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2005-03-14 08:20:25 PM  
Is it standard procedure to release a confirmed DUI suspect who was just involved in a collision? Why was he behind the wheel for a second charge to even take place?

Hippocratic bastards.
2005-03-14 08:29:20 PM  
I'd love to have seen the look on the face of the arresting officer having to slap cuffs on his boss.

But let me get this straight. The man gets inebriated, plays bumper cars with another vehicle (in an umnarked cruiser no less), somehow fails to manage to convince his subordinate not to arrest him, gets taken into custody where he is then presumably released on bond while still soused so he can go and do it all over again?

Well, Well, Well...... Three Cheers for Officer Barbrady!
2005-03-14 11:35:34 PM  
Of course, the police are there to protect us all. They have absolutely no political bias. Thank Jeebus for the police.
2005-03-14 11:45:34 PM  
That seems to be normal in my town(police duis with no punishment-that is)
2005-03-15 01:42:47 AM  

Hippocratic bastards.

"I do not think that word means what you think it means."

/Inigo Montoya
2005-03-15 01:48:31 AM  
Hippocratic bastards.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, and I resent the implication."

[image from anestesia.com.mx too old to be available]
2005-03-15 01:52:43 AM  
I fail to understand how a person can get a DUI twice in the same day in a healthy society. Why does he still have the ability to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after ONE DUI?
2005-03-15 01:57:03 AM  
Whoever wrote that article, and whoever proofed and approved it need to change carrers.

It states that "Middletown Police Chief Roger Ashley has been held in jail since his arrest Saturday" then goes on to say "Ashley was arrested the first time in his unmarked police car and a second time, five hours later, in his personal vehicle, Strasburg Police Chief Marshall Robinson said.".

The article THEN changes to have Robinson being the Middletown chief and haveing been the one arrested.

"Officers responded to the first arrest after Robinson's car had run into a vehicle on Route 11 in this northern Virginia community.

Robinson was arrested a second time in his personal vehicle, police said.

Robinson's status as chief of Middletown was to be reviewed by town leaders later Monday.
2005-03-15 01:58:08 AM  
oh man, this guy's so close to the trifecta.
2005-03-15 01:58:18 AM  
"Ashley was arrested the first time in his unmarked police car and a second time, five hours later..."

FIVE HOURS LATER? Don't they usually require you to sober up before you leave?

\guess they took away his police car after #1
\\should have taken away his flask too.
2005-03-15 01:59:23 AM  
I think the real story here is someone misusing "Hippocratic" when his intention was "hypocritical". Growing up, I was always amused that doctors had to take a "hypocratic" oath - I figured they always had to do the opposite of what they would perform on themselves...I couldn't figure out why the oath was that important (or even possible). But I, to this day, can't imagine how someone would be more familiar with the word "Hippocratic" - I'm in AWE!

Oh yeah, and can you imagine arresting your boss...for the second time?
2005-03-15 02:04:03 AM  
jimiih: Oh yeah, and can you imagine arresting your boss...for the second time?

Imagine, yes. But my psychiatrist said it's not good to dwell on these things.

/did he take a hypocratic oath, you ask? Well, he only attempted to throttle me once or twice, so l'm leaning toward yes.
//that made sense in my head. not so much in words.
///where the funny?
////slash overload, going to bed.
2005-03-15 02:14:34 AM  
I had an ex whos pappy was a cop, I think he got 2 DUI's in his marked car, but it might only be 1

/bedtime for democracy
//me too
2005-03-15 02:55:59 AM  
Just another case of the man keeping the other man...free.
2005-03-15 02:58:14 AM  
The real
img.fark.netView Full Size
is the author of that article.

Here's the version from the Winchester News (VA), where the author is actually able to remember which chief is which:

Middletown Police Chief Faces Two D.U.I. Charges
Middletown's Police Chief found himself on the wrong side of the law over the weekend. Chief Roger Ashley was arrested twice in Strasburg on Saturday for driving under the influence. Strasburg Police Chief Marshall Robinson says the first time Ashley was arrested, he was in his unmarked police car and had run into a vehicle on route 11. Five hours later, he was arrested while driving his personal vehicle. Middletown town officials say they haven't made a decision yet on whether Ashley will be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the charges he faces.
2005-03-15 03:06:44 AM  
POLice Chiefs Are SExy !!! !! 11 1 !!! : ) : ) !! ! 11 1!!!!
2005-03-15 03:08:49 AM  
What some people don't realize is that being arrested got DUI twice in one day is an attestment to one's dedication to alcohol, and thus this activity should be praised.
2005-03-15 03:10:17 AM  
is a DUI a felony in virginia? i hope so. those damn pig bastards. at least this evens the score a little.
2005-03-15 03:40:55 AM  
wow. that was quite possibly the worst writing i've seen online in a while. and that's saying a lot.

/unchecks preview before post box...
2005-03-15 03:46:31 AM  
OMG t3h p0l1c3 R t3h 5t00pyd j3rk5 lol!!11one
2005-03-15 05:15:08 AM  
Hahaha, middletown is only like 10 minutes from me. Story in the Winchester Star

Middletown Police Chief Suspended
Two Weekend DUI Arrests Put Ashleys Career in Jeopardy

By Stephanie M. Mangino
The Winchester Star

MIDDLETOWN Police Chief Roger L. Ashley has been suspended indefinitely without pay following two weekend drunken-driving arrests.

When appropriate, Ashley will be given a hearing to determine his future, according to a motion unanimously approved on Monday night by the Middletown Town Council.

The Shenandoah County Jail
released this photo of Roger L. Ashley on Monday.

Part-time Middletown Police Department investigator and field training officer R. Philip Breeden will serve as interim police chief during what Mayor Gene T. Dicks called these troubled times.

