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(Herald Sun)   Bavarian beer garden owner will be switching to plastic beer cups for this year's Ocktoberfest. "We cleaned up almost 26 tons of broken glass last year"   ( heraldsun.news.com.au) divider line
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2005-03-06 10:27:56 AM  
BS. If this goes through, this is a sad day for Munich.
2005-03-06 11:02:51 AM  
it must feel like "he's walking on broken glass"

/sorry for the gratuitous Annie Lenox reference
2005-03-06 01:11:50 PM  
Who would want to do any toasts with plastic glasses. I don't see this becoming a tradition.
2005-03-06 06:22:44 PM  
Somewhere, Melle Mel is smiling.
2005-03-06 06:30:34 PM  
Hey beer is beer. It can't be all that sad. After eight or nine pints they won't be caring anyway
2005-03-06 07:11:02 PM  
26 tons of broken glass???

2005-03-06 07:11:17 PM  
celebrate. break glass. pick up glass. recycle glass.

/nothing goes to waste.
2005-03-06 07:11:50 PM  
Dude. Do not mess with Oktoberfest. Especially if you're in Germany.

That said, watch as I turn this into a political flamewar in the first 10 posts while STILL not managing to take a side:

We should have Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore eat that glass. We could make a contest out of it. Who will drop first?
2005-03-06 07:12:15 PM  
They lose so may glasses by people errrr, borrowing them :)

But there is somthing about a Mass glass at Wies'n that will make this move a sad one, it will spoil the atmosphere.

/Lived there for a few years
2005-03-06 07:13:14 PM  
Hofbrauhaus (sp?) will never be the same either, then.

/can't remember how to spell it, I got pretty ripped that night
//ripped right now, not sure what I'm talking about
2005-03-06 07:13:33 PM  
There's something about this that reminds me of Aberdeen Street in Kingston after homecoming. Can anyone post a pic?
2005-03-06 07:14:17 PM  
I love the sound of breaking glass. Especially when I'm lonely.
2005-03-06 07:17:26 PM  
I don't think they're using these:
[image from eofficedirect.com too old to be available]

More likely using these:
[image from servu-online.com too old to be available]
2005-03-06 07:18:49 PM  
good for them...people wanna act like slobs..let em suck plastic
2005-03-06 07:19:31 PM  
Kristallnacht of the Beer Steins.
2005-03-06 07:21:11 PM  
Briefcase Nuke: Hofbrauhaus (sp?) will never be the same either, then.

I've only done one First Day at the Hof, and due to working I didn't get there until 7:00pm, but there was a very good collection of bra's hanging from the ceiling when I got there.

It's more of a 'tourist' tent than others, but the atmosphere is faaannaassttiicccc!!

If you ever get chance go, just go..... And I don't drink alcohol!

/Drunk too many litres of Spetzi..... yeuch!
2005-03-06 07:29:48 PM  
Ya used me, Skinner! Ya used me!
2005-03-06 07:32:04 PM  
Probably make more by serving lots of little cups than serving beer in the big steins.
2005-03-06 07:35:14 PM  
Plastic cups allow for printed paid-for advertising people, use your heads.
2005-03-06 07:36:10 PM  
Couldn't they make Pyrex steins? That would be interesting.
2005-03-06 07:41:13 PM  
El Bastardo: More likely using these:

are thoses plastic?

it wouldn't be hard making plastic glasses like thoses.
2005-03-06 07:45:40 PM  
Plastic contaminates the taste of beer. It's much better out of glass.
2005-03-06 07:59:59 PM  
I've been to Munich. I know how these people are with beer and tradition. It was probably an idea like this that pissed Hitler off and made him try to conquor the world.

//hopes people are ok with Hitler jokes
2005-03-06 08:02:17 PM  

I was there and know what you're talking about for sure.
2005-03-06 08:07:55 PM  
Fire President Bush
Plastic contaminates the taste of beer. It's much better out of glass.

If you are at Oktoberfest and your beer is sitting in the stein long enough for it to get a taste you are doing something very wrong =)
2005-03-06 08:09:07 PM  
I used to have one of those til my asshat roomate broke it.
2005-03-06 08:21:20 PM  
[image from img197.exs.cx too old to be available]
2005-03-06 08:23:27 PM  
Betrayal most foul! Bah...after the second beer like I'll care?
2005-03-06 08:31:42 PM  
But what about the glass collecting, glass recycling, and glass manufacturing industries?
2005-03-06 08:44:48 PM  
I will be living in Landshtul by the next Oktoberfest, hope I can still get glass.
2005-03-06 08:47:56 PM  
I've dabbled in beer gardening in the past. Planted a few bottles but nothing sprouted...
2005-03-06 08:49:48 PM  
Oktoberfest is crap. It has turned into a huge tourist attraction. You are much better off driving through the country until you come across one of the local beer fests. Great atmosphere without all the tourists.
2005-03-06 08:54:33 PM  
Half Man Half Biscuit
No no, I'm not talking about the tent for Oktoberfest, I'm talking about the hall in Munich, the year-round thing.....I think...

