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(USA Today)   NBC refuses to run liquor ads. Bull nuts and pig anuses will still be consumed on Fear Factor however   ( usatoday.com) divider line
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2002-03-21 09:44:54 AM  
Don't forget the pig goombies.
2002-03-21 09:45:24 AM  
2002-03-21 09:47:00 AM  
Oh yeah! Don't advertise for liquor. That'll stop people from drinking. Wish I'd thought of that one sooner. I guess that's why the NBC execustives get the big bucks.

2002-03-21 09:47:58 AM  
Hmmm pig anuses. I like them in the morning with my coffee and newspaper.
2002-03-21 09:48:36 AM  
I'm sorry, but that doesn't scare me. It just makes me sick. They should change the name to "gross factor" or "the sickest shiat we can trick you into eating factor". Farking idiots at NBC.
2002-03-21 09:50:34 AM  
PIG ANUSES?? Ewwwwwwyech! Now I know why I don't watch broadcast TV. They could give the Taco Bell game show a run for its money.
2002-03-21 09:50:52 AM  
Hmmm. I think I would first have to drink about a fifth of JD before I could convince myself to eat "Bull nuts and pig anuses".

Pig anuses the other dark meat.
2002-03-21 09:54:43 AM  
What were those pink things that looked like giant pasta things on this week's fear factor? I intentionally didnt watch it since just the previews grossed me out.
2002-03-21 09:55:04 AM  
It was actually pig uteruses. Or would that be uteri?
2002-03-21 09:55:10 AM  
Can't be any worse than the sushi I ate last night.
2002-03-21 09:55:52 AM  
Peer pressure.

Long live beer.
2002-03-21 09:59:05 AM  
Isn't pig anus kinda like donut hole? If it were the actual item it would just be empty space...

I'm thinking too hard about this
2002-03-21 10:00:23 AM  
Anuses. Say it with me class. Anuses. Today's magic word. Use it liberally.
2002-03-21 10:01:34 AM  
what the..... are we headed into another Prohibition ?? Are we gonna open "speak easies" on every other corner behind Akmad's 7-11 ??? WTF ?!?! I wanna know who's in charge over there at NBC damnit and I wanna know NOW !!!
2002-03-21 10:04:08 AM  
Reaten - I'd think a pig anus would be like the balloon-knot looking sphincter muscle. Mmmm, tasty. I, too, am thinking too hard about this, apparently.
2002-03-21 10:06:06 AM  
Maybe it is because Pig Anus is slightly less addictive than alcohol...remember...JUST SLIGHLT! MALT PIG ASS...YUM YUM
2002-03-21 10:10:23 AM  
Just shows management at NBC, like everywhere else, has their head up their ass and no idea what's going on.
2002-03-21 10:11:05 AM  
MMMM bull nuts
2002-03-21 10:12:10 AM  
They should have a whole show of the Sony dancing and singing robots from the link the other day...
2002-03-21 10:13:41 AM  
Uh...hey dudes

[image from flash.net too old to be available]
2002-03-21 10:14:37 AM  
Why is this disgusting? Everybody's eaten hotdogs before, right?
2002-03-21 10:20:45 AM  
The advertising cannot imply that "liquor would 'enhance anyone's attractiveness'". It doesn't enhance my attractiveness, but it does wonders for other people.
2002-03-21 10:28:34 AM  
Uh, I love alcohol just as much as the next lush, but comparing alcohol commercials to guys eating pig asses on Fear Factor is apples and orages.
2002-03-21 10:30:13 AM  
IckyMettle: No, no. It's "ah-holes and orifices", not "apples and oranges".
2002-03-21 10:32:48 AM  
[image from rps.psu.edu too old to be available]

Lips and assholes. Lips and assholes.
2002-03-21 10:35:59 AM  
You know how many lips were kissed and assholes reamed in order for Julia Roberts to win that Oscar ? A lot.
Sleeping with everyone in Hollywood is just part of the process...
2002-03-21 10:36:59 AM  
Of course, NBC would LIKE to make it look like they're taking a great big moral stand... let's see if they put their money where their mouths are and not show BEER ads either. (fat chance.)
2002-03-21 10:39:49 AM  

2002-03-21 10:40:47 AM  
I can't remember the last time that I've seen a liquor ad on TV. I thought they were restricted to print/billboard (technicall print... only bigger) ads a long time ago.

