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(some girl)   Can a light saber cut through adamantium? Discuss   ( divider line
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30090 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2005 at 9:17 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-03-18 2:12:32 PM  

You KNOW who my namesake killed. All the jedis and all the mutants in all the fictional worlds put together could hit him with every thing they got and he would just grimace.

"Not enough gun."
2005-03-18 2:12:36 PM  
wpmulligan: Could God make an adamantium rock so big he couldn't lift if with a light saber?

Could God lick a lightsaber with his adamantium tongue?
2005-03-18 2:12:52 PM  
It is true. Batman always wins. Batman versus...Mike Ditka?
2005-03-18 2:13:17 PM  
QT_3.14159's profile just got hit a million times...
2005-03-18 2:13:31 PM  
The Saint of Killer

I'm sorry, comic geek, either way, I'm one too. I went to to check out the series and there are 4 X Men series, Astonishing XM, Uncanny XM, Ultimate XM, and X Men. I remember the uncanny xmen basiclly being the original story line, is that still the case? I want the real deal.
2005-03-18 2:15:09 PM  

\guilty of checking it out
2005-03-18 2:15:34 PM  
the real question is can a lightsaber deflect a phaser rifle shot ;)
2005-03-18 2:16:33 PM  
programmercat despite the fact that I think you are a raving asshat 90% of the time, you raise an interesting question.

Constantine would win hands down. He just so darn clever
2005-03-18 2:17:26 PM  
kitchkinet: you guys know that neither of them are real right?

You know that that is irrelevant, right?

It's called creative thinking, man. Dorky creative thinking, but still creative thinking, nonetheless.

Would you rather have us argue about, "Who would win a one-on-one basketball game; young Michael Jordan or old Michael Jordan?"

Now THAT is geeky.
2005-03-18 2:18:19 PM  
In a mud wrestling match, who would win: QT_3.14159 wearing an adamantium bustier, or MelLuvsDMB sporting mini-lightsaber nipple shields?
2005-03-18 2:18:57 PM  
in age of apocalypse, didn't juggernaut have a simple stroke and die?
2005-03-18 2:19:53 PM  
What if the Borg assimilated a Jedi? Would all the Borg be able to use the Force? And could the Borg then make an energy shield that could repel a lightsaber? What if they assimilated Wolverine--would he be a Force-using, adamantium-enhanced Jedi-killing half-robot killing machine with lightsaber-repelling forcefields?

/yanking your chain
2005-03-18 2:20:18 PM  
This thread is blown-out, but I still wanted to put my 2 cents in.
A ligthsaber could not cut through adamantium, just like it could not cut through a vibra-blade or a Yuzzhan Vong amphistaff. Duh... Isn't it obvious???
2005-03-18 2:21:30 PM  
Wolverine with a lightsaber? scarey. Maybe replacing his blades with 6 little lightsabers would be cool.

Anyone remember thundar the barbarian? He has a sun sword, kinda like-a lightsaber, but ghey.

Also, I have a question: What if the made a really HUGE lightsaber that was like 2 kilometers long, wouldnt that be scarey? And what if they gave it to superman, or wolverine? Or a ninja? Then we would all be farked.
2005-03-18 2:21:37 PM  
Based on that lame scene where Quingong Jong or whatever the hell his name was is trying to cut through the door of the alien ship in Episode I, I think a lightsaber is what I like to call a "Hollywood Starter."

Everyone's familiar with that scene from any movie where the protagonist's survival is dependent upon their car starting, and then, conveniently to the plot, the starter can't seem to get the engine turned over so that the boogie man can kill the protagonist.

To me, the lightsabers in Star Wars are the same way. They can cut through anything provided the weakly constructed plot needs them to, but if Lucas needs the door of the alien vessel to be impregnable, the lightsaber suddenly can't cut through the door like a hot knife through butter.

So I think it comes down to how well the two universes are crafted, and it's fairly obvious that there's more thought going on in the Marvel Universe than there is over at the Star Wars camp. Winner: Admantium
2005-03-18 2:21:46 PM  
Who would win in a fight, the Master Chief or Samus?

Further, who would win in a fight between Sam Fisher and Solid Snake?

John Mclain and Corbin Dallas?

Oh, and a Grammaton Cleric could kick anyone's ass.
2005-03-18 2:22:37 PM  
The Saint of Killers

You KNOW who my namesake killed.

Since I haven't read Preacher yet, what sort of deicide was it? Felonious, regrettable, justifiable, or praiseworthy?

/apologises to Ambrose Bierce...
2005-03-18 2:22:51 PM  
I bet Orgasmo would kick all these guys asses.
2005-03-18 2:25:16 PM  
Jack ryan vs James Bond
2005-03-18 2:25:24 PM  
How about Batman Vs Judge Dredd?

