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(Some Guy)   Iowa high school wrestlers arrested for using the popular "wieners to the face" hold on teammates   ( badjocks.com%23hshazingupdate) divider line
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2005-03-23 08:55:02 PM  
WTTF the new USFA ?
2005-03-24 01:51:16 AM  
But then, isnt wrestling ALWAYS about weeners in the face?
2005-03-24 01:51:23 AM  
They were just trying to serve up a big ol' bowl of deeez nuuuts.
2005-03-24 01:51:29 AM  
Seriously, is there a sport that's any more gay than wrestling? It was invented by the Greeks, for christsakes.

/not that there's anything wrong with that
2005-03-24 01:51:42 AM  
"forcibly restraining" seven freshman wrestlers on eight different occasions, and each time "one individual would take down his pants and place his bare genitals against the face and head of the alleged victims."

nothing says repressed homo-sexual tendecies like shoving your bare genitals against another mans face and claiming "it's just hazing"
2005-03-24 01:52:19 AM  
Quick, someone post a picture of Sid. THat's a wrestling wiener. A Wiener who is Master of Squirrels.
2005-03-24 01:53:08 AM  

/spell check, THEN post
2005-03-24 01:54:56 AM  
I'd bite.
2005-03-24 01:55:18 AM  
You know what their favorite cologne is, right?

[image from chickenhead.com too old to be available]
2005-03-24 01:55:35 AM  
I thought getting your forehead smacked with cock while being pinned down was normal high school behavior. I tried to administer as much as possible, but it made the cheerleaders jealous. What can I say.
2005-03-24 01:55:35 AM  
Can't we just accept that homosexuality is normal? Or do we have to keep having all these repressed mid-westerners act out their true feelings in such inappropriate ways?
2005-03-24 01:56:06 AM  
Yup, that's pretty gay.
2005-03-24 02:00:22 AM  
We call that tea bagging.
2005-03-24 02:00:42 AM  
If you don't want another man's junk in your face, then wrestling is not the sport for you.... That would be why I played football in high school.

/no teabag for me
2005-03-24 02:01:01 AM  

I'm imagining the wrestlers from my high school doing this.


/catholic school isn't known for its sports
2005-03-24 02:01:47 AM  
And yet my wrestler friends really don'y understand why we make fun of them...

//nothing but respect, their training is murder
2005-03-24 02:01:52 AM  
Students just wanted 2 cds..

2 cds nuts!
2005-03-24 02:02:17 AM  

"forcibly restraining" seven freshman wrestlers on eight different occasions, and each time "one individual would take down his pants and place his bare genitals against the face and head of the alleged victims."
2005-03-24 02:02:56 AM  
Iowa, bastion for gay rights.
2005-03-24 02:02:57 AM  
[image from pauldavidson.blogs.com too old to be available]
8 times!
2005-03-24 02:03:45 AM  
[image from wrestling.unas.cz too old to be available]
2005-03-24 02:03:46 AM  
Best part: "Thanks to Josh Gran for the update!"

Is there something you'd like to tell us Josh?
2005-03-24 02:04:20 AM  
[image from badjocks.com too old to be available]

I am so sick of people calling wrestlers gay just because they put on leotards and roll around on a mat with other guys.
2005-03-24 02:04:54 AM  

[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]

2005-03-24 02:05:11 AM  
They were just waiting for the one guy that would yell DON'T STOP!!!!!
2005-03-24 02:05:58 AM  
Used to call that "chief balls on head" and go "woooo wooooo woooooooo". Big whoop. Deal wid it, biatches.

/always old school
2005-03-24 02:08:11 AM  
InflatableJesus Sarcasm?
2005-03-24 02:09:06 AM  
Some hazing incidents are pretty serious. This isn't.
2005-03-24 02:09:38 AM  
I always lovecringe at seeing fark articles from the little corner of the world in which I grew up.

/AHST is a bunch of tools
//really old high school grudges
2005-03-24 02:11:09 AM  
2005-03-24 02:11:33 AM  
So will this now be known as UWIF?

(Unauthorized Wiener In Face)
2005-03-24 02:14:25 AM  
You wrestle dudes in any state other than drunken horse play then you got the weiner comin.

/Mississippi schools dont tollerate "wrestlin teams" just rodeo class
2005-03-24 02:17:09 AM  
I wrestled in high school, if anyone attempted anything like this the whole team would have beat the hell out of them.
2005-03-24 02:20:40 AM  
this just shows that basketball is for pussies
2005-03-24 02:24:38 AM  
Thread is useless without actual wieners-on-the-face photos.
2005-03-24 02:32:22 AM  
I guess miss Ballbrick wasnt around to see if the was a mole on it.
for you younger guys thats from porky's a 80's movie
2005-03-24 02:36:26 AM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2005-03-24 02:41:02 AM  
[image from i3.photobucket.com too old to be available]
Just in case you missed it last time...
2005-03-24 02:50:08 AM  
[image from home.pacbell.net too old to be available]
2005-03-24 02:50:55 AM  
[image from img198.exs.cx too old to be available]
2005-03-24 02:56:26 AM  

Great pic. Back when I wrestled, we called it checking the oil, and according to my coach, it was a great way to "break a man down." Nowadays, we just call it a UFIA. Hmmm... "break a man down"... now I'm starting to wonder about coach.

2005-03-24 03:03:11 AM  
And the wrestlers in high school called ME gay for dressing goth/punk? Meanwhile, they showered with other guys, wore tights, and rolled around together half-naked...

How in the closet can you be, joining the wrestling team?
2005-03-24 03:10:13 AM  
Game Over, Kif_D wins!

/almost laughed an eyeball loose
2005-03-24 03:19:09 AM  
I honestly think my husband would murder someone for doing that to one of our two kids.
2005-03-24 03:20:27 AM  
Ah yes, I love these threads. This is where all the closet homosexuals come out of the woodwork to state quite plainly that wrasslin is not teh gay!.

But sir, the unsolicitid penis to the face begs to differ!
2005-03-24 03:22:37 AM  
IN my H.S. days, team did something similar, except the star senior heavyweight told them not to try this on his frosh little brother. Being that the little brother was now "protected" once they did corner him without big brother around, they really let him have it.

Little brother was the youngest of 3, all 3 were state champs/ runners up for heavyweight division, and father was once a collegiate wrestler.

Little brother broke a jaw, some ribs, and literally had the floor of the locker room covered in dried blood for a week afterward. The team couldn't field for all weight classes during the season because he busted so many of them. Oh, and he got to state title fight twice, and won once.

/he's a mild mannered accountant now.... how that happen?
2005-03-24 03:36:11 AM  
"Break a man down"
Man that's so wrong
2005-03-24 03:38:46 AM  
No doubt those freshmen will become President some day.

Sado-Masochistc Sexual hazing is the foundation on which great leaders are built.
2005-03-24 03:41:09 AM  
I say it is the worst form of "hazing". Or it is worse than "hazing". Suspension is not good enough for the "hazers".

/2 cents
2005-03-24 03:41:49 AM  
Makes one miss the carefree days when a boy would just climb into a tree with his pre-op trannie lover.
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