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(some girl)   Can a light saber cut through adamantium? Discuss   ( divider line
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30090 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Mar 2005 at 9:17 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-03-18 9:37:50 AM  
This thread is certainly the pinnacle of the internet, what it's nerdy architects had one day envisioned. God bless America.

*sheds tear*
2005-03-18 9:38:33 AM  
Goku can block both adamantium and lightsabre, and kill yoda with his spirit bomb

/anime fans
2005-03-18 9:38:34 AM  
The Saint of Killers:

Captain America's shield is actually not made of Adamantium. It is composed of Vibranium which is Adamantium's energy absorbing cousin. Since both metals were invented by Myron McClain, they are often mistaken for one another.

It has touch traces of adamantium in it. That's what makes it indesructuable, along with the Vibranium that allows it to absorb shocks.

/Proud owner of a 1991 Marvel card set with the Cap. America's Shield weapon card, fools.
2005-03-18 9:38:56 AM  
Is there some Anakin vs. Wolverine spinoff that I don't know about?
2005-03-18 9:39:10 AM  
Back to the subject of an adamantium bullet, I think the bullet could peirce supermans skill if you could get enough force behind it. However I don't think that you could. It isn't lack of bullet hardness so much as lack of force behind the bullets that makes Superman bulletproof.

As to a lightsaber cutting adamantium the problem is that it can't be melted. Light sabers essentially melt whatever the beam comes in contact with. The question is can adamantion not be melted of can it simply not be melted at any practicle temperature. Also howcome light sabers don't create unbearable heat as a side effect?

-- Richard Zeien
2005-03-18 9:39:32 AM  
For the sake of balance in any theoretical standoff, I'd treat adamantium as a cortosis weave.
2005-03-18 9:40:17 AM  
timtoews2000 -

Drizzt is 5'4" Drow (or dark elf). He is an expert at swordplay and a good guy. He once flipped a bunch of coins into the air and caught them on his fingertips. Such is his badassness. Drow are an evil branch of dark skinned elves that live underground under Matriarchal rule worshipping Lloth, a half spider/half woman deity. They like to raid the surface, cut the hands of off gnomes, and kill each other. Drizzt was raised by a bunch of evil biatches who always wanted to kill him or boss him around or whip him with their snakes. His mother almost sacrificed him to the spider queen at birth, but his brother died and he was spared. His dad was the weapons master and woman were scared of him and respected him because he wielded a whip and a sword and would whip the tongues out of people in combat. He was THAT good. He taught Drizzt to be a good guy and how to kill women with swords. His dad was murdered and he escaped to the surface only to return years later to kill his family (or something). In the process, he met a gnome with no hands, a large monster called Peck, a dwarf and his human daughter, a 7 foot barbarian, and a blind archer. Oh and he has a pet black panther who lives in a little figurine.

These books seemed so much cooler 10 years or so ago.
2005-03-18 9:40:19 AM  

can someone please explain to me the significance of Drizzt Do-urden?

He's a character from a D&D world called "Forgotten Realms." The submitter most likely referenced him to show his (the submitters) relative level of nerdliness.
2005-03-18 9:40:41 AM  
What if we are all wrong, and it is the lightsaber's sound that does the damage...
2005-03-18 9:40:45 AM  
Listen, i'm not gunna bother reading all of this, but in Ep 1, Qui gon tried cuuting thru a door and met with alot of resistnace, ie: it took a long time to cut it, as it was to hard to melt. now adamantine cannot be re-melted, so.. light sabres can't cut it.

also, in knights of the old republic, they introduced swords with a crossant weave, or somthing, that stops light sabres form cutting thru them.
2005-03-18 9:41:29 AM
2005-03-18 9:41:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for comment?
2005-03-18 9:42:06 AM  
Dude, Magneto can control freaking magnetism! Of course he could rip it out, but it didnt slide out, it just was forced out because he controls the very essence of what keeps it together.

Which leads me to ask... Adamantium is ferrous? Wolverine is gonna rust, or WTF?
2005-03-18 9:42:15 AM  
custom5 - Didn't they wage a giant war killing Anakin, Luke's son?

Anakin was Han and Leia's third son, and he died in the destruction of a nest of voxyn, which were big lizard hunting animals designed by the Vong which could track Jedi using the Force. They also spat acid, and had horrible diseases to infect their prey with in their footpads.

