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(Fox News)   Mexican soccer fans boo American national anthem and shout, "Osama, Osama" during soccer match. Again   ( msn.foxsports.com) divider line
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2005-03-27 07:27:55 PM  
(doesn't look at news source)

I'm gonna....saaaaayyyyyy....

2005-03-27 07:29:16 PM  
The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a spattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" before play started, and shortly after Lewis' goal.

They then took what little possesions they could carry and snuck across the border to enjoy the people, freedoms, and sanitary living conditions of America.

/dumb f*cks.
2005-03-27 07:29:22 PM  
Didn't this happen last year, too? Or year before last? Whenever the hell they played last?

Yes. I believe it did.
2005-03-27 07:31:01 PM  
Yes, asshats are everywhere.
2005-03-27 07:32:27 PM  
Looks like someone's asking to have a little freedom beatin' into them...
2005-03-27 07:32:31 PM  
Matter o' fact - Feb 2004

2005-03-27 07:34:07 PM  
One question, so the fark what? It's not like this kind of thing hasn't been going on for ages. Hell, when Steve Kerr was in college, and Arizona was playing Duke, the Duke fans started chanting P-L-O! P-L-O! A rather tasteless reference to Kerr's father being murderd by the PLO in Beirut.

It's classless and tasteless, but not unexpected.
jbc [TotalFark]
2005-03-27 07:34:46 PM  
They're soccer fans. Of course they're retarded.
2005-03-27 07:36:46 PM  
Ooops. My brain went away for a moment. It wasn't Duke, it was Arizona State.

[Wrong Devils]
2005-03-27 07:39:21 PM  
I'm gonna....saaaaayyyyyy....


Oh, well then, if FOX reported it I'm sure it's not true at all.
2005-03-27 07:47:30 PM  
I can't excuse this by drawing an equivalence. In the Kerr instance it was a vastly smaller group of fans in a single game, aimed at a single player. It was a group of students (many colleges have their 'cheer groups' who are censured for going over the line), and was considered so vile that it's still known closing in on two decades later.

This is something that's happened more than once now, in a vast stadium of fans (with a huge number taking part), involving the deaths of thousands. It's a political statement on a completely different level.
2005-03-27 07:58:27 PM  
how many are in a spattering?
2005-03-27 08:04:51 PM  
Nice to see people waking up to this crap.

Screw them. They steal lie cheat break our laws and blame us for their failures.

Next president wants my vote, he/she punishes mexico by cutting them off completely. No more safety valve for vincente.
2005-03-27 08:11:21 PM  
how many are in a spattering?

According to Cinema Simulated, probably on the order of 50000. In real life? Probably on the order of 500.
2005-03-27 08:21:01 PM  
The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a spattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" before play started, and shortly after Lewis' goal.

I'd take a clip of that video to Congress next time there's a dust up over illegal immigration.
2005-03-27 08:59:36 PM  
Oh yeah....
Well our soccer moms can beat up your soccer moms!
2005-03-27 11:59:03 PM  
I think it is time to hire the Chinese to build us a wall...

So that we don't have to worry about Canada and can focus our energy on making fun of Mexico.
2005-03-28 12:18:35 AM  
One time in Seatle a soccer fan once jumped onto the field, wiped his ass with the American flag, stomped on it, and ran off the field before anyone in the stand realized what had happened.

It's not Anti-Americanism, it's just that people take their soccer really, really seriously.
2005-03-28 12:18:42 AM  
Mexico played a smart game. Sitting back on defense is wise agains the US. They play the kick and run game, their forwards are fast, but not skilled. Mexico out classed the US. They know how to play the game. Bait, bait, bait, STRIKE! Keller was a stud in goal for the US, and Beasly played well, but Donovan was playing the same way he has for Levekusen. I think Mexico has a nice squad, worthy of quarter finals in Germany, but their defense is suspect. Great match, I enjoyed it (at work)
2005-03-28 12:37:04 AM  

2005-03-27 08:21:01 PM Weaver95 [TotalFark]

The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and a spattering of fans chanted "Osama! Osama!" before play started, and shortly after Lewis' goal.

