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(Newsday)   Dispatcher suspended for telling 911 caller "too bad"   ( divider line
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33399 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2005 at 1:00 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-23 01:50:13 AM  
What a terrible story.
2005-03-23 01:58:17 AM  

Does anyone else using firefox have the highlight of selected text disappear after you are done rightclicking it?

Bless your hearts.
2005-03-23 02:03:33 AM  
I've had a lot of run-ins with various law enforcement authorities, and most of the officers could've been a bit (or, in two cases, a LOT) more professional and tolerant in their attitudes.

The funny thing is, for the 30 or so dickheads on here that've blanketedly stated something to the effect of "fark THE POLICE", I'm guessing that, at some pooint, at least one of them has had the police HELP them, possibly even with COMPASSION...

For every asshole that says "There's never a cop around when you need one", I think "And if there WAS one around, how would YOU treat THEM?"

/not a cop, and is disgusted by the "pig mentality", but understands policing
2005-03-23 02:03:52 AM  
Oops...I meant selecting it...
2005-03-23 02:04:04 AM  

2005-03-23 02:04:16 AM  
Hope he had that donor card filled out.
2005-03-23 02:06:13 AM  

"Bring on the PAIN!"
2005-03-23 02:09:03 AM  
the Dogandpony

Passenger. My no-neck brother-in-law was the driver. We went out for pizza for us and our wives, next thing I knew we were racing all over the NE side of the city.
Never saw that Mustang after that evening.
2005-03-23 02:18:20 AM  
There was an AMBER alert here in Atlanta yesterday. A man had kidnapped two kids and was on the run. A woman traveling on the Interstate was behind the guy when her FM station broadcast the car description. All shook up, she didn't know who to call (Duh,911). She called the radio station and was put on the air live. The station patched her through to a 911 operator and this conversation went out onto the airwaves.

"Hello, do you have a lookout for a green KIA Sophia ?
Well I'm right behind the guy,....
Where are you ?
I'm on I-285 at I-20 heading north,....
That's not in our jurisdiction,....
(DJ)-Ma'am, there's a statewide lookout for this car, let me speak to your Supervisor,......
Supervisor - I'm sorry but that's just not in our jurisdiction - Hangs up !
2005-03-23 02:19:32 AM  
You know, I really like the concept of police in general, but the individual ones seem like asshats.
Kind of like the opposite of people.
2005-03-23 02:28:41 AM  
Remember: The State Is Not Your Friend.
2005-03-23 02:49:57 AM  
As a motorcyclist, I say fark this guy right in the ear. Fire his ass. And if it turns out that this guy died because help wasn't dispatched quickly enough, then I hope this dispatcher loses every farking nickel he has in the wrongful death suit.

One of my worst fears used to be a serious bike wreck. Now I have a whole other level of worry--that I'll be in a wreck and the riding buddy or Good Samaritan who calls 911 is going to get someone like this assclown on the other end while I'm lying on the pavement bleeding.

I wonder if some New England biker types could be persuaded to mount some kind of (lawful!) protest against the town.
2005-03-23 03:00:00 AM  
Does anyone else think that there is a good bit of this story missing? What exactly was the rider doing which merited the response of the cop? And don't say who cares because if this had been a darwin post everyone would be saying "serves the dumb-ass right". MORE FACTS PLEASE!!!
2005-03-23 03:00:02 AM  
Since my Ninja days I was always horribly afraid of getting in a wreck, but now we have to deal with ass clowns like this? When you work for any type of emergency service, that is not acceptable.

I'm on an emergency Weeners team at school and even if some assclown I didn't like (like my english teacher) needed help, I would be there to give to the best of my ability. I'm pretty sure saying, bring my mark up to a 12 or I'll shock you again wouldn't go down too well.
2005-03-23 03:15:01 AM  
Your a loose cannon Mahoney!
2005-03-23 03:28:18 AM  
it actually sounded like a funny story until i read the kid died. that sucks. jackass.
2005-03-23 03:31:55 AM  
tesseract,it doesn't matter what the rider was doing,it was a legitimate 911 call and the officer acted like a total asshole,if was his supervisor,his ass would have been canned immediately
2005-03-23 03:36:02 AM  
This shiat happened in August of last year and it took this long for this cop to finally get suspended for 15 farking days???????