Luke and Mara's son is Ben, and Ben hasn't done anything but be a baby so far, hiding out in the Maw cluster while dad and mom took care of whippin Vong ass.
2005-03-18 9:42:20 AM  

Unubtainium. Nothing can affect Unubtainium.

Unobtainium. Yeesh.
2005-03-18 9:42:25 AM  
I want a black lightsaber.
2005-03-18 9:42:55 AM  
For the ultimate nerdly answer, and hoping it hasn't already been said....

"Yes, unless the adamantium has cortosis weave."

DAMN YOU, Lakedaimonios, DAAAAAMN YOOOOU! :p

(Yes, I know the platypus essentially said it first..)
2005-03-18 9:42:57 AM  
Worst. Thread. Ever.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-18 9:43:10 AM  
This is the most awesome discussion topic ever.
2005-03-18 9:43:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-18 9:45:18 AM  
What about neutronium?
2005-03-18 9:45:24 AM  
I know, I'm a giant dork to even respond to this, but here it goes: a yellow light saber, made from the appropriate Kyber Crystal, can cut through absolutely anything, even another light saber
2005-03-18 9:45:50 AM  
I am in awe of the geekdom contained within this thread.

It's as if at any moment the entire thread itself is going to collapse from the massive density of geekness and turn into a giant sucking black hole of nerdom.

Quick, to the event horizon if you have time!
2005-03-18 9:45:51 AM  
Mr Miracle
Unless Captain Picard is around, in which cause Captain Kirk automatically selflessly sacrifices himself for the good of the universe.
2005-03-18 9:46:14 AM  
Adamantium? I'm guessing this is an element named after Adam Ant?

That is some seriously funny shiat. Anyone care to PS some metal structure so that it looks made entirely from Adam Ant?

/don't drink, don't smoke, what do ya do?
2005-03-18 9:46:34 AM  

Also howcome light sabers don't create unbearable heat as a side effect?

Because George Lucas said so.
2005-03-18 9:46:51 AM  

Are we talking "Captain America's shield"-style adamantium (technically and adamantium/vibranium alloy) or the kind fused to Wolverine's bones (amongst others)?

/breathing through mouth

2005-03-18 9:47:07 AM  
You have been bookmarked... :P
2005-03-18 9:47:13 AM  
onew0rd & yellowbeard

muchas gracias.
2005-03-18 9:47:23 AM  
IIRC, adamantium is able to penetrate the Hulk's skin, but only if the person doing the penetration has the requisite strength.

Wolverine, however, did not have the requisite strength to pierce the Hulk's skin with his claws.

So, what we need to do is give Wolverine a light saber. If he is able to penetrate the Hulk's skin with the light saber, then the light saber should be able to cut through adamantium.

/bad logic
//excellent geekiness :)
2005-03-18 9:47:59 AM  
Submitter is useless without pictures.
2005-03-18 9:48:20 AM  
Captain America's shield isn't pure's a Vibranium/Adamantium alloy..

and what about Vibranium anyways? If it has the vibration dampening properties, wouldnt that stop the molecules from being expanded by the lightsaber? When Cappy was just "The Captain" he had a replacement shield mad out of the stuff and it allowed him to survive a fall from an airplane..

/just saying..Don't Forget the Vibranium..
2005-03-18 9:48:26 AM  
2005-03-18 02:08:39 AM ThatDevGuy

never odd or even: Could either cut through Superman?

Well that would depend on the source of Superman's matter-deflecting power, as evidenced by his ability to withstand bullets. This, however, can be accomplished by any sufficiently hard material or by an energy field.

If the bullets actually touch Superman's chest, then yes, he could be killed by both an adamantium bullet (and/or claw) or a lightsabre. He is constructed of matter like the rest of us, but merely has superhuman abilities due to being an alien. If adamantium cannot be destroyed by any known matter, then Superman's molecules, however dense, would not deflect the bullet.

If Superman projects some sort of thin energy field around his body which prevents them from touching his chest, the adamantium would still be deflected but the light sabre might slice through it. That would depend on the particle interactions between the light sabre and the energy field in question. Most known energy fields would simply redirect the light sabre's particles around Superman. For instance, you would see the sabre touch him and then spread out behind his back. The wielder might actually be affected by some of those particles deflected back at him.

/also a nerd

Those of us of a certain age know that Superman, while not affected by bullets, could be killed by a thrown gun. So, if the adamantium bullets failed to do the trick, throwing the gun from which the bullets were fired would easily do him in.