/knows that it already happened, just adding fuel to the fire
2005-03-18 2:25:41 PM  
Also, The lightsaber through the blast-doors might be lind of like cutting through velvita cheese-like processed food-thing. you can cut through it, but it just seals itself back up right after the blade goes through it. you might have to take some time to make sure you introduced enough of a gap to peel it.
2005-03-18 2:25:52 PM  
2005-03-18 02:18:19 PM Captain Irreverence

In a mud wrestling match, who would win: QT_3.14159 wearing an adamantium bustier, or MelLuvsDMB sporting mini-lightsaber nipple shields?

No way of knowing. We'll just have to arrange the match and see.
2005-03-18 2:28:26 PM  
Since I haven't read Preacher yet, what sort of deicide was it? Felonious, regrettable, justifiable, or praiseworthy?

2005-03-18 2:28:30 PM  
That assumes that the jedi choking thing could overcome the adamantium wrapping around his throat and windpipe, which is a whole extra debate.

Umm.. what? Why would Logan have adamantium protecting his throat or windpipe? The only bone anywhere near that area is the spine and that's way in the back. Granted a Jedi or Sith would have to keep crushing his windpipe long after Logan passed out in order to kill him, even so.
2005-03-18 2:31:25 PM  
The Saint of Killers


Your namesake killed God at the end of Preacher, right? Now, Ambrose Bierce once wrote that there were four kinds of homicide: felonious (criminal), regrettable, justifiable, and praiseworthy. I basicly asked you, "did God deserve it?"
2005-03-18 2:31:27 PM  
couldnt a lightning fast jedi like yoda just cut the wovlverines head off before he could deflect the light saber with his claws??
2005-03-18 2:32:08 PM
2005-03-18 2:32:49 PM  
I think the real question is: Is Wolverine's Hyoid Bone covered in adamantium?
2005-03-18 2:33:00 PM  
Ok, I cannot read this entire thing (I started twitching thinking about how I used to go on and on about this stuff in HS) but someone superior to me can probably explain this.

If Wolverine (twitching again) and a Jedi fought, couldn't a Jedi just do the same thing that Magneto did? What would stop a jedi from just pulling the adamantium out of his body?

Jesus, I feel like I'm in school again. One on level, I really miss these conversations, but at the same time, I don't think I could ever say these things again.

/Reform(ed?)(ing?) Geek, deathly afraid of recidivism.
2005-03-18 2:35:51 PM  
You are all forgetting something - a jedi draws on the force for among other things STRENGTH!

When a jedi jumps 60 stories into the air, you think that he magically made his body lighter? NO he increased his strength similar to how a sayijan would.

I still don't think yoda could take goku - but some of these you just have wonder about. Like, goku and yoda wouldn't fight - they are both good guys. Now yoda and buu would be a sight to see!

Also Fark the enterprise D! Hello it holds 1079 crew members (something like that) last time I checked even a regular star destroyer carries about 20,000 - with a greater size comes a greater energy source needed for it. It is like asking if a shuttle pod could take the enterprise is a joke.

Also - phasers as I recall do NOT fire at speeds above the speed of light - as I recall (and I admit I could be wrong) the only thing that can fire in warp is torpedoes. Now, factor in the size of a torpedo to the size of the super star destroyer and you have something along the lines of a pea hitting a windshield.

2005-03-18 2:36:58 PM  
2005-03-18 02:33:00 PM Zombie Hitler

/Reform(ed?)(ing?) Geek, deathly afraid of recidivism.

I'm an Orthodox Geek, myself.
2005-03-18 2:37:25 PM  
2005-03-18 02:21:46 PM TakeThatYouStupidCorn

Oh, and a Grammaton Cleric could kick anyone's ass.

That was an awesome movie.
2005-03-18 2:38:30 PM  
OK, who let the Dragonball Z geeks out?

/thinks that Saiyuki's Goku would own DBZ's Goku.
2005-03-18 2:38:56 PM  
"WHat did no Jedi (or Sith) ever make a Light Saber that has an extra feature- when this feature is activated, the LS will, upon contact with another LS, turn off for a fraction of a second, allowing the swing of the weilder to continue, then turn back on? It would come on handy when you swing at the other guy, and he blocks at the last second. ::poof:: you LS appears to 'cut ' thru his and chops his head off."

There was a Jedi by the name of Exar Kun in the Knights of the Old Repubic comics that came out years ago who used that exact trick to kill a lot of Jedi. He used a rocker switch that he would just flick while fighting to turn the blade from lethal to just a harmless colored beam that other beams would pass right through.

2005-03-18 2:41:17 PM  
Maybe an adamantium rail gun. That would imply that adamantium could be manipulated by magnetic forces, though, which I'm pretty sure Magneto has used on Wolverine in one of the two movies. Rail guns work by magnetically accelerating the projectile in an incredibly short period of time. Thus, an adamantium rail gun would theoretically be possible.