I'd take a clip of that video to Congress next time there's a dust up over illegal immigration.

Well, if the US were to disallow illigal immigrants from Mexico, your agriculture industy would collapse at worst, and produce would become much much more expensive at best.

Oh, and in Soccer, due to the games *ahem* "slow paced nature", fans abusing each other and riling each other up is all part of it. It is how they entertain themselves. Soccer is also a passionate sport where much gets said but not meant. Mexico is firmly Catholic as far as i know, I dont think they are actually going to work with Osama. Of course the choice of chanting "osama" as the way to give the opposing team shiat is based in current affairs and every nation on earth being pissed off at the US.

Sticks and stones people..... get over it. And I really hope the entire Fox news team gets struck down by a horrible plague for this sort of ethnic shiat-stirring. On one hand they whinge about only bad stories from Iraq being reported, then they go and focus on something as insignificant as this that stirrs up nationalistic fervour.
2005-03-28 01:31:44 AM  
Assholes. It's one thing to dislike the U.S. or its policies -- I certainly don't agree with many of the decisions made by this administration -- but to taunt the death of 3,000 innocent people is never nice. Especially when you probably dream of going to milk the system that you claim to hate.

This illegal immigration shiat needs to stop. And illegal immigrants who dont pay taxes certainly should not be receiving benefits from the government.
2005-03-28 01:50:03 AM  
Eh... Big deal. It's a soccer match. It's not like there were any real Americans there...
2005-03-28 01:51:44 AM  
you know, if soccer (and its fans) really mattered that much, we'd actually pay attention to it here :)
2005-03-28 01:52:11 AM  
This is poor sportsmanship, not news.
2005-03-28 01:53:41 AM  

You do of course realise that the price of tomatoes and everything harvested by illegals (fruit and veg) will rise dramatically dont you? American workers aint pickin no fruit for $10 a day....

The US government dosent even man border crossing checkpoints sometimes to ensure enough workers come to provide cheap produce to america's supermarkets.

Its quite the dilemma....
2005-03-28 01:54:28 AM  
Well, it was soccer. So they knew no one that matters in the US actually saw the game.

/same goes for NHL
//unless some broad is ripping her shirt off
2005-03-28 01:54:39 AM  
Of course, addressing why the rest of the world hates you and wants to upset you everytime you play international sport would be too hard, so lets carry on sulking like spoilt babies and threatening to blow Mexico up. Boo hoo hoo.
2005-03-28 01:55:41 AM  
didnt this happen like a year ago? whats special about it happening again?
2005-03-28 01:57:41 AM  
Hmm, those fans seem to have about as much class as most liberals here on Fark!

/flame...err...game on!
2005-03-28 01:59:40 AM  
jbc: They're soccer fans. Of course they're retarded.

heh, you're right... I like soccer, but I preferr playing it, not watching it.
2005-03-28 01:59:47 AM  
People shout stupid things all the time at sports matches. I know its now cool to hate foreigners because of 9/11 and Iraq and everything, but bringing out the "Get a brain morans!/USA! USA!/Glass parking lot/Us vs. Them" comments over what a "spattering" of drunk fans chanted is rediculous.
2005-03-28 02:00:29 AM  
Somebody should invade Mexico and send the lot of them on a one way trip to Guantanamo.

2005-03-28 02:00:40 AM  
2005-03-27 07:27:55 PM McDork [TotalFark]
(doesn't look at news source)
I'm gonna....saaaaayyyyyy....

No, Associated Press.
2005-03-28 02:00:42 AM  
[image from msn.foxsports.com too old to be available]
This is how we celebrate in Mexico?
2005-03-28 02:00:45 AM  
Why do they hate us? It's not like we did anything to them, like fight a bogus war and steal their land or anything.