Maybe just here in WI?
2002-03-21 10:41:27 AM  

NBC is owned by General Electric. I hardly think they are going to go bankrupt.
2002-03-21 10:43:53 AM  
Homer: Apu this hotdog tastes different.
Apu: Yes, I just cleaned out the grease catcher so the treat you are enjoying has not been soaking in its own putrid filth.
Homer: Yea... but without all the grease all you can taste is the hog anus.
2002-03-21 10:44:31 AM  
Mierk- I think the networks imposed the ban themselves.
2002-03-21 10:44:42 AM  
I knew a guy who worked a couple summers just off the kill floor for a major pork processor. One of his tasks was pulling the intestines (and our friend the anus) out of the carcass all at once with a special tool.

The job was referred to as....drum roll please
the bunghole puller.
2002-03-21 10:45:17 AM  
If I were ever to form a band, I would have to name it
Gaping Anus.
2002-03-21 10:45:21 AM  
Headline behind the headline...

Liquor marketing lackeys unable to justify necessary monetary motivations for NBC's PR equations.

Beer is a more profitable and socially accepted drug delivery system. Therefore, the beer advertising industry will continue to thrive on television.

This is all about money... pig anuses aside.
2002-03-21 10:46:34 AM  
great headline by the way.
2002-03-21 10:48:48 AM  
So can someone explain to me why it is OK for Fox or even NBC's local affiliates to air ads for hard liquor, but if the NBC network airs such ads, there is a violent outcry?

Oh, wait, people are stupid.
2002-03-21 10:54:10 AM  
It's just another tool by the man to keep you sheep in line! First it's gonna be liquor ads, then they're gonna take beer ads, then they're gonna take Victoria's Secret ads, then, before you know it there'll be no commercials at all and...

wait a minute, that wouldn't be so...

...NO! The man is keeping you down! Don't stand for it, America! Show big business that you're mad as hell! You don't have to.... *Mmmmph!* *MMMMMPPPH!!!*

The rest of this post has been quarantined by the Democratic Investigation Center for Knowledge. Go back to sleep, America. SLEEEEEEP!!!!
2002-03-21 12:04:35 PM  
Berr is fine on TV, but not booze?? I have never seen a liquor ad on TV, but what makes beer ads any better.

It's a horseshiat hypocracy.

2002-03-21 12:04:38 PM  
OMFG! I did a search for pig ass on Google Images, and THIS is what I get????!!!!???

[image from drummer.com too old to be available]
2002-03-21 12:09:06 PM  
Sorry, I'm too hung over to read the article < BURRRP > . What's the big deal about.....

// falls down into a pool of his own vomit //
2002-03-21 12:49:07 PM  
Fb-, sorta like large Fortune 500 companies like Enron won't go out of business?
2002-03-21 01:28:29 PM  

Nah.....General Electric has paid a lot more money to politicians than Enron ever could, they will never go out of business, as long as our "good ol' boy" system stays in place.
2002-03-21 03:47:16 PM  
Bull nuts and Pig anuses dont cause you to fark your best friends date and crash your car into children.

fark alcohol.
2002-03-21 06:46:13 PM  
2002-03-22 12:28:32 AM  
Sometimes I wonder why in the hell alcohol needs to be advertised. I mean, its not hard to sell a good ole bottle of Jack Daniels or an Ice Cold Bud. But Honestly,is NBC going to NOT air that cute little horsey BUD commerical with the horses bowing their heads?
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