/Ja, Sie sind Richtig!
2005-03-06 08:59:01 PM  
Fire President Bush

german beer tastes good no matter what its served in. maybe bud light is able to extract flavour out of plastics.
over here weve got something called purity requirements..

/yes, im a whacky german
//dont you see that FARK needs a FARKing 'Germay'-FARK-tag!?
2005-03-06 09:23:18 PM  
simple solution
bring your own farking stein


no plastic or glass to worry about
2005-03-06 09:35:43 PM  
Briefcase Nuke: I'm talking about the hall in Munich

Got ya. Been there a few times but generally avoided it. I normally went around the Schwabing / Munchener Freiheit area.
2005-03-06 09:38:32 PM  
Half Man,
Rock on. When's the next Munich Fark party?
2005-03-06 09:40:14 PM  
Good point monkeyfetusjuice

At Hofbrauhaus you can have your own stein that is locked up whenever you aren't there.

Whatever beer garden is near the farmer's market and butcher's row, man that is a hell of a time.

As a 16-year-old American teenager with my parents an ocean away, man that was about as close to heaven as you can get. Arrive at noon, start drinking and eating the free sausages they give you with a beer. Take the subway to the Olympic park for a pick-up basketball game. After about a half-hour the score was probably 3 baskets-2 baskets.

Good times...
2005-03-06 10:21:17 PM  
Briefcase Nuke: Rock on. When's the next Munich Fark party?

2005-03-06 11:09:06 PM  

Fire President Bush
Plastic contaminates the taste of beer. It's much better out of glass.

If you are at Oktoberfest and your beer is sitting in the stein long enough for it to get a taste you are doing something very wrong =)

I was gonna say the same thing. Who lets the beer sit in the glass that long?
2005-03-07 01:17:42 AM  
2005-03-07 01:28:58 AM  
Yet another sad step for Germany. Like when they started "brewing" alcohol free "beer" in Jever. Wie das Land, so das Jever Bah!
2005-03-07 01:38:51 AM  
Hey, Half Man Half Biscuit-if you don't mind me asking, do you know how to do "The Len Ganley Stance?"
2005-03-07 02:09:02 AM  
robodog If you are at Oktoberfest and your beer is sitting in the stein long enough for it to get a taste you are doing something very wrong =)

At Oktoberfest (and most any other biergarten in Munich) beer is not served in quantities smaller than a liter. That's a whole lotta beer to consume in a device other than a bong.

I like how TFA doesn't give the name of the brauhaus. I'll have to scope it out and see what the public reaction is. My predition: no farkin' way.

Plastic lacks that frosty mug feel essential to the experience.

Munich has already had to butt heads with FIFA to make local beer available after the "official" sponsorship for the World Cup was sold to BUD.
2005-03-07 02:32:12 AM  
Great... so we're going to switch from broken glass litter to ... plastic litter.

This is better, or different, how?
2005-03-07 02:59:55 AM  

Bring Your Own Beer Stein.
2005-03-07 03:23:16 AM  
Man, I am glad I stole a Mass glass from Hofbraeuhaus at last year's Oktoberfest.

It was all for public saftey, you really were walking ankle deep in broken glass all over the Wiesn.
2005-03-07 04:18:34 AM  
Good. I hate picking bits of stein out of my lederhosen.
2005-03-07 04:53:50 AM  
This is at the Loewenbraeu tent I believe, as attractive and successful Caucasian-Americanl Hagn is the owner of that one.

That's fine, I never liked that tent anyway. I'm a Schottenhamel tent man through and through. They've got the highest percentage of dirndls in the 18-25 set. And dirndls are a wonderful thing.
2005-03-07 06:18:58 AM  

You're in Dresden? I suggest you hit up the Feldschloesschen Brauhaus there. On the side a hill over the Elbe, but I am afraid I dont know exactly where on the Elbe, richtung Schloss Pilnitz from the center of the city, though. I lived in Berlin at the time I went there and was relieved to find a Mass.
2005-03-07 08:20:44 AM  

Dresden ?
Feldschloesschen Brauhaus ?
Elbe ?
richtung Schloss Pilnitz ?

Come on now, you made some of those up ;-)
2005-03-07 08:35:06 AM  
cornybread: Some of em? Try all of em.
2005-03-07 10:46:27 AM  
Your transition from Teutonic history to banal carnival is now complete
2005-03-07 05:08:47 PM  
I wonder if they will still be serving a whole liter in their new plastic cup/mugs...

I was at the Theresienwiese for the O'fest last year, and the damned Lowenbrau cost me E8.50 for a liter! That is equivalent to $3.62 for a 12 oz. bottle!

Oh, and plastic doesn't change the flavor of beer. Unless they didn't do a proper solvent wash on the cups to remove the unpolymerized monomers. Not likely. The only detriment polyethyleneterephthalate packaging has on beer is that it is not a good gas barrier. Unless you use ethylvinylalcohol or some sort of active oxygen scavenging co-polymer along with the PET. Once its in the cup, though, its a moot point.
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