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(some girl)   Can a light saber cut through adamantium? Discuss   ( divider line
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30090 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2005 at 9:17 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-03-18 12:43:21 PM  
Boy does this bring back memories...

Could the Enterprise defeat a Star Destroyer?
2005-03-18 12:43:49 PM  

I think the important question here is:

"If Wolverine was piloting the Deathstar, vs. a Jedi/Sith piloting the Enterprise-D, would you rather have Captain Kirk or Captain Picard on the bridge? And could either one outrun Darth Vader's Star Destroyer?"

I'd rather use Kirk since he'll shoot first and ask question later while Picard has to follow Starfleet regulation strict which is the following:

- Scan ship
- Hail ship
- Interact with ship's captain
- Ship's captain threatens to destroy Picard
- Picard cuts off screen
- Calls for a meeting with the officers
- Determine course of action
- Return to bridge
- Go to red alert
- Destroy enemy
- File report with Starfleet

While with Kirk

- Destroy enemy
- Hail the ship
- No response
- Go off to find a klingon ship to pick a fight with
2005-03-18 12:43:51 PM  
I don't understand a thing in this thread, yet felt compelled to post in it.

Maybe I'm a would-be nerd.
2005-03-18 12:45:44 PM  
Simple: Yeah. Something has to cut adamantium. Pure energy reflected through crystals? Yeah, simple as answer as anything else.
2005-03-18 12:46:07 PM  
Lightsaber wins, but only if adamantium-weilder is incapacitated enough to not fight back. I'm too lazy to write up discussion on why at the moment, you can gmail me for it later if you wish.

Point of interest... in all the above comments, no one has mentioned Hijarna stone?

//to set the record straight in lieu of certain previous comments, I'm a married girl geek :P
2005-03-18 12:47:42 PM  
Yo, I like star wars and all that, but my god some of you are some straight up nerds!!! Especially the "Jedi Knights of Cleveland" HA, get a fark'n life!
2005-03-18 12:47:43 PM  
Pro Zack

Wolvarine must be able to survive high temperatures - since he survived the molten adamantium being applied to his skeleton...

I thought his skeleton was replaced with an adamantium one? I am not an expert on that, though, can anyone verify?.

But id molten adamantium was applied, it didn't have to be applied to his whole skeleton at once. As long as you leave part or most of his body alive, he can heal; but if you kill every cell in his body, there's nothing left to heal and he's done for.
2005-03-18 12:50:31 PM  
While with Kirk

- Destroy enemy
- Hail the ship
- No response
- Go off to find a klingon ship to pick a fight with

Dude, you totally left out the green women.
2005-03-18 12:52:35 PM  

SuperNerd - someone who, besides the films, brings animated versions and novels in as canonically supporting evidence

I hate to argue, but Star Wars: Clone Wars is part of the SW canon, as are all of the Lucasarts Star WArs games.

The novels on the other hand are pretty much non-canonical tripe.

Pro Zack:

Wolvarine must be able to survive high temperatures - since he survived the molten adamantium being applied to his skeleton...

I believe the only reason he survived is due to his extraordinary healing powers.
2005-03-18 12:52:38 PM  

Dude, you totally left out the green women

shiat, how could I?

/off to spend a few hours in *insert alien race name* torture chamber
2005-03-18 12:53:07 PM  

Cyclops has blasted Wolverine a few times with his lazer eyes, and it didnt melt him.. so I call bullshiat on that.. Wolverine would kick some serious Jedi ass.

Now Magneto on the other hand.. he would own mr. Logan.

And lightsabers have batted people around like a club on numerous occasions, that's no reason to call bullshiat, that's just writer lazyness and cheap SFX.

Cyclops has different energy settings on his mask. Like a phaser, it goes from stun to disintegrate.

