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(NYPost)   Fifty-year-old Bruce Willis, 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan and "mutual gropefest" -- things you really don't want to see connected in a gossip item   ( divider line
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75613 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 10 Mar 2005 at 9:13 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-03-10 2:52:21 AM  
...without pictures.
2005-03-10 3:01:38 AM  
JacksBlack wins.
I hate anything on the Internet that doesn't have a picture or video or a flashing font. What's the point?
2005-03-10 3:03:49 AM  
Bruce proves yet again why he is a hero.
2005-03-10 3:07:52 AM  
Oh, I want to see them connected. In fact, I want to see the pictures. I am more than willing to see Bruce's withered, squinty face scrunched into some young flesh in order to see Lohan's panties down around her ankles.
2005-03-10 3:10:54 AM  

that was kind of creepy.
2005-03-10 3:12:09 AM  
I dunno. To tell you the truth, I'm really not going to notice whether Willis is in that picture.
2005-03-10 7:46:03 AM  
This is his way at getting back at Demi, right? He farks someone who's even younger than Ashton Kutcher?

2005-03-10 8:55:33 AM  
The more I read about Ms. Lohan the more I think that she's kinda slutty. The more I think that she's kinda slutty, the more I like her.
2005-03-10 9:03:02 AM  
Must be something new when you get a AARP membership. 10% discount and hot teenage groping action.

At least he did it right. He had witnesses. Otherwise who would believe it?
2005-03-10 9:16:02 AM  
Did anyone else think he was completely wasted on the Daily Show last night?
2005-03-10 9:17:06 AM  
The Divorce Wars:

Bruce Willis - 2 big ones

Demi - Still completely irrelevant

/action hero indeed
2005-03-10 9:17:21 AM  
I knew Lindsey had Daddy issues, but this takes the cake.
2005-03-10 9:17:39 AM  
i want him to give me something to shoot for when i'm fifty. not lindsay per se, but 18-year-olds in general.
2005-03-10 9:18:29 AM  
oh fark me...and I felt guilty for sleeping with a 21 year old last year, and I'm only 33! Now, it didn't keep me from sleeping with her, but man I felt really guilty those first 10 seconds afterwards.
2005-03-10 9:19:58 AM  
Demi gets Punk'd?
2005-03-10 9:20:13 AM  
Hey good for bruce, but yes, kinda creep.
2005-03-10 9:20:23 AM  
Anyone else ever think Bruce Willis looks like a turtle poking its head out of its shell?
Just sayin
2005-03-10 9:20:29 AM  
I demand we start a fund. We all donate afew dollars to a fund devoted to paying for Lindsay Lohan to strip down for us. Because lets face it- there's enough of us to easily raise enough money, and she's slutty enough to not charge very much...
2005-03-10 9:20:55 AM  
Eeewwwwww....Colin Farrell's sloppy seconds....
2005-03-10 9:20:58 AM  
sure, sure therealburkazoid. We believe you.
2005-03-10 9:21:02 AM  
Anyone see Willis on The Daily Show last night?

He said he was still wearing the same clothes he wore the night before, and there was a period of a few hours that he had "lost" or something, around 5:30 AM. He was sooo hung over, or maybe still messed up.

Noticeably so, even without this article. This is just icing on the cake.
2005-03-10 9:21:32 AM  
"Eventually, Willis and a few friends, including Lohan, took the party upstairs to his suite."

Did the word "gangbang" come to anyone else's mind? Yep, "slutty" is the word for her NICU8697.
2005-03-10 9:21:50 AM  
2005-03-10 9:22:20 AM  
Why does every Lohan article have to get the green light?

Am I the only one who doesn't find her interesting in the least, and thinks this is a FARK cliche which has run it's course?
2005-03-10 9:22:22 AM

2005-03-10 9:23:38 AM  
I'm still bothered more by that pretty-boy Tom Cruise scoring all the talent. Good thing Bruce is getting there first I guess.

/a little creepy
2005-03-10 9:24:36 AM  
Anyone else ever think Bruce Willis looks like a turtle poking its head out of its shell?
Just sayin

If by "turtle poking its head out of its shell", you mean "glans of an uncircumcised penis emerging from its foreskin", then yes.
2005-03-10 9:25:10 AM  
HappyZ: sure, sure therealburkazoid. We believe you.

ok, ok. I didn't feel guilty about it at all.
2005-03-10 9:25:31 AM  
DinoVomit: tomasso,

that was kind of creepy.

You don't know the half of it.
2005-03-10 9:25:40 AM  
"...when the day is done, and you wanna ride on, COCAINE"
2005-03-10 9:26:19 AM  
Still not as bad as Benecio Del Toro and Scarlett Johanson going at it in the elevator...
2005-03-10 9:26:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

He definetly has Demi beat in the age gap
2005-03-10 9:27:00 AM  
There really should be a GAG banner.
2005-03-10 9:27:00 AM  
i'd hit it... with a vengeance.
2005-03-10 9:27:44 AM  
I hope Willis or Lohan had their Sidekick and were filming. Hacked goodness by nexxt week.
2005-03-10 9:28:44 AM  

Eeewwwwww....Colin Farrell's sloppy seconds....

No way! Farrell banged Bruce Willis?
2005-03-10 9:28:59 AM  
mad that i'm 20 and can't get 18 year olds
...or women
2005-03-10 9:29:44 AM  
Wonder if he could tell if she is real or fake? ;)

/Lucky SOB
2005-03-10 9:30:03 AM  
Hero tag, indeed. I worship Bruce Willis on Sundays.

But wait. Did you say the Daily Show had an actor on last night? Please tell me he was running for Congress or something.

/misses Kilborn and Kathy Ireland
2005-03-10 9:30:13 AM  
Whoops, wrong thread.

This place needs an edit button...
2005-03-10 9:30:42 AM  
I'll believe it when the pics/vid is leaked on the internet. 'Till then its too creepy to visualize in my minds eye.

2005-03-10 9:31:02 AM  
There actually is a!
2005-03-10 9:33:45 AM  
I hope they were cautious of his hip.
2005-03-10 9:34:41 AM  
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfarker
2005-03-10 9:34:42 AM  
Well, if I was bruce willis, I'd chase after hot 18 year-olds too. He's a freakin' action hero, thats what he's supposed to do.

/still kinda gross
2005-03-10 9:34:43 AM  
All you haters that don't understand celebrity gossip need to lighten up. Just think of it as the village/office/church/high school gossip about the latest skank and just enjoy. It has always been around and will never leave. Personally I think Lohan is a better looking skank than the usual we are subjected to, so bring her on.

Disney must be rolling in his grave at the skankiness of the 'wholesome' girls his rat-kingdom has been producing lately.

oh and, for the record, I like fake tatas that are not sized for the entertainment industry, but shucks, i won't turn those down either.

/zed's dead
2005-03-10 9:35:12 AM  
Good start Bruce

Now let us see if you can catch Anthony Quinn in the age gap factor!
2005-03-10 9:35:28 AM  
Damn. Now I'm going to have an image of La Bella Vista the rest of the day.
2005-03-10 9:35:38 AM  
Lindsay Lohen did something slutty? Is the sky still blue? Is the grass still green? Wake me up when something new happens.
2005-03-10 9:37:08 AM  

oh fark me...and I felt guilty for sleeping with a 21 year old last year, and I'm only 33! Now, it didn't keep me from sleeping with her, but man I felt really guilty those first 10 seconds afterwards.

I had that same problem with a 18 year old when i was 30. Sure I felt guilty until her clothes came off.
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