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5367 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2002 at 1:54 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-25 01:56:37 PM  
play balls!
2002-03-25 01:59:23 PM  
Theres more air brushing here than in playboy.
2002-03-25 02:01:13 PM  
These rules suck.

To begin with, you should NEVER hit the break head-on. You need a bit of an angle to force the balls to go in a different direction than they're aimed. If you hit a break head-on, perfectly, you'd have to hit it with a ridiculous amount of force to sink anything.

It's much easier to hit it on a slight angle, with topspin - that way, the cue ball continues on, and essentially breaks up the rack twice.
2002-03-25 02:03:36 PM  
Spiffy? Only a boobies link would contain such terms as "The Tip", "The Shaft" and "The Butt"
2002-03-25 02:06:51 PM  
I'm Idaho...
2002-03-25 02:10:12 PM  
Kerouac - also, in nineball rules, they say bals must be sunk in order. not true. must be hit in order. 2-9 combo works just fine.

oh well. Spiffy nonetheless.
2002-03-25 02:12:38 PM  
as well, I tried to figure out how you would stand perpendicular to the table, bend your front knee, and try to shoot without falling over.

I fell over.
2002-03-25 02:14:43 PM  
Your front knee? What are you, a horse?
2002-03-25 02:15:38 PM  
It's more practical to break at an angle because thats the easiest way to sink the 8 on the break anyhow. =)
2002-03-25 02:19:00 PM  
Topic: "The bald chick. What's with her head? - I'm looking at you and thinking, nine ball in the corner pocket."
2002-03-25 02:20:33 PM  
MorganSloat -

That's only if you know how to do it.

quick tutorial: You hit the second ball down the side of the rack, not the front ball. You use spin - backspin, but to the side of the ball that the bank closest to the rack is (i.e. if you're hitting the left side of the rack, you use bottom left).

The initial hit will move the outer shell of balls out of the way. If you've hit it right, the cue ball goes off the rack, into the bank, and comes back. It hits the 8 ball as the others have moved out of the way, knocking the 8 into the side.

If anyone else claims to know how to sink the 8 on a break, I'd love to hear it. but this one's worked for me about 15 times.
2002-03-25 02:20:59 PM  
I've been able to get the best breaks by slightly lifting one cheek and not forcing too hard, else I aggrivate my roids.
2002-03-25 02:21:34 PM  
Suraimu -

if you're perpendicular to the table, one knee's in front, one's in back.

2002-03-25 02:24:04 PM  
I hope no one is depending on this site to learn the game, because some of the diagrams are seriously flawed.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-25 02:25:26 PM  
Oh, sorry. That does actually make sense. :)
2002-03-25 02:30:06 PM  
And what's this about?

"I didn't hit any balls!" If you hit the cue ball and it doesn't come into contact with any other ball, then you lose your turn... unless it bounces off 3 walls of the table before coming to a stop.

There are three ways to play this.

1. no table scratches (i.e. it doesn't matter if you hit any other balls)

2. Your ball first (you must hit your ball first, or else it's a scratch)

3. Ball and bank (you must hit your ball first, after which any bal, including the cue ball, must hit a bank - unless you sink a ball)

There's no rule that says you can hot the other person's ball first or hit three banks and never touch one of your own and not scratch.

2002-03-25 02:32:35 PM  
Kerouac - never sunk the 8 into side off of break.
I try to hit between the top and 2nd ball, from close to side rail. top spin, w/ english aiming towards 8-ball. occasionally (1 in 50? maybe) busts 8 into corner.

I'm just going for "Crazy action", and occasionally get lucky. works better in 9-ball (1 in 20?), less clutter.
2002-03-25 02:32:36 PM  
"Eh, heh, you said..."
2002-03-25 02:39:30 PM  
"I didn't hit any balls!" If you hit the cue ball and it doesn't come into contact with any other ball, then you lose your turn... unless it bounces off 3 walls of the table before coming to a stop

So, if I hit three walls with out hitting any balls, I get to go again? what kind of rules are those?
2002-03-25 02:40:00 PM  
Actually, aren't you not allowed to do that in 9-ball? Unless you specifically placed the 1 ball in that corner. :)
2002-03-25 02:47:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-25 02:47:51 PM  
"Grip the butt of the cue stick with your dominant hand."
2002-03-25 02:49:52 PM  
i cant resist this one:

"Lift your thumb slightly, and lay the shaft of the cue in the crease between your thumb and the side of your hand. "
2002-03-25 02:50:09 PM  
Thanks Kerouac I'll have to give that a try.
2002-03-25 02:52:04 PM  
talk about multi-tasking - I did that graphic while in a meeting.
2002-03-25 03:20:37 PM  
So in which part of the game does the football come into play ?
2002-03-25 03:38:51 PM  
Only punks and drunks play 8-ball. Real men play 9-ball, realest(?) men play "straight" pool.
2002-03-25 03:43:57 PM  
Their 8-ball rules are wrong too. They say if you sink one ball on the break, you are that ball group, solid or stripe, but that's not right. The table is still open and the first leagally pocketed ball determines what ball group you are in. You can use any ball except the 8 to combo in this case too. No one plays 8-ball right anyway.
2002-03-25 03:59:14 PM  
True Tangentman I played in a tournament last nite and the rules were all farked up. One of the Guys that i played against made a safety by hitting the cue ball up against a bank. Not even hitting one of his ball!?! I was like wtf, then i asked the ref and she said that was ok. huh?

Anyways i kick his ass and many others!
2002-03-25 04:06:01 PM  
Too bad this link isnt about billards at all, but its bastard (inferior) brother pocket billards. Just like football, cricket and the metric system, why do we have to be so contrarian?
2002-03-25 04:07:50 PM  
and of course, after checking the link, I found *that* isnt about true billards either. The game im talking about- 3 balls, no pockets, your cue hits both the other balls in any order. Anyone anyone?
2002-03-25 04:44:19 PM  
The move I have found that always seems to lead to victory when playing billiards is the long-forgotten art of putting the cue ball in a sock, then beaning my opponent with it...
2002-03-25 05:46:15 PM  
Billiard trick shots and tips

The main rule of billiard is thus: You shoot your best pool right after your third beer, but before you finish your fifth beer. After that it's all downhill. It's a freakin law of nature
2002-03-26 12:42:38 AM  
As far as I know, it doesn't matter from which direction you break; if you hit the rack head on, with no spin on the cueball, all of the forward energy from the cueball is transferred onto the rack. And no, you don't want any spin on the cueball on the break; on the break, you want to keep the cueball in the middle of the table, as to allow for more open shots. But that's my opinion. (not very humble, is it?)
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