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(AZCentral)   Some dirtbag burglar swipes child's 'tooth fairy' money   ( azcentral.com) divider line
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2002-03-21 07:23:02 PM  
2002-03-21 07:23:36 PM  
2002-03-21 07:23:40 PM  
Bastard. I hope he rots in hell.
2002-03-21 07:24:18 PM  
That happened 17 years ago and that dirty burglar is my brother!
2002-03-21 07:24:40 PM  
[image from alhoward.home.mindspring.com too old to be available]
2002-03-21 07:24:48 PM  
This is a horrible tragedy because it involves a child and something unfortunate so if anybody makes a light hearted joke about it, they will rot in hell, along with all the sinners who made jokes about the girl who received a hockey puck to the face.

2002-03-21 07:24:59 PM  
Death penalty offense. No judge, no jury, just executioner.
2002-03-21 07:25:41 PM  
Should've had one of these
[image from kajuntwins.com too old to be available]
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-21 07:27:32 PM  
Naw, it was Dart, the Evil Tooth Fairy!!!
[image from raptorjnb.com too old to be available]
2002-03-21 07:27:32 PM  
Wait, this burglar broke in and all that was stolen was tooth fairy money?
2002-03-21 07:29:04 PM  
Bastard! dirty bastard.
2002-03-21 07:29:27 PM  
Not to point to conspiracy theories, but did mom maybe run out of smokes or something and needed a couple bucks?

I'd hate it more if that were the case.
2002-03-21 07:29:42 PM  
ship him to Iraq, wrapped in an American flag, with a hat that says..."Down with Saddam"....one way ticket
2002-03-21 07:30:40 PM  
Could have been worse
2002-03-21 07:34:24 PM  
Beat him with porcelain lamps and make him listen to Linkin Park. Forever.
2002-03-21 07:35:12 PM  
Once again my campaign for a posse of state-sanctioned roaming ninja zombie vigilantes is vindicated.

What does it take for these people to listen?
2002-03-21 07:35:23 PM  
Askheaves: I was thinking the same thing
2002-03-21 07:36:54 PM  

[image from eastman.ucl.ac.uk too old to be available]


[image from wupa.wustl.edu too old to be available]
2002-03-21 07:41:17 PM  
What a wanker. I hope a giant hyena cicada lands on that guy's head and eats it. Bad thing to do to a kid...
2002-03-21 07:43:11 PM  
Poor kid, he's probably like traumatized now..
2002-03-21 07:43:41 PM  
Ok, it's really farked up that this happened.

But am I the only one who found it humorous that the uncle bought the kid a large, fire proof safe? It wasn't a fire that was the problem, it was a burglar, duh!

(Yes, I'll rot in hell. This just extends the amount of rot.)
2002-03-21 07:43:44 PM  
Now go back to sleep little boy, or I will kick you in the nuuuuuuts!

- Pooter
2002-03-21 07:52:00 PM  
Man, some kid getting his tooth fairy money stolen unites Farkers unequivocally, but a thread on the 9/11 comments turns everyone against each other.

Makes sense, I suppose.
2002-03-21 08:01:31 PM  
$1000.00 reward for $25 in tooth money? sounds like an insurance scam...
2002-03-21 08:03:39 PM  
Why that dirty sonuvabiatch...

If anyone else is up for it, I say it's time to set up a little fund for this kid. I can't do it from work, but if someone can get something set up on PayPal, I'll pitch in $10.

No one deserves to have their tooth fairy money taken. That's just wrong.

2002-03-21 08:11:11 PM  
tooth fairy: unpaid whore
2002-03-21 08:16:18 PM  

tooth fairy?

2002-03-21 08:23:09 PM  
A PayPal fund for this kid?? Feel free to contribute all you want. And set it up yourself once you get home.
2002-03-21 08:41:04 PM  
Flay him. With the kid's tooth.
2002-03-21 08:42:51 PM  
Several local Cavity Creeps were discovered missing from a recent police lineup...
2002-03-21 08:43:08 PM  
And thus, at an abnormally early age, Bobby learns that people just plain suck.
2002-03-21 08:47:50 PM  
Ho-lee-shiat! How low can you go?
2002-03-21 08:52:54 PM  
ok, i admit...

it was my father.
2002-03-21 09:00:07 PM  
It's not like the thief knew the money was from the Tooth Fairy.

Unless the safe had a sign on it that said "Tooth Fairy money in here. And there's lots of it. $$$$ Woo-Hoo!"

In which case, yeah, of course it's gonna get stolen, either way.
2002-03-21 09:25:02 PM  
i hope he gets cavities.

BAD cavities.
2002-03-21 09:36:33 PM  
whatever - that's stupid - we need a "BULL shiat" tag...
2002-03-21 09:47:50 PM  
this is so sept 10th. poor kid anyhow..
2002-03-21 10:01:48 PM  
nuthin like alittle tooth fairy theft to bring farkers closer together! well maybe the guy got some crack with the money and that resembles a tooth doesn't it?
2002-03-21 10:43:25 PM  
Here's a fairy:

[image from christopherlowell.com too old to be available]
2002-03-21 10:58:21 PM  

Amen, but he would have at least decorated before leaving.
2002-03-21 11:02:02 PM  
"The boy had been saving coins left under his pillow for the past three years, and storing them in a toy safe."

Doesn't matter how many years, you still only have 32 teeth you can lose. At a quarter apiece that would make, wow $8.00's!! (like he really lost every single tooth in that 3 years)

"...and mom has started replacing some of the coins."

Started?? How long does it take to give your kid a handful of coins?
2002-03-21 11:04:51 PM  
**Correction to my last post. He could have lost all his teeth in that 3 years if a rabid chipmunk attacked his gums. They can do some serious damage, especially if he just a peanut butter sandwich or something.
2002-03-21 11:19:04 PM  
Oh, stop. Greg Louganis is my hero.
2002-03-22 01:53:50 AM  
man, if I was this kid's father, and they caught the guy, I'd anally electrocute him. And that's after having a rabid , horny dog skullfark him. We have to stand up, people.
2002-03-22 06:19:48 AM  
i for one find that to be positively hilarious
2002-03-22 03:19:24 PM  
cut his farking head off!!!!
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