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(Some Guy)   Who ever knew rock balancing, when not done by hippies, could be so cool?   ( divider line
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34063 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2005 at 2:05 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-03-24 11:15:27 PM  
Is it established that this man is not, in fact, a hippie?
2005-03-24 11:44:00 PM  
That dude tokes. no doubt about it.
2005-03-24 11:54:38 PM  
I do that stuff all the time. My gallery
2005-03-24 11:58:05 PM  
Raiden333: I do that stuff all the time.

that dude totally tokes too.

Those are some really cool pictures Raiden333!
2005-03-24 11:59:09 PM  
Yes. Yes I do.

And thanks.
2005-03-25 1:26:04 AM  

That'd be a great way to build traps in an RPG.

Oh, and the pics are cool, too.

Seriously, how much practice does that take, Raiden?
2005-03-25 1:37:39 AM  
His stuff looks incredibly photoshopped, but that could just be my drunken state?
2005-03-25 2:07:19 AM  
I love people with two first names.
2005-03-25 2:08:06 AM  
2005-03-25 2:09:05 AM  
didn't Luke Skywalker balance some rocks?

/Do, or do not
2005-03-25 2:11:47 AM  
There was a PS contest on this...last year?

2005-03-25 2:12:38 AM  
I've seen this guy develop his sculptures near the SF Exploratorium science museum in the Palace of Fine Arts, and it's truly impressive. It's not photoshopped at all. No strings attached either. Passerbys who venture a curious touch on one of the rocks will end up toppling the sculptures and walk away embarrassed. It's amusing to watch the whole scene.
2005-03-25 2:15:25 AM  
some people have WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY to much time on their hands
2005-03-25 2:15:44 AM  
you know it is actually pretty relaxing to do the rock balancing. There's a river by my work and sometimes I head there to do it to take a break (ok, I've only done it once, hehe, but it was cool!).
2005-03-25 2:18:24 AM  
I for one welcome our rock stacking overlords...

rock on \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ w00t

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-25 2:18:25 AM  
Can he do it while standing on his head with a little green dude on his foot, using only the power of the force?

/then I'll be impressed
2005-03-25 2:18:48 AM  
Did you guys see that lame tv show about the bowling ball balancer? That dude was pretty hard core. He had it 10 balls high before it fell over. Something about an absolute sense of the center of gravity of objects?

What impresses me most are the cantilevered objects that look like they require at least four hands to put up, because you've got to hold the bottom rock in place at the same time as you put up the two top rocks.

Nifty stuff all around.
2005-03-25 2:20:16 AM  
2005-03-25 2:23:28 AM  
me=stoner (ironic?)
that being said, this is sooooooooooooooo cool
totally zen
your's too Raiden333

/doesn't hug trees
//likes 'em though
2005-03-25 2:23:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-03-25 2:26:05 AM  
I think it's PS. The moment of inertia on some of those rocks couldn't be balanced the way they are. I could be wrong though. Alternate angles would be nice too. The video would be more convincing if you could see him place the rock and the ajust it instead of cutting to another angle were the rock is balanced and he removes his hands.
2005-03-25 2:26:28 AM  
Ok, that's pretty cool.
2005-03-25 2:26:31 AM  
There's at least one guy who does this in Vancouver as well. I spent hours watching him, and I still couldn't figure out how he could balance these big rocks on top of eachother, in many cases end-to-end. He was even building things, taking them apart, and then re-creating them exactly.

I was impressed, anyway.
2005-03-25 2:27:30 AM  
not a hippie? the guy balances rocks! Come on, you know he hits the pipe and got the idea to balance rocks while on acid.

/fellow toker
2005-03-25 2:28:02 AM  
Oh, and it's absolutely real. No PS, no glue, no little rocks acting like wedges around the bigger rocks. You won't believe it until you see it in person.
2005-03-25 2:28:27 AM  
I've seen some pretty kewl rock stack artwork at rainbow gatherings, especially in Bare Creek, Pennsylvania '99. Didn't see any hippies, though ;-)
2005-03-25 2:31:05 AM  

His stuff looks incredibly photoshopped, but that could just be my drunken state?