/Okay, maybe the CIA overthrew their government once. Twice tops.
//And maybe our college students make arses of themselves from time to time. They still get primo kickbacks from the "Girls gone wild" videos. And we import their surplus labor and marijuana.
///though maybe our team could do a bit better than 0-100-1? They need to train in a similar environment, so I suggest Mile High stadium, with 40,000 cars running and piping their exhaust onto the field, while honking their horns.
2005-03-28 02:01:08 AM  
Tenebreux, yeah, atrocious sportsmanship and mocking on such a level are all fine if it's aimed against America. Asshat.
2005-03-28 02:02:31 AM  
The New York Times has an interesting article on comments made by supporters and opponents of Ajax (a Netherlands Soccer team). Alas, registration is probably required. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/28/international/europe/28ajax.html?hp
2005-03-28 02:03:12 AM  

Hmm, those fans seem to have about as much class as most liberals here on Fark!

/flame...err...game on!

Wow. Just....wow. The irony of this comment is simply staggering.
2005-03-28 02:03:15 AM  
McDork: (doesn't look at news source)

I'm gonna....saaaaayyyyyy....


(does look at news source)

i'm gonna.....saaaaaayyyy...



nice try though, McTard.
2005-03-28 02:03:19 AM  
"They steal lie cheat break our laws and blame us for their failures. "

You could say that about the way certain factions within the US treat Canada.
2005-03-28 02:03:48 AM  
The Mexican team is an absolute farce. Their fans are crude, the players cheap, and their coaching staff has the gall to step on the field? First place in CONCACAF doesn't mean jack-all when the Mexicans are eliminated in group play in Germany next year.

/and they'll complain about unfair Euro-centric referees...
2005-03-28 02:04:55 AM  
Silly ol' Mexicans. Who know that people actually cared enough to actually go to soccer games? Time for them to go back to making new meals combining rice, beans, tortillas, meat, and vegetable.
2005-03-28 02:05:22 AM  

I'm a conservative.

It's comments like yours that prove the they have about as much class as conservatives on Fark as well.
2005-03-28 02:06:03 AM  
If the US baseball team lost to, say, China, in the olympics baseball gold medal game, imagine how great the uproar of "ching chong chinamen" shouts would be.

if you want to understand the intensity of the sentiment behind this, read the article about Azteca in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. America beating Mexico in soccer is, to them, a greater disgrace than anything else in the world. Of course it is classless and tasteless, but none of us can say that we havent done similar things when we are so passionate about something and are failing in it.

Its just one of those things where the crowd is caught up in teh spirit, all angry, and one asshat goes overboard, and soon the whole crowd is chanting Osama.

All you idiots's comments about illegal immigration just validate the Mexican's view that you are arrogant, consumerist pigs who care about absolutely nothing more than your own job and your own money. Which of course, makes sense that they would not be entirely in disagreement with Osama himself.
2005-03-28 02:06:10 AM  
If they hate us so much why are they all trying so hard to run the border? Stupid
2005-03-28 02:06:30 AM  
They did exactly what they set out to do, they probably riled up the American team like mad because they were thinking the same way as the other retards on this thread.

"Oh no, that is so disrepsectful to all those people who I didn't know who died when that building crashed down but I feel close to them because my 4 year term dictator is the same as their 4 year term dictator."


"Stupid assholes who don't respect death. They just want to steal our jobs and mooch our money. We should cut off everyone because of those 500 loud guys who tried to upset the opposing team by making them get angry and screwing up their game and succeeded. farking Mexicans."

/All death is sad, stop milking it. Tards.
//Aimed only at tards, not at Americans. The terms are neither mutually exclusive nor inclusive.
2005-03-28 02:06:37 AM  
Well,like it has to be said at least it wasn't "SCIAVO...SCIAVO...SCIAVO"...Osama,yahhh that's like soooo last year.

2005-03-28 02:06:40 AM  

What, you cant take it? Pussy.

This is normal in soccer, and I reckon its a good thing. Better than starting wars and such.....

You are just a typical whinging hypersensitive over-nationalistic assnugget.
2005-03-28 02:07:25 AM  
No no no, they weren't booing, they were saying "LOUUUUUU"

And they weren't yelling "Osama" they were yelling "YO MAMA!"

/got nothin'
//needs to photoshop sumthin'
2005-03-28 02:07:34 AM  

I'm really not. Wasn't there a story about this happening last year? and the year before that? and the year before that?
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