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5068 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2002 at 2:29 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-25 02:31:13 PM  
If you're a creative writer what the hell do you need this thing for?
2002-03-25 02:31:18 PM  
2002-03-25 02:32:08 PM  
Is today one of those days that Drew auctioned off?

Either that or the Apr. 1 festivities are starting early, what with all the "Spiffy" tags.
2002-03-25 02:33:03 PM  
Meshman, ever hear of writer's block? This is actually a pretty nifty idea.

Of course mine said "erotic [theme] Spleef", so I guess it's time to write some porn.

2002-03-25 02:34:12 PM  
Someone should forward this to the people at NBC.
2002-03-25 02:34:46 PM  
A eight foot tall taco eating, bearded man [person]

= stupid
2002-03-25 02:34:48 PM  
yes, the net tells you to write porn, you comply....
2002-03-25 02:36:07 PM  
"Either that or the Apr. 1 festivities are starting early, what with all the "Spiffy" tags."

Or all the stories that are done on "Some Guy's" site. Man this guy is busy, must be raking in the money to have his articles so popular on Fark. Soon to replace Fb- in notoriety, i.e. "Bla Bla actress has a baby, Some Guy is the Father."
2002-03-25 02:38:50 PM  
spiffy? nay, my friends. dumb.
2002-03-25 02:39:24 PM  
Maybe Stephan King can use this so he can get the new Dark Tower book out before hell freezes over.
2002-03-25 02:40:07 PM  
Karri was upset, her teddy bear was talking again. The medicine should have stopped him, she thought to herself. [person]

Poop inside a glass coke bottle. Strange form of a hand grenade. [thing]

You know it is pure R&M stuff... that is for sure...
2002-03-25 02:40:25 PM  
What's all this I hear about 'eating bearded tacos?'
2002-03-25 02:44:11 PM  
Russian Women - Feel the difference (???)

What the hell?
2002-03-25 02:44:46 PM  
It's not bearded taco, it's bearded clam or tuna taco.

Get it straight.
2002-03-25 02:45:26 PM  
Idea of the moment:

Something shining beneath the surface of dark liquid pain. [theme]

Again, What the hell??
2002-03-25 02:45:36 PM  
If you see a bearded man eating a taco, be cautious, approach slowly.
2002-03-25 02:46:36 PM  
I heard King wasn't going to write novels anymore because he is going to write movie scripts.
2002-03-25 02:49:23 PM  
An autistic four year old with drool running down his left cheek, wearing high khaki shorts and a striped polo shirt. No shoes. [person]
2002-03-25 02:49:44 PM  
"M - O - O - N. That spells Stephen King."
2002-03-25 02:52:31 PM  
A eight foot tall taco eating, bearded man [person]

2002-03-25 02:52:32 PM  
This is a theme I submitted:

The universal question of whether man controls his own fate or whether a giant panda bear in an alligator skin thong wearing an Elroy Jetson hat named 'Mr. Poop-Nose' controls our destiny.
2002-03-25 02:55:21 PM  
A rabid, beer-crazed trombonist [person]
2002-03-25 02:58:51 PM  
Marklar that.
2002-03-25 03:06:26 PM  
Lamest link ever.. clearly there is no control over submissions into this "creative database", which means it's quickly filled with a bunch of really stupid crap really quickly... kinda makes me think of the editor who added this link to the front page
2002-03-25 03:07:19 PM  
Valley Girl is on Comedy Central
2002-03-25 03:23:01 PM  
Anyone notice how the first 5-10 posts are always "Hey, what's up with all the (insert anything, really)"

Are there really people who only look at Fark once a day? What's wrong with those people?
2002-03-25 03:27:54 PM  
Farked already
2002-03-25 03:34:38 PM  
Not Found
The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

Apache/1.3.23 Server at Port 80

Bob blinked at the message on his screen. A 404 error, but I thought those had been eliminated in the early days of skynet. This could only be the work of a rogue program, most likely a node reaper. Scouring the net and consuming all the bandwidth until smaller sites starve.

Suddenly, the lights flickered and a warning buzzer went off. Bob looked on his third display and saw the incoming attack. It was one of the most feared Reapers of all, it was the allmighty FARK, and it was knocking at his front door.

will bob be able to save some of his precious bandwidth? Or will he fall prey to the spiffy FARK effect. Tune in next time for another adventure.
2002-03-25 03:36:37 PM  
nice link
2002-03-25 03:49:22 PM  
stephen king's supposed to be finishng the last 3 novels in the dark tower series within 2 years, or something like that.. i read it a lil while ago on his site.

if he would have finished the previous pattern he's had with finishing/releasing the books, he would have been like 80 or something before it was done. i was just hoping he wasnt gonna die before then heh
2002-03-25 04:08:26 PM  
In the notes for one of the stories in his latest short story collection "Everything's Eventual," King says he has the latest Dark Tower book finished, and it's over 900 pages. He posted the title, but I forgot what it is.
2002-03-25 04:20:23 PM  
error 404-file not found.

so i guess that means this thread is a free for all! yippeeeee!
2002-03-25 04:22:24 PM  

hahahaha...thats cool!
2002-03-25 04:53:15 PM  
404 Erro-- Oh, I get it! That's pretty funny!

But April 1st is about a week away...
2002-03-25 09:55:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
2002-03-25 10:34:55 PM  
I liked the Mormon Name Generator. Cool.
2002-03-26 12:09:18 AM  
ha HA!

[image from too old to be available]
Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
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