Breeden, 55, retired from the Warren County Sheriffs Office after 30 years of service. The Middletown resident has worked as a sergeant with the towns Police Department since December.

Ashley, 41, of Strasburg, was arrested on Saturday in Strasburg. He faces two counts of drunk driving and one count of driving with a suspended license.

By Monday night, Ashley had been released from the Shenandoah County Jail in Woodstock. A jail spokesman could not say where Ashley had gone or if he was still in someones custody.

Dicks said he understood that Ashley was to enter a rehabilitation program, but he was unsure if he had done so.

Earlier on Monday, Shenandoah County Sheriff Tim Carter said Ashley had been denied bail pending a psychological evaluation, and he was still in the jail on Monday afternoon.

Middletown officials expressed disappointment and sadness over Ashleys arrest.

Roger has done so much for the town over the years, Dicks said of the man who has been with the towns Police Department since 1987. Its a shame he has to ruin his life and throw everything away over something like this.

Im upset because I like Roger, I really do, said Councilman Marshall J. Mark Brown, who considers Ashley a friend. I just wish to hell I had seen the signs. I am trying to figure out what I missed.

Strasburg Police Officer L.W. Crum arrested Ashley on Saturday afternoon after being dispatched to an accident at Signal Knob Lane and Old Valley Pike, according to a criminal complaint filed in Shenandoah County General District Court.

When Crum arrived at the scene, he noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from Ashley, the criminal complaint states.

Ashleys blood-alcohol level at the time of his arrest was 0.29, according to the arrest warrant more than three times Virginias 0.08 legal limit.

After being arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, Ashley was released on a personal recognizance bond to a member of his department, Carter said.

The arrest also led to an administrative suspension of Ashleys drivers license, according to Shenandoah County Assistant Commonwealths Attorney C. Todd Gilbert.

At 7:05 p.m., dispatchers notified Strasburg Police Officer C.L. Bodkin that Ashley was driving from Middletown to Strasburg in a black Ford Explorer, according to Bodkins criminal complaint.

I was sitting at Signal Knob Lane and Mr. Ashley drove by me. I stopped him, the complaint states. He got out of his vehicle staggering. He had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath.

Bodkin asked Ashley to take some field sobriety tests, but Ashley said it wasnt necessary because he was still drunk, Bodkins criminal complaint states.

After Bodkin asked again, the response was similar.

He said there is no need, Bodkin's complaint states.

Ashley eventually took an Alco-Sensor test, charting a 0.25 blood-alcohol level.

Bodkin then arrested Ashley for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. Ashley was taken to the Shenandoah County Jail.

The charges are Class 1 misdemeanors, each of which is punishable by up to 12 months in jail or a $2,500 fine. A trial has been set for April 11.
2005-03-15 05:43:02 AM  
What's the problem, officer?
2005-03-15 08:02:48 AM  
Sad thing is I bet he gets away with it...
2005-03-15 08:21:03 AM  
[image from home.hot.rr.com too old to be available]
2005-03-15 09:07:33 AM  
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
2005-03-15 09:31:10 AM  
When I was doing police work. albeit in the military, the standard procedure was to release DUI suspects once they have been processed. We had a similar case. We released a suspect to her husband and a friend, then busted the husband 10 minutes later for DUI. Needless to say that caused quite the stir.

This does not sound like preferential treatment to me, just a dumbass police chief.
2005-03-15 09:42:29 AM  
What, no O'Hagan or Grady pokes?

"I'll believe that when me shiat turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert."

/Not as good without the accent.
2005-03-15 09:47:46 AM  
I took a picture having a beer with this guy at a microbrew festival last May.

2005-03-15 11:04:35 AM  
I live in Winchester too, and it's good to see a local boy make good :)
2005-03-15 11:13:32 AM  
MConnor looks like Red Bull.... (?)
2005-03-15 11:30:41 AM  
He was drinking a Red Bull, I was drinking a beer...but that's the guy. For some reason he didn't seem to mind having his picture taken with my drunk ass. Now I know why.
2005-03-15 12:18:56 PM  
Hmm, just up the road from my cabin at New Market. Shenandoah Valley yahooilarity of course.

/lotsa grudges and family shiat down thar....
2005-03-15 12:35:41 PM  
And to top it off, I bet his wife left him and his dog died.
2005-03-15 12:43:53 PM  

I fail to understand how a person can get a DUI twice in the same day in a healthy society. Why does he still have the ability to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after ONE DUI?

Easy...he just managed to stay drunk all day and has a good tolerance of alcohol.
2005-03-15 01:12:22 PM  
Wow...something from the Winchester area making it to Fark. We're famous I tell's ya.
2005-03-15 01:26:48 PM  
farking cops, lawless basters
2005-03-15 02:30:48 PM  
Want to bet he keeps his job and doesn't go on trial for the two DUI's? Anyone think they would keep their job after being in an accident, while drunk, in a company car.
2005-03-15 10:57:53 PM  
Depends on who you know at the courthouse!

Lizzie Grubman Hampton publicist- used her SUV to plow into bar patrons on a roid rage. Slap-on-wrist(kept her job)

Some court-worker (can't remember exactly her job) but connected with the JUDGE etc, plowed into a 10-year-old Korean girl on Washington beltway-Killed. Drunk Driving/probable drugged driving/vehicular killing someone/HIT AND RUN.

6-month pretend house arrest (I'm betting she kept her job)

In a matter of a few weeks this law enforcement professional will be nailing some hapless citizen for a DUI, NO MERCY-
after he gets mucho Probation, suspended sentence, waiver etc etc.
/God why did you put me in a country full of such pathetic sheep?
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