/remembers George Reeves ducking
2005-03-18 9:48:47 AM  
I think I hear the SA goons snickering in the background
2005-03-18 9:49:30 AM  
Another question -- who would win in a fight... Prince Vegeta or Lobo?

Since Lobo has already had his ass handed to him by Wolverine, I'd give this one to Vegeta.
2005-03-18 9:50:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


/got nuttin
2005-03-18 9:50:17 AM  
never odd or even

in response to your, superman could not be killed by adamantium or a lightsabre so long as he is not weakened by kryptonite.
Superman comic books addressed the issue (as well as one of the spin off TV shows) as to why when he is shot, burned, crushed, etc-his uniform is never torn. The Kryptonian physiology is such that the yellow sun of earth causes superman to generate a thin "aura" which is actually what protects him from all that bad stuff.

thus, as long as he is on earth-nowhere near kryptonite, or a bad writer, he would be fine and would pwn wolverine and luke skywalker.

/up up and away.
//spiderman would kick his pansy ass though
2005-03-18 9:50:23 AM  
I seem to remember that Ultron, who was made of Adamantium, had a Molecular Rearranger built inside of him. That's why he had to take out the Scarlet Witch, so her hex powers could not activate it.

I know most of the characters in the Marvel universe have been teleported one time or another. That usually constitutes the breakdown and rebuilding of molecules. Including Adamantium.

During the secret wars I think, the Molecule Man dissipated Captain Americas shield, and the Silver Surfers Surfboard.

/Some hypnotist who has been reading comics since the 70's.
2005-03-18 9:50:30 AM  
I think it depends on whether the adamantium in question is enchanted or not. I mean, what if the adamantium were enchanted so as to be indestructable?

Also, is it 'adamantium' or 'admantium'? I see both spellings here...
2005-03-18 9:51:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
//anime geek
2005-03-18 9:51:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-03-18 9:51:45 AM  

Those of us of a certain age know that Superman, while not affected by bullets, could be killed by a thrown gun. So, if the adamantium bullets failed to do the trick, throwing the gun from which the bullets were fired would easily do him in.

My keyboard thanks you for the extra caffiene this morning!
2005-03-18 9:52:08 AM  
girls like the one in this thread are few and far between, mugato. but we're generally already taken by guys like the ones in this thread so... ;)

/proud geek love
2005-03-18 9:52:53 AM  
Oh dear Lord in heaven. If all you nerds were to put as much energy into finding a member of the oposite sex as you do debating this farking crap, none of ya'll would still be virgins.

/lightsaber would cut through adamantium.
//I'm a nerd too but have had sex.
2005-03-18 9:53:42 AM  

You can't reference the Infinity Gauntlet series, everything that happened there was altered reality. Thanos did what he wanted because he had control over every aspect of the universe and could change it to make for some colorful deaths. With Wolverine, he could make Adamantium into rubber, which is what I think he did.

Magneto was overdrived completely when he ripped the Adamantium off Wolverine's bones. Remember Uncanny X-Men #304 at Illyana's funeral? He held Avalon above the cemetary with his powers alone. He was never that strong before.

More on point, he didn't cut or slice Wolvierine's adamantium, he just molded it off of him (and out through his skin), kind of like pulling silly putty off a newspaper. It came out in streams.

A light saber was created by George Lucas. Adamantium was created, in part due to, Stan Lee. The answer is simple from that info: Adamantium cannot be cut by a lightsaber, because Stan Lee didn't ruin one of my favorite all time series.

Now the Schwartz on the other hand, is an entirely different story altogether.
2005-03-18 9:53:55 AM  
Note to self: Find out about this "Star Wars" movie that so many speak of.

/turns tape recorder off
2005-03-18 9:54:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I definitely needed a change of scenery.
2005-03-18 9:55:42 AM  
How about a +6 Light Sabre of Smiting vs. a Buffed Adamantium Golem? Assuming, of course, that you were wearing your +5 Grease Helmet and your Cloak of the Unwashed.

And hasted, don't forget that you are hasted.
2005-03-18 9:56:01 AM  
But in ROTS, supposedly General Grevious' magnaguard droids are armed with staffs which cannot be cut by lightsabers. Or else, they can be cut, but it just takes the lightsabers awhile to cut through them.
2005-03-18 9:56:31 AM  
I say Yes.
Adamantium can apparently be liquified & is therefore not as "indestructable" as believed. Based on Qui Gonn's saber usage on the Blast Doors in Phantom Menace (although they were hardly adamantium), it seems a plausable theory.
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