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2002-03-25 12:00:50 PM  
I have never see such a large gathering of sexually unappealing people in my entire life.
2002-03-25 12:01:01 PM  
spiffy indeed
2002-03-25 12:01:51 PM  
the speed of that site was breathtaking...
2002-03-25 12:05:36 PM  
CerebusUS has pics here

kennef has pics here

I have a very very few pics here
2002-03-25 12:08:19 PM  
A lot of REO Speedwagon tunes, or what?
2002-03-25 12:10:07 PM  
Fb-: not even at the last Republican National Convention?
2002-03-25 12:11:24 PM  
Wow. For some reason I thought Farkers would be not only opinionated and fairly well educated but also above average looking. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad.
2002-03-25 12:13:34 PM  
Damn. And my girlfriend says I'm too thin. Holy fark, LordCrank has to tip the scales at about 95 lbs., tops.
2002-03-25 12:23:37 PM  
Wow. For some reason I thought Farkers would be not only opinionated and fairly well educated but also above average looking.

Guess you'll have to wait for the Miami Beach Fark Party. God, I hope there are plenty of pics of that.
2002-03-25 12:24:34 PM  
Dear Lord,

Please don't let me look like those people. I'll even become a fundie nut just as long as my hair doesn't get dyed green.

Your Friend,

2002-03-25 12:38:32 PM  
Damn, I missed the annual Kennef Sponsored (c) orgy.

BTW, did Kennef sing "Slide it in" (by Whitesnake) to the farkettes, like I suggested?
HPZ [TotalFark]
2002-03-25 12:49:09 PM  
I can't believe I missed it. I'm such a tool.
2002-03-25 12:49:12 PM  
They are a fine looking group of people and it looks like a lot of fun!
2002-03-25 12:51:40 PM  
My eyes! Oh God, my eyes! I think I'm goign to go beat myself in the head now.
2002-03-25 12:54:08 PM  
Mmmmm. redheads. Yum. :)

(except for that weirdo w/ green hair in the middle that can't hold his liquor)
2002-03-25 01:00:29 PM  
My children...

Please do not Karaokeith. It does not please me.
2002-03-25 01:00:32 PM  
Being called a wierdo. By Mike...

I couldn't be more honored. :-)
2002-03-25 01:10:12 PM  
I'm feeling rather sporty today.
Everyone from this "party" gets an audit except for the redheads.

the IRS
2002-03-25 01:18:14 PM  
Ahh, look at all the lonely people...
2002-03-25 01:20:52 PM  
Eleanor Rigby,
Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been...
2002-03-25 01:48:00 PM  
Looks like fun - bring the party on to Asheville NC, we'll ROCK YOUR WORLD...
2002-03-25 02:06:32 PM  
Lets get together and NES games. WOOHOO LOSERS.
2002-03-25 02:11:10 PM  
By the way, when will weget to see some pictures of the Denver Fark party? *snicker*
2002-03-25 02:13:35 PM  
Lets like Porkgod. Forget important words phrases. verbs not important.

Who's the farking luser now?
2002-03-25 02:24:42 PM  
Yes they not important. Thanks, Loser
2002-03-25 02:25:26 PM  
2002-03-25 03:00:48 PM  
After reviewing the Buffalo party pictures I must take back my statement that you are all losers. I wish to change that to total fvcking losers. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.
2002-03-25 03:02:12 PM  
drat it all! I wanted to see the dreamy pics of Fb, Irascible, and ctenidae. But alas, no pics to be found :-(
2002-03-25 03:03:37 PM  
Note to self: Never visit Buffalo.
2002-03-25 03:11:26 PM  
Are there any plans for a Fark Party in the D.C. area? I'd hate to miss the ensuing hilarity!

If you bring the bucket, I'll bring the pelicans.
2002-03-25 03:33:48 PM  
What the fark? every time there is a FARK party, someone posts pictures of people having a good time, then everyone who wasn't there berates them and calls them losers. Why even post the pictures anymore? Everyone just say you had a good time and leave it at that.
2002-03-25 04:10:47 PM  
Will we ever see pics from the Mardi Gras party?
Happy Kitten wants to see!!!
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-03-25 04:20:32 PM  
I see from the pics that more than a few people were consuming Smirnoff Ice. Can you say Zima 2002?
2002-03-25 04:49:39 PM  
Ok, so the pics weren't all that great. But the party rocked. I only missed truth or dare....with Melinika, which I SO wish I had been there to witness/participate.

2002-03-25 04:52:50 PM  
I missed that too. Damn.

I didn't miss Loaded Questions tho. My answers were too obvious tho.
2002-03-25 04:54:37 PM  
Well helllooooo Teriaki! (NSFW)
2002-03-25 04:56:48 PM  
The party did rock. Even if the pictures lie.
2002-03-25 05:02:40 PM  
I think Ayesha should be appointed the Musical Representative for Farkistan, just because that girl has a kick ass voice. I was stunned. just... stunned. Beautiful job on Uninvited, Ayesha :)
2002-03-25 05:23:50 PM  
Yes, the note on Ayesha's page about recording music makes perfect sense now. Goddamn. :)

If you need a backup bass player on your recording, lemme know :)
2002-03-25 06:40:32 PM  
so very frightening...
2002-03-25 07:56:30 PM  
I've got a few pics here too (login: Cruiser, pw: buffalo)
2002-03-25 08:07:30 PM  
Runpup I've got a link to my Mardi Gras pics in my profile...only problem is that only one or two people can look at them cause it's Geoshiaties...
2002-03-25 09:09:41 PM  
so who hooked up?
2002-03-25 09:13:44 PM  
Hmmmm, most of those with their negative comments on the pics, dont have a picture of themselves in their bio. Coincidence??????, I think not.Of course Mike can call folks weirdos, because he looks like John Travolta...... hey man get some glasses or put down the bong. That capped tooth look in your pic rocks. Now Porkgods comment has some weight, yes with a name like porkgod, weight is not in short supply. He is intelligent enough to realize he lives on earth, so I will give him a break.

Those pictures had a lot of smiling faces, if that is offensive, crawl back under your rocks.
2002-03-25 09:27:57 PM  
One time, at band camp....
2002-03-25 11:15:22 PM  
I guess a funny picture of the Buffalo Fark Party wasn't on topic enough.
2002-03-26 12:50:54 AM  
2002-03-26 02:16:16 AM  
Good work Froggy.
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