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2002-03-27 12:11:37 AM  
2002-03-27 12:12:19 AM  
I found them obviously made up and not humorous whatsoever.
2002-03-27 12:17:02 AM  
Also, Dan Savage is much better.
2002-03-27 12:20:31 AM  
I was gonna read it, but then I didn't...

Hey, I never said my comment was gonna be
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2002-03-27 12:23:11 AM  
is it just me or on the last one, where the person responding got so biatchy, wasn't it a girl who wrote the letter but the response was read as it if were to a guy?
2002-03-27 12:24:53 AM  
Dear TeenHealthFX...
2002-03-27 12:24:54 AM  
2002-03-27 12:31:22 AM  
Runin: Probably because she saw it for what it was; a fake letter.
2002-03-27 12:33:17 AM  
Runin: What Quick1 said.
2002-03-27 12:36:50 AM  
For much better sex advice, check out this fark thread Quick1 made a reference to.

I laughed so hard that day and wasted so much time because of that thread. Looking back through still makes me lol.
2002-03-27 12:38:57 AM  
ArmyOfFun: I was cracking up the whole damn day. That was one of the best links I've seen in a while.
2002-03-27 12:39:15 AM  
it probably was. a good friend of mine said she was having sex with her boyfriend and it came out and went back in the wrong hole. she didn't talk to the guy for like a week...
2002-03-27 12:41:52 AM  
Quick1: I remember that posting too. I couldn't stop laughing, and my housemates thought I was having a fit in my room. Thanks for reminding me.
2002-03-27 12:43:40 AM  
Runin: I'm sure it was an accident, too.
2002-03-27 01:10:33 AM  
That"Problem with a pimple on my penis" link made me laugh all over again!

2002-03-27 01:12:57 AM  
More like an assident
2002-03-27 02:58:06 AM  
Runin800m: Yeah, I caught that too. Also:

Does size matter? Mine is 7 inches long, but not as thick as many I have seen in locker rooms. Of course, it may be that size really just matters in locker rooms, but I can't help but think that being entered by a huge penis would feel different than a small one.
What is this guy doing checking out weeners, and why is he wondering about the difference in size of weener entering his ass?
2002-03-27 03:37:18 AM  
I like Dan Savage better, too. I was blessed with the joy of getting to stay up 'til all hours of the night listening to Savage Love Live while I was in high school. Those were the days.....
2002-03-27 04:20:54 AM  
Thanks for that link. I will go thru as many as I can. The 2 I read were great.
2002-03-27 08:11:31 AM  
OK, kids, we need more better questions. Submit 'em!
2002-03-27 08:19:17 AM  
If you found this link lame, I apologize and offer this in recompensation.
2002-03-27 09:20:15 AM  
Yep... she ain't no Dan Savage.
2002-03-27 09:42:30 AM  
Yeah, that last question was definitely lame. Are you going to blame that one on me, too?
2002-03-27 09:48:05 AM  
I just read the whole "teen sex questions" thread, for the first time. I am now wiping tears from my eyes and assuring coworkers that I am ok.

FARK.com is God.
2002-03-27 11:15:42 AM  
oh man I'd totally forgotten about teen health f/x

wonder if any of the questions submitted were ever answered
2002-03-27 12:04:59 PM  
Exactly, Quick. I've had guys genuinely slip and bump, but you just plain don't shove it all the way in unless you're trying.

Though actually, Corporate Mofo, the last letter was hilarious. I was snorting coffee by the time I got to the writer rhapsodizing about his "man-tool."
2002-03-27 12:20:29 PM  
How does one "accidently" go into the booty hole? Unless, you're hung like a 2 year old.
2002-03-27 12:22:52 PM  
One doesn't. One deliberately shoves it in and then tries to pretend afterwards it was an accident.
2002-03-27 09:18:54 PM  
Nothing like sneaking one into the number two hole. Know what I mean!
2002-03-27 10:18:01 PM  
2002-03-28 01:12:06 PM  
2002-03-28 01:13:32 PM  
2002-03-28 01:20:41 PM  
If it was easy to find the testing forum, I wouldn't be stacking the posts!
2002-03-28 04:27:07 PM  
2002-03-28 04:27:44 PM  
A simple command finally worked!
2002-04-03 12:20:24 AM  
[image from miradesigns.com too old to be available].
2002-04-03 12:22:47 AM  
2002-04-03 12:26:04 AM  
[image from miradesigns.com too old to be available]
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