This crap is all wrong. He should have been fired within the week it happened. 18 years with the force?? Too bad!! I don't care what kind of great record he has, one fark up and he should be gone! Immediately!
2005-03-23 03:37:21 AM  
Ditto to what geekbikerskum said. Having an accident on a bike is something that no one wants to have happen, but it is something that has to be prepaired for. I always wear proper gear, and carry a cell phone just in case, but it is really troubling to realise that help might not come when it is most needed.

/New England biker type
//Going tomorow to re-up the insurance on my bike for spring
2005-03-23 03:39:08 AM  
Who's the einstein that has a cop answering the 911 phones?

In terms of dealing with the public, everyone knows that cops are about the WORST people for that job. Their "people skills" are trained out of them, and replaced with "command presence" tinged with sarcastic remarks, just like this trooper exhibited.
2005-03-23 03:45:24 AM  
Tesseract - Does anyone else think that there is a good bit of this story missing? What exactly was the rider doing which merited the response of the cop? And don't say who cares because if this had been a darwin post everyone would be saying "serves the dumb-ass right". MORE FACTS PLEASE!!!

My guess would be that Incinerator Road is the local "hot-rodding" road and that the cop immediately assumed that the kid was out there farking around when the accident happened.

Just my guess. Either way, the cop is a dickhead. Even if it was a case of hot-rodding, most kids fark around and do stupid shiat... It's part of the whole raging testosterone/feelings of immortality thing. (I'd bet money that the cop probably sure as hell did stupid shiat when he was young.) It doesn't mean that they deserve to get hurt, or aren't deserving of compassion when they do.
2005-03-23 04:12:17 AM  

I'm on an emergency Weeners team at school and even if some assclown I didn't like (like my english teacher) needed help, I would be there to give to the best of my ability

Voting for the Funniest Filter Victim award is now closed. Chunny wins.
2005-03-23 05:10:24 AM  
"You've got the wrong number. This is 9-1......2."
2005-03-23 05:18:18 AM  
People in unions don't get fired. Well, maybe civil unions, but work related unions, they don't get fired. A person in a union can kill someone, rip off the person's head, and violate the person's throat holes, and the union will fight to make sure he or she keeps his or her job and pay.
2005-03-23 05:47:01 AM  
And this is why the 911/dispatch centres need to be civilianized. I've said it before and I'll say it again, cops have a place, and it's not behind a phone.

/is a 911 operator
//is not impressed
///is a civilian
2005-03-23 06:27:53 AM  

Has that made the Amber alert hangup made the news yet that you have seen? If so, any links?
2005-03-23 07:05:53 AM  
Phil Herup: "The Nightrider. That is his name... the Nightrider."

Nightrider died in a car accident, not a motorcycle accident.

[/looks at the night sky]
2005-03-23 07:36:08 AM  
Sort of related, but deals with asshat paramedics rather than cops. Friend of mine witnessed an accident last week - an elderly guy rear-ended about 4 cars at an intersection. When he got out to see if the man was okay, since he has first aid, the guy was totally disoriented, had no idea where he'd been or where he was going, couldn't remember what he ate for breakfast, etc etc. He was obviously having some kind of mental episode.

When he told the paramedics that he thought the guy might be having a stroke, one of them replied 'No, sir, if he was having a stroke, he wouldn't be up and walking around."

/my condolences to the motorcyclist's family. :(
2005-03-23 07:49:26 AM  
There was an AMBER alert here in Atlanta yesterday...

Your version of events is not quite the way it is being reported in the media:

11 Alive News: Radio Listeners Hear 911 Call
2005-03-23 08:23:58 AM  
Just heard the tape. This guy deserves a beating.
2005-03-23 08:27:18 AM  
Sounds like something my boss, a former cop, would say.

Me: My young relative just died, I'm on route to pick up her grandmother.

Boss: YOU don't get berevement leave! (he kinda yelled it)

/his boss called me a few days later and apologized for my boss being an asshat.
2005-03-23 08:35:26 AM  

It was on the 6PM news, I heard it from the next room. I tried to sum up the story in a short post rather than go into detail. There was also discussion about jurisdiction in the report which is not mentioned in the "made for Internet" article, as opposed to "on the air report".
2005-03-23 08:37:36 AM  
Just to be clear, I didn't mean that he meant to be hurt, if he was just doing something supid I really don't care if he kills himself or not. My point was if he was just farking around most people's reaction here are usually "serves him right".