No, it's for real. I've seen some even crazier stuff in a book my dad got. Looks like fun.
2005-03-25 2:34:48 AM  
If you click on "learning" there is a video of people doing it. I want to try to do it, do you have any secrets/hints, raiden333?
2005-03-25 2:38:17 AM  
When I first looked at it, I immediately thought photoshop. But upon closer inspection, the shadows do look real. On the other hand, the quality of the image of the stacked rocks looks different than the base rocks. So I am conflicted.
2005-03-25 2:42:31 AM  
anybody else smell superglue?

/I mean regarding how this guy balances the rocks...
/Although you may also share your own recreational huffing habits.
2005-03-25 2:43:37 AM  
Raiden333: I do that stuff all the time.

How cool is that!

Nice pics, too, man.

I have some little hand-size rocks along my driveway. I think I'll start practicing with a tabletop model.
2005-03-25 2:47:03 AM  
somone call yoda.
2005-03-25 2:48:07 AM  
Farking amatuers.
2005-03-25 2:48:22 AM  
It's not as hard as it looks, really. You pretty much move the rock around until you find a spot where it doesn't want to wiggle too much. If you can't test its stability with your hands, it probably won't hold the next rock. Patience is the key, as are knowing how to visualize a center of gravity and steady hands.

/the toking also helps
2005-03-25 2:48:55 AM  
Submitter is a retard as well as a bigot.
This man is obviously a hippy.
2005-03-25 2:49:03 AM  
I have seen this guy do this thing. The rocks are real. The bottles are real. The pictures are of real sculptures of real balanced stuff.

No glue, no photoshop.

There are some "cheat" ways to do this, for instance, sprinkle a little sand on the rocks and then blow the extra sand away. He doesn't do that.
2005-03-25 2:51:50 AM  
My whole family did this on a road trip while visiting a scenic lake. The lake was half empty thanks to the TVA upon arrival. I had the mischevious thought of stacking rocks so that during bass season after the lake has risen again that speedy fishermen would hear a thud and belch a WTF? The rest of my family thought it looked like art and joined in on the effort. We had about ten stacks of rocks done in an hour. Little did they know, they were building bass fisherman prop busters. Fun day though.
2005-03-25 2:56:20 AM  
Raiden333 Good stuff. You are a genuine inukshuker. :)
2005-03-25 2:57:26 AM  
Now why would this guy live in San Francisco, where there's lots of earthquakes? All his rocks will fall down!
2005-03-25 2:59:42 AM  
Mitch you dawg!
2005-03-25 3:00:00 AM  
Terrible headline. Submitter should be shot.
2005-03-25 3:01:18 AM  
Thta is at Crissy Field in San Francisco, I run by him all the time. He draws pretty decent sized crowd. Most of the time, I run by and pay no attention. If you stop and watch, it's pretty interesting.
2005-03-25 3:06:55 AM  
This guy is real.
I have seen him at the marina and near ghiradelli square in SF, and in Sausalito.

And he is a damn filthy hippie.
2005-03-25 3:10:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Careful with this link, it's an antique.
2005-03-25 3:14:29 AM  
Why the hell would you want to stack rocks?

I mean other than when you need to make a cairn after you bury your dead at that Micmac Indian burial ground that Judd took you to when your cat Church ended up dead and frozen on his lawn and Rachel and Ellie and Gage were visiting Rachel's bastard parents for Thanksgiving who earlier pretty much killed her sister Zelda with neglect by keeping her in the back room because she had spinal menengitis like some dirty secret? *INHALES*
2005-03-25 3:15:34 AM  

I've seen some pretty kewl rock stack artwork at rainbow gatherings, especially in Bare Creek, Pennsylvania '99.

Its Bear Creek :) right near my hometown
2005-03-25 3:18:40 AM  
I'm pretty sure those are natural rock formations.
2005-03-25 3:19:19 AM  
dirt balancing up next :)
2005-03-25 3:28:08 AM  
Rock, rock on!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-25 3:29:53 AM  
Good job Bill Dan, you're good at something no one will ever pay you for, nor will anyone care about outside fark. That being said, if these aren't photoshops, they're pretty amazing.
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