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2002-03-23 09:41:31 PM  
Is there a Mary Poppin's game? As I recall, it's the ONLY thing on CAP alert that has gotten a score of 100%.
2002-03-23 09:42:47 PM  
"I love the boink sound when someone dies."

isn't that a little bit evil ?
2002-03-23 09:45:26 PM  
Sweet jeebus on crack...Drew's going to have to fish through a lot of these every morning...
2002-03-23 09:48:37 PM  
Hm...this guy's no where near as militant (or thorough) as CapAlert. He doesn't give much of a shiat about magic use, happily kills things, and seems more concerned with the actual quality of the game rather than the XX% Satan in every box.
2002-03-23 09:48:55 PM  
Is that written by a high school student?
2002-03-23 09:49:12 PM  
"I love the squishy, wet sound the bowels make when they slide out of the pulsing body cavity." B+

At least they are'nt as anal as CapAlert.....but then again they have'nt reviewed 'GTA'
2002-03-23 09:49:49 PM  
its not what you would expect, this dude gave halflife a 90something percent
2002-03-23 09:51:19 PM  
i highly recommend GTA 3
2002-03-23 09:51:30 PM  
This guy isn't bad at all, actually might be a little useful for helping parents, without being from the "video games are bad.....mmm'kay" school. From review of C&C: Renegade:

From a Christian Standpoint, this is a war game so there is violence. However there is no blood and gore, and when you die there's a funny boink sound (this can be disabled). It's all pretty light hearted. There is online multiplayer game play, so you'll be able to play against live people. You never know how rude or polite people will be, so I like how they implemented a swearing filter. If you don't like swearing you can turn it off. Most of the player skins are pretty clean. There was one rough looking female skin. Sakura, Havoc's former flame has tattoos and a flattering tube top. There is some rough language used , not to mention some sexist comments from Havok. On a side note there are obelisks in the game.

BTW: What's with the obelisks comment?
2002-03-23 09:55:21 PM  
i highly recommend GTA 3

I'm impatiently waiting for that to come out on PC...
2002-03-23 09:55:57 PM  
This is hardly CAP-level criticism. This is just a lame video-game review with words like 'morality' thrown in.
2002-03-23 09:59:57 PM  
*hopes PC version has multiplayer mode*
2002-03-23 10:01:41 PM  

This site actually lists ONI as the top action game and says it makes you appreciate anime.

I've never been so ashamed of liking anime.
2002-03-23 10:05:34 PM  
This dude is a little too enthusiastic,but harmless.
2002-03-23 10:06:55 PM  
WOW Great site!! I'm currently working on a similiar project validating online porn vids for christian viewing. I'm almost ready to publish my first review, and am now photoshopping movie snapshots to illustrate the violations of christian values. It's through the love for God that I know he will forgive me for working on this corrupting but holy project. I know the world will be a better place.

God bless me

Damn quicktime! PLAY!! play!? Please Play ;-)
2002-03-23 10:07:57 PM  
This guy is no CAP. Even if the game is on his "hit list" it still can get a decent rating and he'll basically say the game is good a fun but just not "clean".

PS- In GTA3 on PC i've heard you can build your own city! Anyone who's played the PS2 knows ho cool this would be.
2002-03-23 10:07:59 PM  
This guy isn't as assholy as the people at CapAlert, he doesn't really diss any games (that I saw)
2002-03-23 10:09:24 PM  
Asmor-This site actually lists ONI as the top action game and says it makes you appreciate anime.

I wonder what this guy would think of Neon Genesis Evangelion....
2002-03-23 10:10:55 PM  
This isn't nearly as fun as capalert.com.

For one, capalert is composed of a bunch of bible-thumping monkeys sitting in front of typewriters, trying to figure out how to 'save' each and everyone of us, and as far as I'm concerned, that's the perfect formula for hilarity. This guy is just sort of 'eh'. I was hoping for a review of Resident Evil, where the writer of the artical trys to convince me that I am looking into the very depths of hell via pixalized blood, and how he had to stop playing after 21 minutes for fear of his soul, not some guy enjoying himself as he plays it, dammit!
2002-03-23 10:11:19 PM  
Everything gets roughly the same grade, regardless of content it seems. Even games like Black & White and Evolva, which logically should be condemned by these guys, get 80%.
2002-03-23 10:12:23 PM  
This is nothing like CapAlert! This DOSEN'T say that every single game is hand crafted by Satan himself.
2002-03-23 10:13:58 PM  
Christ on a stick! It gives Half-Life a 92%! That's higher than Mario! Nothing like capalert.
2002-03-23 10:27:45 PM  
And I thought I was going to heaven for playing games..

Aw well.. I hope I enjoy my stay in hell as much as I've enjoyed getting there


2002-03-23 10:45:26 PM  
His "Christian" view on the game "The Longest Journey" makes me want to beat this guy to death.
2002-03-23 10:48:03 PM  
"Who Gets the House" got a perfect score on Capalert.

It was one of two movies to bring the reviewer to tears, along with "South Park", the celluloid trash straight from the smoking pits of hell.
2002-03-23 10:51:47 PM  
This is not CAP on games.... the people on this site seem reasonable. They give actual decent REVIEWS for the games... the Christian aspect is only a small portion. This guy isn't a fundie or anything... he just tries to be a goo Christian, apparently.
2002-03-23 10:59:06 PM  
I said kind of... I apologise though... it seems that we think everything we do is cool and evil, maybe you guys are just actually closet christians? Hold on.. I have to go sodomize my orphaned sister while eating a bucket of fried chicken and rolling around in a bed of money surrounded by mirrors.
2002-03-23 11:07:22 PM  
This is nothing like that mouthbreather over at CAP. Lame, maybe. Unfortunately, not a source of laughs like CAP. Nice review of Red Faction: "From a Christian perspective, this is a violent game... the explosions are cool..." I want him to review Leather Goddesses, Leisure Suit Larry, or GTA.
2002-03-23 11:09:57 PM  
The forum is a farking joke over there... Funniest shiat I read in a while.

