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(Some Guy)   Maxim Mag meets Zoolander (For Farkettes) (SFW)   ( webethemodels.com) divider line
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5963 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2002 at 5:15 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-25 05:17:49 PM  
When did Retardo Montalban get off the island?
2002-03-25 05:21:18 PM  
Those guys scare me. Great idea, though.
2002-03-25 05:21:56 PM  
<<<<head bangs down on her keyboard in utter farkin misery zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2002-03-25 05:24:57 PM  
Owen Wilson sucks.
Why ?
The mo fo is going steady with Gina Gershon !
2002-03-25 05:26:58 PM  
YEAH! They posted the link I submitted!
2002-03-25 05:27:21 PM  
not as sexy as kevvi-model
2002-03-25 05:38:45 PM  
the terrorists have already won.
2002-03-25 05:39:06 PM  
Yes, kevvi model is definitely sexier. and funnier.
2002-03-25 05:50:18 PM  
Oh great, un-funny Kevvi model wannabes.

And Zoolander was a good movie.
2002-03-25 05:53:57 PM  
Farkettes around the world are yawning....
2002-03-25 05:57:03 PM  
Dumbass meets Dipwad. Is more like what that is.
2002-03-25 05:59:16 PM  

and i repeat

03-25-02 05:21:56 PM Metalstill
<<<<head bangs down on her keyboard in utter farkin misery zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2002-03-25 06:00:40 PM  
Has these past 2 days been a method to de-sensitize us for another "I've whored Fark out on E-bay" day again?
2002-03-25 06:03:22 PM  
Hey, what's wrong with the link I sent? And I think this site is a lot better than Kevvi-model.
2002-03-25 06:03:50 PM  
This article refers to neither Maxim nor Zoolander. I feel cheated. Also thirsty, but that's irrelevant. As are the references in the article headline!
2002-03-25 06:04:40 PM  
And how can you hate pics like these?
2002-03-25 06:15:45 PM  
Hey, what's with the cigarettes (speaking british, of course)
2002-03-25 06:16:15 PM  
You know, I had had the post that is first here. I hate the farking Fark filters.
2002-03-25 06:17:22 PM  
GoLonghorns: which one are you? Hanz or Pierre?

[image from hornfans.com too old to be available]
2002-03-25 06:23:14 PM  
Considering the trends over the past two days (
img.fark.comView Full Size
, then
img.fark.comView Full Size
), I can't wait until
img.fark.comView Full Size

I can see the headline now: . . . in related news, Fark.com is accused of contributing to the deliquency of minors through "Boobies" Day.
2002-03-25 06:33:11 PM  
Shouldn't this be
img.fark.comView Full Size
2002-03-25 06:35:53 PM  
I'm going to take a break right now and step out for a fag.
2002-03-25 06:46:15 PM  
The people on the site are actually graduated with me in high school. Pretty smart guys, but somehow they were smoking something when they made this site.
2002-03-25 06:46:59 PM  
yea, I just come from outside after smoking a fag.
2002-03-25 07:07:09 PM  
Damn, those two "blokes" are looking "randy" maybe they had a "swift half" of "shandy".
2002-03-25 07:33:14 PM  
they're kinda cute in a goofy sort of way....

(back off. it's been a while.)
2002-03-25 07:40:42 PM  
Shiat...there goes my sex drive...wonder whats on Fox tonight....hmmm
2002-03-25 07:50:30 PM  
the blonde one's actually pretty good looking *hehe*
2002-03-25 08:17:36 PM  
whats with fark never updating and having stupid links the past few days?
2002-03-25 08:48:52 PM  
Yawn........Wake me when the war is over.
2002-03-25 09:37:04 PM  
I think they're cute. Thanks golonghorns! (been a while for me too.) I like the curly hair. And the scrumpcious rear on the blonde guy. Ah well, back to pr0n!
2002-03-25 09:38:53 PM  
*scrumptious. dyslexic moment.
2002-03-25 11:28:33 PM  

Any more proof that this site was farked 8 hits yesterday.
3025 hits today?
2002-03-26 12:36:32 AM  

back of computer chair hits hard wood floor....
zzzzz..whoa! (ouch)
wipe corner of mouth.

2002-03-26 12:47:27 AM  

I KNOW you, and I KNOW you aint droolin.

2002-03-26 01:29:35 AM  
This site is funny... you have to dig a bit though, just check out this pic

2002-03-26 03:04:07 AM  
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