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9417 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Mar 2002 at 6:15 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-21 06:17:35 PM  
I've been hearing about this ALL farkING DAY. I am sick of it. It's gross, but whoever blew the whistle is a puss or has a small pecker.
2002-03-21 06:17:45 PM  
How do you respond to something like that.
2002-03-21 06:18:29 PM  
I've heard some weird things before but this is insane. I could give a rip if anyone wants to play but ostrasizing those who didn't is bullshiat.
2002-03-21 06:19:19 PM  
ARGH!!!! I just knew all Firefighters were GHEY! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!

Not that there's anything wrong with that...
2002-03-21 06:20:15 PM  
2002-03-21 06:21:25 PM  
Thats the gayest thing I've ever heard.
2002-03-21 06:22:41 PM  
Where are the pictures?
2002-03-21 06:24:42 PM  
Now, if they had been playing crotchball, there would have been no problem.
2002-03-21 06:25:04 PM  
How do you score points?
2002-03-21 06:25:34 PM  
for the love of jeebus, please DON'T post those pictures.
2002-03-21 06:27:25 PM  
This reeks of homosex.
2002-03-21 06:27:31 PM  
what's wrong with a little butt ball?
I remember my childhood days in South Dakota, where me and the neighborhoos kids would get together on the streets before dinner, and play a rousing game of butt ball
2002-03-21 06:27:50 PM  
You know, there hasn't been a BOOBIES ling in 2 days...
2002-03-21 06:28:21 PM  
link, sorry. EYe maid a typo.
2002-03-21 06:28:25 PM  
Well, at least they weren't playing Dodgeball (that could've mentally scarred them for life....)
2002-03-21 06:29:17 PM  
Just some harmless team bonding.
2002-03-21 06:29:23 PM  
I often have a soft ball in my buttocks. It's called shiat.
2002-03-21 06:29:32 PM  
Obviously some innocent male-bonding ritual. Men feel closer doing dishes and playing ball at the same time, I guess, and a guy only has two hands...
2002-03-21 06:30:08 PM  
OMIGOSH.. That is soooo firefighter cute.
2002-03-21 06:30:37 PM  
this is outrageous!! i am appalled and disgusted. i perform my job with my pants around my ankles every day, sometimes on weekends, and encourage my co-workers to do the same, and i have yet to hear complaint one.

of course, i AM a triple x porn star...
2002-03-21 06:31:13 PM  
haha.. its pretty funny instead of "boobies" we get firefighters playing buttball.

2002-03-21 06:32:39 PM  
"Firefighters who refused to play the game weren't allowed to eat with their fellow employees." and this is bad because?
2002-03-21 06:34:55 PM  
That is the funniest thing i have read all day. HAHA!!
2002-03-21 06:35:52 PM  
What do you expect from guys who handle HOSES all day!!!
2002-03-21 06:36:16 PM  
For all those who have been asking...

[image from personal.bellsouth.net too old to be available]
2002-03-21 06:36:18 PM  
This is what happens when you repress those homo urges. It squeezes out in all kinds of funky ways.
2002-03-21 06:38:37 PM  
Click Here For Hot Firefighter Butt-Ball Action!!!
2002-03-21 06:41:36 PM  
I'm the butt-ball defensive champion!
2002-03-21 06:42:17 PM  
How many of these firemen were women?
2002-03-21 06:43:10 PM  
The question is, who is the homosexual who first comes up with an idea like this. I mean at one time one guy thought of this. And secondly, when said person expressed this brainstorm, why didn't the other guys make HIM go eat by himself?
2002-03-21 06:45:34 PM  
I was kicked off the squad because of my monster, tomohawk slam-dunks.
2002-03-21 06:48:05 PM  
As a homosexual, I have to say that you stupid farkers saying 'there must be a fag behind this' can just shut the hell up and go wack off thinking about your mommies.

Fark off. No proof, no reason to suggest it. I suppose every frat guy that's been through a farked up hazing ritual must be a farking fag as well. Obviously the game was about humiliation, not hot steamy man on man action.

Jesus Christ, people.
2002-03-21 06:51:21 PM  
Jesus Christ, people.

Was he gay too?
2002-03-21 06:51:45 PM  
Pseudomomomomous cow-turd: Acutally, what the article doesn't say is that after putting the ball between the buttcheeks they rammed it up their asses using thie giant Fier-Fightin' Dicks!
2002-03-21 06:52:12 PM  
now that you put it that way Pseudo cow-turd I can see your poin...WAIT..NO...Im pretty sure this is homo butt stuff. My god that is so wrong. But whats even worse is that someone actually thought that there were heterosexual firefighters out there
2002-03-21 06:53:10 PM  
Super Troopers, anyone?
2002-03-21 06:53:23 PM  
Pseudonymous cow-turd: Are you new here? Everyone's fair game! Just be glad you're not Canadian, they get picked on the most.

Come on...ya gotta admitt my tomahawk jam comment was funny.
2002-03-21 06:53:51 PM  
Wedge: I wish Christ was gay, and it would be found out in a revelation today. Then I'd watch all these "Christians" migrate to Buddhism because they tell the difference between a message and the messenger.
2002-03-21 06:55:05 PM  
That was supposed to be "they can't tell the difference" by the way.

And you know, if all firefighters were gay, there'd be a lot more happy homos in the world.
2002-03-21 06:57:09 PM  
Loothy, 'splain dis to me:
"To keep the ball sanitary, it was covered in a latex glove."

Are we being had?
I got a BAD feeling about this.
2002-03-21 06:58:27 PM  
While I could sit here and defend the point that "gay" is not the same as "bad" or "stupid" in a forum filled with homophobic morons, I'd rather play Counter-Strike and kill some heteros.

Glenlivid: I'm not new here. I've been here quite a while, but I don't post in this account very often, because I don't want to deal with some of the Farkers I know in real life feeling the need to beat the shiat out of me for no real reason.

(Oh no, I said "beat the shiat out of me" -- quick, someone come up with something witty about fags and fudge packing!)
2002-03-21 06:59:35 PM  
Man i really don't want to start a flame war, wait, that was funny.

Please leave Christ out of homo talk. We all know what the bible says about homosexuals.
2002-03-21 07:00:35 PM  
I'm not homophobic. I would fark my own personal hero, SHIGERU MIYAMOTO if he only wanted.

He's the guy that invented Super Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart. WHEEE! But I like boobies.
2002-03-21 07:01:00 PM  
Let's see now, suppose we have all the guys pull down their pants and stick a rubber ball in their butt. Now what's gay about that!? Jesus Christ people! You should get out more often!
2002-03-21 07:01:13 PM  
Or rather "beat the shiat back IN you!!!"

(how was that for you?)
2002-03-21 07:01:23 PM  
Also not homophobic in fact im the son of a florist.
2002-03-21 07:02:22 PM  
FaGz R VAd CouSse ThEY Pak Da' PHUdG3 iN De A55!! LOL!
2002-03-21 07:02:23 PM  
BigHonky: I can use the word "Christ" as much as I'd like, thank you very much. I don't give a shiat about what a 6,000 year old book says about my cock, shell fish, or your mothers menstruation.

Besides which, anybody that thinks the Bible justifies violence and hatred is a moron as well. Oh well, bye bye.
2002-03-21 07:02:58 PM  
It's not Fark. It's gay.com
2002-03-21 07:05:23 PM  
Rhiannon: Actually, PlanetOut is a much better resource than Gay.com. It just sucks that so many of the guys on there are just looking for one-nighters.

(who am I kidding? i can't leave. this is too much fun!)
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