Remember Kiddies..

Jesus died on the cross for a reasn... So we could eat easter eggs and play violent satanic games


2002-03-23 11:16:54 PM  
Check out his 'hit list.'


Black and White
In this game you can be a good or an evil deity. Your creature will reflect your motives and will bring you worshippers via love or fear. I had a good creature, but I hear if your creature is evil; when he casts magic he'll draw a pentagram on the ground. I was also uncomfortable with the worshipping of myself as a deity and the sacrificing to other gods.

Diablo 1 & 2
Diablo means devil in Spanish. In the first game there were satanic symbols, I have not played the sequel. Both games use magic and have demonic references.

I am sure this is a fun online RPG game but I find half naked female characters offensive.

Giants Citizen Kabuto
Another game I don't play because the female character refuses to wear clothes.

Hitman Codename 47
You are a hired hitman and kill people in gruesome ways for money. No thanks.
Kohan series
Magic and sorcery is heavily used. Often times you will hear things like "Hail Dark master!" etc.
Leisure Suit Larry
The whole point in these games is to get "lucky". Case closed.

Quake 1, 2 & 3
Quake 1 and 3 have satanic symbols, 2 seems to be clean but I avoid the whole series all together.

Uses sorcery, summoning, and witch craft
Ultima Series
This series is fun but, the satanic symbols shy me away.

Now THAT'S some funny shiat
2002-03-23 11:23:52 PM  
Funky_Thrasher: I wish you hadn't said that about the level builder. Now I will have to buy it for PC, too.
2002-03-23 11:44:23 PM  
2002-03-24 12:07:27 AM  
Jesus H Christ... This is the first set of comments where theres no flaming each other.. so we're all agreed that holy rollers are damn funny when they bang on bout religion.

LOL... I knew JHC was good fer something


2002-03-24 12:16:36 AM  
Anyone else wondering about Bevets stand on computer games? ;)
2002-03-24 12:41:38 AM  
Heh, I just sent a letter to CAP jokingly suggesting he starts reviewing video games just so he can review the NES game Monster Party, which is totally farked up

He believes it, and says if he ever gets enough funding he will start reviewing video games and will allow me to be a guest commentator.

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2002-03-24 01:25:54 AM  
Can someone tell me who that guy/girl is behind Cap Alert?? I can't figure it out from their site. BTW, in their review of 10 things I hate about You one of the violations was, and I quote - "arrogance against father's fair authority" (!) Geez someone teach this screwball how not to give us REAL Christians a bad name. (is saying Geez using God's name in vain??? *shudder*)
2002-03-24 02:11:30 AM  
Level builder? Bah. I seriously doubt GTA3 will even have multiplayer on the PC. I smell a quick cash-in lame-o port.
2002-03-24 03:32:37 AM  
I'm surprised at the amount of objectivity this person retains while reviewing a game. He/she didn't rail Vampire like I thought he/she would. In fact, he/she gave it a good score, despite all the evil that oozes from it. Perhaps this person just isn't familiar with Vampire. *sighs* How I hate the d10 only system. But that's another things alltogether.

I am pleasantly surprised.
2002-03-24 05:29:46 AM  
this site is actually fairly useful. it is nowhere near the calibur of Cap. from the halflife review: From a Christian perspective, it's pretty good. But OP has a few swears in it. Sure there's blood and gore, but that's what a good FPS is all about. I can't find anything wrong with this game, except for when your mom sees you turn a harmless scientist into gib soup.

Sounds pretty normal to me.
2002-03-24 10:30:46 AM  
Here is another comment from...me

This guy isn't so bad. Its obvious he is not a journalism or an english major as his articles lack polish. But he is also not a crazed lunatic seperatist WE-CANT-USE-ELECTRICITY-FROM-THE-GOVERNMENT-BECAUSE-THEY-ARE-TRYING-TO​-CONTROL -OUR-MINDS type. He seems like a normal guy that enjoys games and feels commited to his religion. He keeps an open mind about most games and it seems he actually starts a game hoping to enjoy it (unlike cap, who just goes to the movie to count the number of "offensive words" so he can give it a -12/Horribly Evil/Lowest Level of Hell ranking) I dont fault this guy...
2002-03-24 01:21:46 PM  
He actually likes "Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption". I was so sure that would send him into a conniption fit, but he gave it a 80%.

I like this guy. I may not share his religion, but I like him.

I saw another site once that really was like CAPAlert for games; I'll see if I can dig up the URL.
2002-03-24 01:30:11 PM  
The only thing I can think of with the obelisks comment is that eitherthats a sign of the devil, or it was used by the egyptions, which means poly deism.

cool guy though
2002-03-24 08:24:29 PM  

This site is NOTHING compared to a couple I've seen... where they are more like cap and pick out every single gosh darn "occult" reference etc.

I should send it in, but it won't get posted. oh well...
2002-03-24 11:47:19 PM  
I'm amazed he didn't give the Sims more shait than he did. He mentioned multiple marrages and homosexuality. But what about the voodoo doll or the love bed? I think having to plead with death himself is also a bit un-cathloic. Sometimes when I'm stressed, I create a family of all small childern and don't give them food, beds or bathrooms. Watching them suffer is easy and fun. This game can be more unholy than Manson if you really put your mind to it.
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