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7170 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2002 at 2:47 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-22 02:49:13 PM  
~sigh~ Those SA guys are so cool.
2002-03-22 02:50:04 PM  
2002-03-22 02:50:23 PM  
2002-03-22 02:52:09 PM  
Haw Haw!
2002-03-22 02:52:11 PM  
Dannypants is a dirty Mexican. Tell him to get a job.
2002-03-22 02:52:37 PM  
Goddamn some of those are funny.
2002-03-22 02:53:03 PM  
I'm with you Cowboy.
2002-03-22 02:54:49 PM  
bunch of fags they are

2002-03-22 02:56:05 PM  
Yes, I am an outcast in my society. I only have 3 children.
2002-03-22 02:59:17 PM  
Broken Newz started a Photoshop contest too with the editors brothers head...funny
2002-03-22 03:01:33 PM  
Some of those were excellent, laughed out loud at a few...Good job over there at SA.
2002-03-22 03:02:19 PM  
Settlers is a Great Game!
2002-03-22 03:02:21 PM  
Dal - Can you explain me what was so funny about that?
2002-03-22 03:02:34 PM  
Good theme. I think Poop Chutes and Ladders is pretty funny.

I can't remember the whole thing, but Letterman had a good "Top 10 Least Popular Christmas Toys" years ago -

- Oooo, You're Blue! - The Hold Your Breath Game
- Hasbro's Slippery Steps
- Will It Burn?
- Silly Driller by Mattel
2002-03-22 03:02:58 PM  
I was reading SA's ICQ pranks again the other day. THose are still funny as hell.
2002-03-22 03:05:03 PM  
Turkish....well, I guess I just found the humor in it. To is kinda funny to mess with siblings. Guess not to all :)
2002-03-22 03:06:19 PM  
Dal, Broken Newz photoshop = worst. photoshop. ever.
2002-03-22 03:07:18 PM  
Dal - Do you know the guy? I agree, it's usually funny if someone decides to take the piss out of a relative, but p-shop wise I didnt find it very amusing....
2002-03-22 03:08:48 PM  
there's a link on the right sidebar for one from last week of classic ads. worth a look, there's some really funny ones in there.
2002-03-22 03:11:11 PM  
Hehehe...Monopoly: Singapore edition
2002-03-22 03:12:18 PM  
Ha Ha, Dirty Sanchez
come on Dannypants, cant you incorporate that into an insult?
2002-03-22 03:13:13 PM  
Even though they pissed me off during the "Drew Curtis' Fark vs. SA Photoshop Battle hosted by Zack "we put long meaningless names between our real ones over here at Something Awful" Parsons of Wars with photo editing", I have to tip my hat to the SA P-Shoppers. Good stuff.

Btw, all you filthy micks who are trying to bring the stupid flame garbage from the "Mexicans" Photoshop should jam it and get a new thread.
2002-03-22 03:14:51 PM  
Something Awful usually has some good funny shiat, especially Yablonski.

Why does it look so cheesy and geocities compared to Fark and X-E?
2002-03-22 03:16:16 PM  
did that guy rip off the connect 40 image from somewhere? I know i've seen it before in the last couple weeks.
2002-03-22 03:18:25 PM  
Those are awesome. If it wasn't for, Something, and the internet would just suck.
2002-03-22 03:18:26 PM  
Stubblyhead - Those p-shops at SA were done over a month ago...
2002-03-22 03:21:06 PM  
Ever since they acquired Turkish (by dubious means no doubt), SA that gained photoshopping power thrice over.

Turkish, I thought the Challenger board game was horrible and in complete and utter bad taste. I commend you.
2002-03-22 03:22:37 PM  
I am going home now.
2002-03-22 03:22:45 PM  
Frolixo - You're right, that was in bad taste. Sorry if I offended you... :)
2002-03-22 03:23:46 PM  
Remember guys, Don't post any pics from SA in this thread or the SA cry-babies are going to pollute this thread with their whining.
2002-03-22 03:24:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 03:28:32 PM  
Shows to go you that we don't have any lock on poor taste in Photoshops.
2002-03-22 03:30:53 PM  
Yea, that Challenger one was in bad taste. That's what was so funny about it. I laughed my ass off at it in Computer Applications class today, Turkish.
2002-03-22 03:31:05 PM  
They may have talent, but they don't got me. sluts.
2002-03-22 03:32:04 PM  
It's a damn good thing we didn't do that one here, or we'd have been inundated with posts like this

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 03:32:39 PM  
Actually. THIS represents POOR taste in Photoshop... I CANNOT warn enough to how disgusting this is...But, if your in the mood


See what happens when my fellow workers get bored!
2002-03-22 03:32:59 PM  
ha ha, exactly
2002-03-22 03:34:18 PM  
Oh and thanks to Turkish for his anthrax game, gave me a good clean white board to work with ;)
2002-03-22 03:42:22 PM  
Thought you guys would enjoy this. I am on a RC Airplane group and was discussing a new plane I had built but had not flown. Several users there applied photoshopping with some hilarious results. It takes a while to get to the fun, but read everything, we even pissed the moderator off :)

Funny Photoshopping Link
2002-03-22 03:43:16 PM  
Eriond - You're welcome. :)
2002-03-22 03:47:23 PM  
Obvious + Lame + Banal + Tedious = SA

2002-03-22 03:57:21 PM  
FarkingMoo: Here ya go. Conclusive evidence!! ;-)

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 04:00:50 PM  
Turkish proves he's the man, as usual. There are some great pshoppers at Fark, but I think that SA photoshops are the best of the net. Hilarious as usual.

Eriond: very funny

This submission gets the Goatse-Oolong seal of approval!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-22 04:01:12 PM  
Why oh why did I hit Dal's link.

2002-03-22 04:03:41 PM  
thank you Dal, that was a riot.
2002-03-22 04:04:26 PM  
Siggy: I gotta say, that little animated gif is just...disturbing.
2002-03-22 04:07:26 PM  
heh, definitely
2002-03-22 04:10:47 PM  
ya fark is better than soemthign awful they liek goat sex i heard!! :X
2002-03-22 04:19:19 PM  
Their best work was, without a doubt, the Children's Books, I still laugh everytime I think of "Then the Teddy Bear's Came"!
2002-03-22 04:26:53 PM  
SA pshops are generally higher quality than most (not all) fark pshops. Funny, too. Fark is just so much fun, with the time and voting aspects... Have to rush to do your work, makes for an interested compromise.

When I scrape up 10 dollars for their message boards maybe I'll try working on SA, as well.
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