And Magneto has pwn3d Wolvie on several occasions. It's why I like Logan so much: He just keeps coming back!
2005-03-18 12:54:31 PM  
Obscure challenge: in a hand to hand fight, who would win: James Kirk or James West?
2005-03-18 12:54:39 PM  
Saw only one reference to it, but it appears that Thor's hammer, Mjolner, which is made of uru, would also be able to withstand a lightsaber (subject to my previous comments re: the length of contact between the two).
2005-03-18 12:55:12 PM  
Another question (since no one has taken a whack at my Richards/Logan question):

In a fight, who would win: The Blob, or The Thing?

The Thing: Absorbs some organic matter and duplicates it

The Blob: Absorbs ALL organic matter and gets really, really big
2005-03-18 12:56:10 PM  
2005-03-18 12:57:05 PM  
Captain Irreverence

In a fight, who would win: Admiral Akbar, or the killer rabbit from Holy Grail? Think about it:

The rabbit -- looks cute and harmless, thus luring the unsuspecting into its trap.

Akbar -- Is leery of traps.

According to my friend: "it probly depends on if akbar has a holy hand grenade [of antioch] or not."

and he can count to three.
2005-03-18 1:03:37 PM  
On a related note, what do Star Wars blasters fire? Can't be lasers b/c you can see them leave the guns and seem to be about a foot long. If they WERE lasers one pull of the trigger and insta fry, no time to swing a light saber.
2005-03-18 1:05:05 PM  
You folks need another hobby..
2005-03-18 1:05:52 PM  

Cyclops has blasted Wolverine a few times with his lazer eyes, and it didnt melt him.. so I call bullshiat on that..

Two things:

First, Cyclops fires concusive blasts from his eyes. They don't heat or melt anything.

Second, in the Age of Apocalypse story line, Wolverine only had one hand. The reason? Cyclops blew the other one off at the wrist.
2005-03-18 1:08:14 PM  

Wolvie has an adamantium skull, which makes his mind impervious to psychic attack.

That is TOTAL bullshiat! His adamantium skull has no effect on psychic attacks, in fact, wolvie's mind is one of the most famously fractured ones of any universe.

However, jedi mind tricks don't work on a beserker like wolvie: He's not paying attention to the trick, he's too involved in his attemps at disemboyelling everything in sight.
As far as looking at the future, a Jedi could focus his attention to the future... But when you have a pissed-off Wolverine in front of you, if you do not focus your attention on the present, the only thing the future will include is a world of pain.
2005-03-18 1:08:16 PM  
Yet another question:

In a sci-fi sing-off, who would win: Audrey II, or Dr. Frankenfurter?

Audrey II: A mean green mother from outerspace

Frankenfurter: A sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania
2005-03-18 1:08:43 PM  
atlas you are like WAY behind the curve.
2005-03-18 1:12:34 PM  

On a related note, what do Star Wars blasters fire? Can't be lasers b/c you can see them leave the guns and seem to be about a foot long.

They are lasers, though. They turn on, start emitting a laser pulse, then turn off after about a foot of beam has been blasted. The reason you can see them is because they're slow lasers.
2005-03-18 1:13:14 PM  
I *love* you all. Easily one of the best threads.
2005-03-18 1:13:59 PM  

On a related note, what do Star Wars blasters fire? Can't be lasers b/c you can see them leave the guns and seem to be about a foot long.

They're either plasma throwers or just high-energy slugthrowers. If you were to fire a tracer round through an AK-47 you'd see a visible light trail that vaguely resembles that of a SW blaster.
2005-03-18 1:16:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


/got nothin'
2005-03-18 1:16:59 PM  

\stares in utter disbelief at the amount of ppl contributing to this thread...
2005-03-18 1:17:08 PM  
I wonder how many farkers will lose their jobs today because the spent the whole friggin day reading this dumb thread.

Third dumbest thread ever.
2005-03-18 1:18:58 PM  
zygar: never say anybody in Star Wars ever reload, so I doubt they are slug throwers :)
2005-03-18 1:25:09 PM  
fark should have three or four threads like this every day. Enough to keep the utter and complete losers busy~
2005-03-18 1:25:15 PM  
The Saint of Killers:

What the hell kind of fanboy are you?! In a fight against anyone, Batman always wins!