Russell Shepard, a friend of Sawyer's, called 911, which was routed to the state police barracks in Montville.

crlonewolf- RTFA, the officer was not a 911 operator, just a jerk-off state trooper who is probably really sick of scraping dumba$$es like this off the road, wasting his valuable doughnut-munching time. Yeah, he shouldn't have hung up the phone, but the article begs for more information. That's all I wanted before passing judgement, might be too much for you.
2005-03-23 08:47:39 AM  
Now I'm playing devils advocate here but after serving 18 years as an officer without a scratch on his record I think you guys are being too harsh. He is still an asshat for his comments but I dont think he should be fired for one mistake. I am sure every person on here has screwed up something or said something at their work and didnt get fired. How do we know the guy just didnt get 10 crank phone calls in a row and just assumed this was another one? I would like to hear what the cop had to say for himself before I make a judgment on if he should be fired.

/still think most cops are asshats
//father in law is a retired cop
///grandfather was also a cop (in Detroit of all places)
2005-03-23 08:53:21 AM  
gotta wonder how long this asshat has been
mistreating the general public.

does power corrupt or do the
corrupt come to power?

you make the call

/cops=the enemy
2005-03-23 08:56:52 AM  
Welcome to Dick Cheney's America.

/said it first.
2005-03-23 09:01:46 AM  
justafarkingchef Congrats on being first. Please explain?
2005-03-23 09:11:44 AM  
Tesseract, I understand your line of thinking...but when your job is handling matters of life or death, "assuming" a situation is not "important enough" is wrong.

I am bothered by your post stating that "stupid" people deserve to die. That is very harsh.
2005-03-23 09:25:34 AM  
Some cops really piss me off. Farking a-holes. They give good cops a bad image. I agree, he needs a kick in the NUUUTSS (as Cartman would say).
2005-03-23 09:31:48 AM  
rogue_L_chick You are right my statement was too harsh but I think that's how you read it and not really what I wrote.

I don't think that we should round up all the stupid people and off them,(there would be many people who would think I should be part of that group). At the same time, how many extra resources should we spend protecting them from themselves? Did you read the story last week about kids garage jumping?

How would you feel if you had to go assist another one of these kids while there was someone who was injured through not fault of their own?

They don't deserve to die, but we shouldn't be doing everything to protect them from themselves.

I hope that is a little less harsh.
2005-03-23 09:32:40 AM  
Not that I have the time or intention of actually looking for a link to back up what I'm saying, but I heard on Fox (Boston affiliate, local broadcast) that the motorcyclists were doing stunts on their bikes and had been in several previous accidents that this cop/comm officer/faux dispatcher had handled.

Darwin should win more often.
2005-03-23 09:38:28 AM  
sproinker Right on brother!!!
2005-03-23 09:44:00 AM  
So just by answering the telephone, the cop/comm officer/faux dispatcher knew that it was the same motorcyclist. I didn't hear the caller mention a name. ESP to the rescue~
2005-03-23 09:48:55 AM  
I don't care if it was the same kids over and over again. In that job, they cannot assume anything, because they run the risk of screwing someone else out of emergency care. This job is not about response at their discretion, it about response. PERIOD.

What if you called 911 to report a break-in and the cop thought it was a prank because there had been 10 false alarms that night? I'm not sure I could see that as forgivable, if my family was put in danger because earlier, some idiots had been farking around.
2005-03-23 10:07:42 AM  

I pass no judgment on the actions of the officer, I merely root for the somewhat-unstoppable forces of evolution.
2005-03-23 10:08:17 AM  
Saying "sucks to be you" is wrong???
2005-03-23 10:10:16 AM  
Oh, and the phone number probably showed up on the dispatcher's caller ID.

That might have tipped him off. Just a little bit.
2005-03-23 10:23:52 AM  
I really wish I had not clicked the link. Now I am pissed. This sucks. Gotta work on letting go of shiate that is 1000 miles away. But I do like the "swift kick in the nuts" plan.
2005-03-23 10:24:22 AM  
rogue_L_chick Let's just say that I like to climb up to the roof of my house (I don't live in a trailer). Each time the police are called and must help me down. At the same time your house is being robbed. Now, does it really make a difference to you that they can't take your call because they are busy with me?

Your analogy doesn't work because it assume the police have no prior knowledge of the situation. I really don't think this was the case. If after 10 prank call from the same house, which was responded to each time, one came in saying the house was really being robbed, I am sorry, but I think most people would say "who cares".
2005-03-23 11:06:24 AM  

Nightrider died in a car accident, not a motorcycle accident.

[/looks at the night sky]

Oh yeah.

/I am a motorcyclist.
//thinks this cop should be fired. No pension.
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