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(CBC)   Drew's cuter twin brother is teen heart throb in Canada   ( divider line
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7985 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Mar 2002 at 9:21 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-24 09:22:45 PM  
All this 'cool' stuff? It just ain't cool.
2002-03-24 09:22:55 PM  
2002-03-24 09:24:09 PM  
Get it? Canada is cool! Because... of all the ice... it's not warm.
2002-03-24 09:24:13 PM  
PLEASE, stop with the "cool" already!
2002-03-24 09:24:34 PM  
I declare this "day of the too many 'cool' links and WAY too many links from CBC submited day"
2002-03-24 09:25:48 PM  
What the hell is up with all the
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tags? C'mon, throw me a bone here! Gimme a
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tag... or
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2002-03-24 09:27:14 PM  
This is not
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2002-03-24 09:27:16 PM  
Maybe some super smart monkeys took over the site and all they know how to post is the "cool" icon along some links that are the farthest from cool you can get.
2002-03-24 11:27:09 PM  
I've never understood that.... twin, but yet cuter.... you humans....
2002-03-24 11:44:32 PM  
He's a fraternal twin.
2002-03-24 11:45:02 PM  
That Drew guy is sooooooo cute!

haw haw.
2002-03-24 11:51:35 PM  
hold me.. all these "cool" tags.. they have me scaaared.. make it go away.. so many.. tags..
2002-03-25 12:46:22 AM  
2002-03-25 01:13:51 AM  
Jonathon Torrance once gave my girlfriend an up and down look and a wink at Toronto Pearson airport. I nearly walked over and and told him off (but he had an entourage). He is a skanky troll.
2002-03-25 01:37:34 AM  
Try not to act so insecure around your chick, LW.
2002-03-25 01:47:34 AM  
yeah i was being insecure. but torrence still sucks
2002-03-25 02:07:24 AM  
2002-03-25 02:39:01 AM  
if everyone took the time to pick apart everyone's spelling on fark the site would become unmanageable. i'm sorry tho, i will make every effort to spell his name correctly in future (although i probably will never have reason to again).
2002-03-25 04:40:54 PM  
LordWatson - That's probably the most innocent thing a stranger has 'given to' your girlfriend lately! You should feel fortunate.
2002-03-25 09:21:16 PM  
Couper, I think you're a bit confused there. You were thinking of your mother.
2002-03-25 11:20:40 PM  
As a canadian male teenager, I can assure you I've never once heard of girls swooning over this guy...
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