A friend of mine once said, "Batman will always win a fight because Batman cheats."

Two words: Broken Back.

Come on! That was a one time thing. Besides, Azrael (Temporary replacement Batman) completely pWn3d Bane, and after Bruce's back healed he made fake-Batman cry.
2005-03-18 1:25:38 PM  

Nah, read the new book: Spellfire for Rahl, he's seriously pussified.

I pre-ordered Chainfire and read it several times.

1. No Kahlan

Business as usual. Goodkind always separates those two.

2. No Sword of Truth

He's been denied the use of the SoT before. Hell, at the end of one book he went all Mortal Kombat on one of his relatives and ripped out the guy's spine with his bare hands. That was cool. And by cool I mean totally sweet!

3. Anytime he actually figures out how to use his magic there's some stupidly named blood beast that'll come to kill him.

So? Sure, the name was a biatcheesy, but one of the "old farts" had named one of the earlier baddies after his frkking cat. It's a beast of some kind, and it's tuned to Richard through his blood. "Blood beast" will do for now until Richard reads the right manual and figures out what it really is.

4. He's more likely to make the situation worse by sticking to the whole "this is my life and I'll live it however I see fit... even if that means destroying all of existance because I missed my wife"

Actually, the threat to existence isn't his fault. It's the fault of some uber-biatches meddling with the spell whose name is the title of the book, remember?

So basically he's a guy who suffers periodic migranes, is constantly going through seperation after seperation with his wife, who hangs out with a blonde dominatrix, a former pron star, and three old farts.

And Wolverine is an amnesiac with a bad attitude who sprouts claws, has issues with authority and teamwork, and doesn't know when to quit.

But at least he's close to figuring out that all he had to do from umm Book 3 on was go back to the People's Palace and open the Boxes of Ordan, oh wait, too late they're gone too.

Actually, he already figured out that he needed Orden to undo Chainfire. Did you actually read the frkking novel, or did you just skim the damned thing?
2005-03-18 1:26:24 PM  
just wanted to add my two cents here. I would think a lightsaber would easily cut through adamantium. Simply because Adamantium is the strongest substance known on earth. That leaves a lot of leeway for other things to be stronger than it, especially things of an otherworldy origin such as a lightsaber.

that being said wolverine would make a good dark jedi.... lightsaber claws anyone? That would be entirely too bad ass...

/come to the dark side my child
2005-03-18 1:26:55 PM  
I want the last hour back. That hour I spent reading this.
2005-03-18 1:27:46 PM  
Captain Irrelevance

Audrey II: A mean green mother from outerspace

Frankenfurter: A sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania


[image from too old to be available]

The Diva would rule them both.
2005-03-18 1:27:55 PM  


2005-03-18 1:28:09 PM  

What a great thread. No slapping!
2005-03-18 1:28:48 PM  
What about a BONGsaber?
2005-03-18 1:29:14 PM  



Stop whinging or I'll summon Bahamut all over your hard drive.
2005-03-18 1:29:30 PM  
GWShenlong05: Adamantium cannot be penetrated by any other solid object.

Then how do they make Wolverine's skeleton and claws out of it? I mean, if they can't cut/shape or form it, how do they do that?

errrm.... *cough* I mean, where's the boobies?
2005-03-18 1:30:41 PM  
Re: Enterprise v. A destroyer.

It's rather obvious. Since Phaser weapons fire FASTER than the speed light, and the enterprise can travel faster than light [multiples of warp] and fight at the same time, while the destroyers fire regular lasers which would travel AT the speed of light. I'd have to hand the victory to the enterprise based on speed and capability.
2005-03-18 1:31:28 PM  
Submitter, why do you hate Captain America?
2005-03-18 1:32:05 PM  
Sigh, the Enterprise/Star Destroyer debate was settled a long time ago.

Enterprise scans shield freqency of the the SD; adjusts transporters; beams anti-matter bomb on Vader's lap. SD goes boom. Riker has sex with slave girls. The End.