Behold the ultimate weapon: Wolverine shot from a rail gun!
2005-03-18 2:42:11 PM  
Ha ha! Point made, son of thunder
2005-03-18 2:44:07 PM  
You're all monkeys!
2005-03-18 2:47:14 PM  
Wow, you guys are still going. And someone just made a post incorporating Star Wars, DBZ, and Star Trek. Awesome.
2005-03-18 2:49:06 PM  
Ohh Ohh Ohh Ahhh Ahhh

For those of you who don't understand primate: Yes, and...
2005-03-18 2:49:15 PM  
From a friend....

"First, kudos to the reader that pointed out Guardians of the Galaxy
with the separated Wolverine skeleton. Along the same lines was the
"World Without Xavier" series (after Legion killed Xavier in the past
when he was trying to kill Magneto) in which alternate Cyclops blasted
off alternate Logan's hand. The claws were retracted (allowing him to
use them at a surprise moment to kill Cyclops) at the time, but it still
pierced the wrist bones, possibly Radius and Ulna. Therefore, it is
possible that an intense form of radiation energy can cut adamentium.

Further, if the goal is to defeat Wolverine, the Jedi doesn't need the
saber. Wolverine has always been vulnerable to natural death (see the
alternate Stryfe series where Logan was knocked outside the moon base
and died in the vacuum of space). A good Jedi choke would take care of
him in no time.

As for Superman, he's not really worth killing. I am sure we could have
the Jedi saber turned to the radiation frequency of Kryptonite and that
would cut him. Or the Jedi could use a mind trick convincing him it
would be a really neat idea to fly into a red sun for a while. For that
matter, they could team up with Xavier and convince him to be a 5 year
old girl.

Of course, Jedi can be defeated if they lose focus or don't know the
danger is coming. In a hunt, Wolverine would slaughter the Jedi before
they finished their nap. Superman could just use his eye beams or
inhale all the atmosphere or push the moon in the planet or something.
The key to victory is always knowing you're in a battle.

One side note about the adamentium cutting the Hulk. Near the end of
THE INCREDIBLE HULK series (when Hulk and Banner traded places so Banner
appeared when angry and Hulk was the basic form), there was a villain
whose name escapes me but who used a adamentium blade to cut deep into
Hulk's torso. Hulk was forced to hold his intestines together until
they healed, and then discovered that his skin had healed over his hand,
forcing him to rip it from his body. It was the end of the glory days
of the series.

Now, the only question that remains is who would win between the
Spectre, the Emperor, or Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet?"
2005-03-18 2:49:29 PM  

Fark isn't real? that you mention it, that does kinda explain a lot...
2005-03-18 2:52:37 PM  
Programmer Cat
word, Elric would totally whoop ass, in fact any incarnation of the eternal champion would pretty much pwn
2005-03-18 2:53:12 PM  
This thread is sooo awesome. I <3 teh geek knowledge!
2005-03-18 2:53:24 PM  
OK, what geek discussion would be complete without someone asking...

Which would win; old Battlestar Galactica or New Battlestar Galactica?
2005-03-18 2:53:57 PM  

I'm sorry but taking juggs helmet off is not simple task.

Then how come EVERYONE does it, almost EVERY time juggie shows up?

That's true. Has this guy EVER gotten through a fight with his helmet on?
2005-03-18 2:55:36 PM  
If adamantium cannot be re-melted once solidified, it breaks several rules of thermodynamics and chemical compounding rules. However, I think the lightsaber is in this same meta-physical realm as well. So the real answer is whatever the director of "Star Wars 7: Battle for Mutant Alchemy" decides.
2005-03-18 2:57:55 PM  
2005-03-18 02:18:19 PM Captain Irreverence

In a mud wrestling match, who would win: QT_3.14159 wearing an adamantium bustier, or MelLuvsDMB sporting mini-lightsaber nipple shields?

I've given this a lot of thought...

My first instinct is to say that the lightsaber could in fact cut the adamantium...

However, in KOTOR which is supposed to take place 4000 years before the movies it takes forever to bash in doors with your lightsaber and some doors aren't bashable at all!

In Ep I, Qui-Gonn obviously has problems cutting through the door on the Trade Federation ship.

In one of the Luke v Vader scenes however, Vader's light saber slices through metal like it's not even there...

Maybe the light saber technology has improved through the years?

In that case, whether or not lightsaber nipple shields could beat an adamantium bustier would depend on which timeframe we're talking about.... right?

Even that being said... I don't think any chick could take me if I had an adamantium bustier...
2005-03-18 2:58:47 PM  
Can knowing about lightsabers and adamantium get you laid?
2005-03-18 2:59:36 PM  
Programmer Cat

Justifiable? It's hard to say. Jesse Custer claimed that God was responsible for the death of my namesake's family, and that was all that he needed to hear.
2005-03-18 3:01:07 PM  
Captain Irreverence: In a mud wrestling match, who would win: QT_3.14159 wearing an adamantium bustier, or MelLuvsDMB sporting mini-lightsaber nipple shields?

someguy: No way of knowing. We'll just have to arrange the match and see.

Gotcha. And ambivalent_maybe fights the winner in a cage match. While wearing a gold bikini.
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