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(IOL.co.za)   Lucky again: Man who accidentally laundered his winning lottery ticket and then turned in the pieces has been awarded his winnings by the court   ( iol.co.za) divider line
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2005-03-18 09:46:31 AM  
Hopefully it was common sense that he was awarded.

/didn't RTFA
2005-03-18 11:41:43 AM  
Who was it that refused to pay out? The National Organisation of Blind Spaniards. NOBS!


2005-03-18 12:57:47 PM  
That is spiffy. Leaving it in a pants pocket could happen to anyone; it's good to see he got what he deserves.

/doesn't play
//but somebody's gotta win
2005-03-18 01:31:06 PM  
I'm curious to know what he's got left over after 6 friggin years of court costs and lawyer fees. . .
2005-03-18 01:32:36 PM  
This just in, the African Government has collapased because one of these lotto scams acutally worked.

/Dr. Zimbutku wants your bank account number so he can give 9 million dollars
2005-03-18 01:34:06 PM  
My friend had a 500 dollar winner in his pocket when he jumped in the lake to retreive a fishing rod that a catfish was swimming away with.

He never caught up to the rod, and the lottery commission couldn't read the ticket after it dried.

Fishing Rod = $100.00

Lottery Winner = $500.00

Cost of Lottery Ticket = $1.00

Catfish Hooked To $100 Fishing Rod For The Rest Of Its Already Probably Not Very Rewarding Life = Kinda Sad
2005-03-18 01:35:09 PM  
Did he win $305,326.15?

Ok. Do we know any coke dealers?
2005-03-18 01:46:27 PM  
octoslash Is your friend named Albert Finney perchance?
2005-03-18 01:46:45 PM  
I'm enjoying the fact that they used "dodgy" in the article!
2005-03-18 01:46:59 PM  
This just in.....

Scientists spend $150,000 to verify $50,000 lottery ticket.
2005-03-18 01:58:49 PM  
No Mary Poppins references?
2005-03-18 02:06:51 PM  
did he get interest on the money also?

/just asking
2005-03-18 02:32:15 PM  
Don't lottery tickets have a serial number and maybe a barcode or something on them such that the number can also be tracked down to which retail outlet it was bought in? From the lottery numbers, the serial number and possibly the barcode, I'm sure a winning ticket would be ascertained from once-soggy pieces of ticket within 6 years.

/Air India trial fiasco
2005-03-18 03:05:31 PM  
Note to self: Don't wash winning lottery tickets

/turns tape recorder off
/turns tape recorder back on

Additional Note to self: Win lottery first

/turns tape recorder off
2005-03-18 03:46:26 PM  
In the UK you can claim a jackpot without the ticket, it probably applies to all prizes, but you have 1/3rd of the time to claim it, and obviously you have to provide details of where and when you bought the ticket.
2005-03-18 03:49:26 PM  
This is ridiculous. Whatever happened to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in this country? This moran shouldn't be able to SUE just because he was too stupid to check his pockets before he checked his clothes.

This crap is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket.
2005-03-18 04:01:05 PM  
kershaw51: I'd like to learn more about the trouble Spain is having.
2005-03-18 04:06:50 PM  

It looks cooler with a "Z".
2005-03-18 07:33:12 PM  
chazz mctazz said:

It looks cooler with a "Z".

Doesn't everything?

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