As for Can a light saber cut through adamantium?...

Adamantium could block a lightsaber since it can't melt. Neither could cut Superman (OK Wolvies claws DID scratch him in a crossover but not deeply), unless the lightsaber has a kyrtonyte focusing crystal. And none of them can dystroy the One Ring because it is magic.

Sorry, no shortcuts for Frodo, he still has to march for months in to Mordor and have homoerotic adventures with Sam.
2005-03-18 1:32:06 PM  
*engages inner nerd*

1) Although adamantium cannot be DESTROYED by any known matter, the act of a lightsaber cutting it would not destroy it, just heat and separate the molecules.
2) The reason Superman is invulnerable to begin with is the extreme density of his molecules (at least according to old-school canon), therefore the theoretical adamantium bullet would not penetrate his skin, unless:
---a)the tip were honed to a monomolecular point, and
---b)Superman's molecules are larger than said point
3) As soon as the lightsaber sliced through enough planetary material to immerse the weapon fully, the heat of the molten material would indeed begin destroying the hilt, and therefore the weapon, qed.
4) A bullet made of admantium could be fired from a standard firearm without destroying the hammer because firearms fire projectiles by using the rapid expansion of explosive gasses, forcing the bullet down the barrel. The only theoretical damage the firearm would take would be extreme wear on the barrel, and thus any rifling present.
5) Cyclops' eyebeams are force, not heat. They do impact damage. On few occasions he has focused his eyes into a small enough beam to burn through something using the heat generated by the resulting friction, but according to what I have read, they aren't "laser beam eyes".
6) Wolverine, due to his weak mind, would be sorely vulnerable to a Jedi's many psionic-based abilities. His admantium skeleton would conduct the force-generated lighting like a lightning rod, destroying his tissues, and the lightsaber itself would burn away the flesh from his adamantium skeleton, as well as cut the actual bones for reasons already discussed.
7) Wolverine is no longer vulnerable to Magneto's powers due to the fact that Magneto tore the admantium from Wolverine's bones through the very pores in his skin, burning out his mutant healing factor in the process (unless much has changed since I stopped reading). Wolvering would give Magneto a much tougher run for his money now that the metal is gone. As a side note, this very injury make Wolverine less likely to survive the encounter detailed in "6", above.

/waits eagerly for attention from Mel
/stopped reading the thread 33% of the way through
2005-03-18 1:33:58 PM  
Let's not forget that in KOTOR there are blades that can go head to head with lightsabers. There are also body sheilds that can deflect lightsabers.

Of couse this is all a couple of thousand years before the original trilolgy, so other things have most likely been developed by some outlying races.
2005-03-18 1:34:01 PM  
Adamantium requires 20,000 joules of energy to melt (yes, I googled it...)

While a light saber (or plasma sword if you prefer) operates in a pure plasma state, confied by an energy field of unknown origin and focused by crystals of unknown origin.

Plasma for fusion is kept at 100 million degrees Kelvin:

It would easily melt through adamantium.
2005-03-18 1:34:07 PM  
What about lightningbolts?
2005-03-18 1:34:27 PM  
In a fight, who would win: A Jedi knight made out of solid adamantium, or Wolverine with lightsabers for claws?
2005-03-18 1:35:17 PM  
I just spent 4 hours reading this thread, I'm amazed.


I do not believe the lightsabre would use heat/plasma/anything that generates photons. if it did, it would mean that the containment for the radiation is quite poor since you can actually see the sabres blade. and if you can see the blade that means that other things from the light spectrum are also escaping from the surface of the blade...heat....radiation.. so anyone near it would burn up..well if its as powerful as thought. I'm going with that the actual blade is invisible and there is a small LED light in the sabre weilders handle that projects the light, dim enough to filter through the invisible blade/catching whatever is moving around in there and thats why we can see the sabre.....on a side note. I make no sense
2005-03-18 1:35:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

one last hoorah
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