employee has been placing cyanide in every 10,000th widget. Moral of the story, go to a pub for the real thing.
2002-03-26 12:40:22 PM  
Perhaps the worst thing in the world is a poorly poured pint of Guinness. I'll take human suffering any day over a pint with anything more than 3/4 inch of head.
2002-03-26 12:40:54 PM  
Earwax too kills foam dead.
2002-03-26 12:42:42 PM  
I can think of nothing more tortuous than being a scientist studying beer foam: Can you imagine sitting in a lab, testing foam and then pouring the beer out? Geez, a guy could lose it ...
2002-03-26 12:43:20 PM  
No references to Young Einstein yet? I'm disappointed.
2002-03-26 12:44:41 PM  
All of your beer foam are belong to us...
2002-03-26 12:45:42 PM  
Duffman can't breathe!! Oh no!!
2002-03-26 12:47:41 PM  
bigassbertha.. you might want to read the above comments before you post.... at least 2 references
2002-03-26 12:51:16 PM  
I don't know about sack sweat, but I've used forehead oil to fix a bad pour many times.

[Stupid Warning Label]

Do not stick forehead in beer. Use a clean finger to transfer oils into glass.

[/Stupid Warning Label]
2002-03-26 12:53:50 PM  
"Ah, good ol' trustworthy beer. My love for you will never die." -Homer Simpson.
2002-03-26 12:56:03 PM  
When are they gonna do a scientific theory on the physics of the money shot?
2002-03-26 12:59:29 PM  
Don't be surprised that this kind of research is done, Skinink. Much research money is poured into foam research. The 1991 Nobel Prize in Physics went to this kind of research...

I'm not just a geek, I study Physics!
2002-03-26 01:00:31 PM  
Blair: hahahahahahahahaha

I guess this explains why we unconsciously roll the drink around in our hand- to aid in draining the fluid from the foam.

He said draining the fluid.
2002-03-26 01:16:21 PM  
I just learned the "skin oil trick" for eliminating beer head a few weeks ago. My theory now is that when you introduce oils or grease (earwax?) to the head, it interferes with the water molecules binding to each other, and hastens the fluid draining from the foam, thus... causing the head to disappear! Any _real_ chemists here to back me up/shoot me down on this?
2002-03-26 01:22:27 PM  
Thought they meant the type of beer foam you build houses with.

Guess that product never made it to market.
2002-03-26 01:25:51 PM  
As a physics major, this gives me a woody. I need more friends....
2002-03-26 01:29:11 PM  
they found that drainage in the latter foam occurred 10 times more slowly than in the former because the C2F6 gas eliminated coarsening. But whereas adding more liquid to the C2F6 foam made it drain faster, the same was not true for the CO2 foam.

Are they just trying to spoil my beer?

**(and how can I help with the studies?)**
2002-03-26 01:36:20 PM  
Now if I could only apply this knowledge to eliminating the beershiats...
2002-03-26 01:45:25 PM  
Beer Troubleshooting
SYMPTOM: Feet cold and wet.
FAULT: Glass being held at incorrect angle.
ACTION: Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling.

SYMPTOM: Floor blurred.
FAULT: You are looking through bottom of empty glass.
ACTION: Get someone to buy you another beer.

SYMPTOM: Floor moving.
FAULT: You are being carried out.
ACTION: Find out if you are being taken to another bar.

SYMPTOM: Room seems unusually dark.
FAULT: Bar has closed.
ACTION: Confirm home address with bartender.

SYMPTOM: Beer is crystal-clear.
FAULT: It's water. Somebody is trying to sober you up.
ACTION: Punch him.

SYMPTOM: Your singing sounds distorted.
FAULT: The beer is too weak.
ACTION: Have more beer until your voice improves.

SYMPTOM: Don't remember the words to the song.
FAULT: Beer is just right.
ACTION: Play air guitar.
2002-03-26 02:32:29 PM  
Well they still haven't answered the real question: How in the hell does nose grease and ear wax disolve the foam? Quite disgusting, yet equally true.
2002-03-26 03:08:34 PM  

My thoughts exactly. That movie explained it all.
2002-03-26 03:12:43 PM  
I agree. Physics and beer go hand in hand.

Also, I like the head on Guinness. But not too much. bartenders here can't pour a proper pint to save their lives.
2002-03-26 05:59:34 PM  
No Such Agency: Pretty oils are high in long chain fatty acids which would cause bubble adhesion to break make a long story short, polar end and non-polar ends interacting with water and non-polar molecules...chances are a drop of dishwashing soap would do the same thing.
My advice, to Hell with thinking about it, just start drinking...worked for me all the way through graduate school and academic positions.
PI salary: 64K
Postdoc: 32K
Supplies budget: 64K (beer, beer, and more beer)
University Overhead: 32K

Now where did I put that NSF application?
2002-03-26 06:01:57 PM  
Anyone know why beer starts foaming like crazy if you sprinkle a little salt on it? Lotsa fun to watch the salt crystals turn into little volcanoes as they sink.

I'm easily amused.
2002-03-26 07:49:19 PM  
I tried that dipping your sack in the beer thing. Now I have to find another pub to go to.
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