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2002-03-20 05:16:02 PM  
Note to self: Stop paying college women for sex.
2002-03-20 05:18:10 PM  
Also, saying S is "X at best and Y at worst" is just shiatty writing. "Outright lying" is not the worst possible thing you could think of to describe the idea that sex of any kind has no consequences whatsoever. This guy just gets swept away in his own rhetoric.
2002-03-20 05:18:10 PM  
Also, saying S is "X at best and Y at worst" is just shiatty writing. "Outright lying" is not the worst possible thing you could think of to describe the idea that sex of any kind has no consequences whatsoever. This guy just gets swept away in his own rhetoric.
2002-03-20 05:18:45 PM  
I sure miss my college days.. :(
2002-03-20 05:18:57 PM  
Yar, hit button twice by accident.

Mods, please, do your thing.
2002-03-20 05:19:02 PM  
THIS is a man who owns too many Precious Moments figurines.

I like where he says that young men are responsible for their actions, but really, girls have historically kept them in line, they are biologically programmed to keep them in line, the bible says women keep men in line, so really, strike that, women are responsible for the behavior of men.

"But women have historically been the civilizing forces for men. That is biological. Moreover, several verses in the Scriptures refer to the important role that women have in the moral uplift of men." So nevermind that first point, I take it back, you are all responsible for me you hussies. If I stick my dick in someone it is her fault, and my wife's.

Nevermind that it isn't biological AT ALL to not want sex, otherwise there would be no reproduction except through rape. Dumbass.

Kymry, former college "slut"
2002-03-20 05:19:19 PM  
Jeezis, what a load of bullsh*t!

If a guy has many partners, he's a hero, if a woman has many partners, she's a whore or a slut. Why are so many men so threatened by female sexual freedom? That's all it is, simple fear. They're afraid that if a girl has something to compare it to, she'll know how small his penis really is! And his brain, for that matter. So they call names like elementary school kids, but if one of these girls comes along, will they zip it up? No way!

But we don't talk about that part of it, it's just a guy sowing his wild oats.
2002-03-20 05:20:37 PM  
I emailed him and offered him my services if he ever comes to Toronto....

I'll keep you posted.
2002-03-20 05:21:05 PM  

And drunk slutty college girls in tight shirts are a problem WHY?

farking idiot.
2002-03-20 05:21:26 PM  
I love to read this stuff. Retards like this Sabia fella make me feel better about myself. I get laid, have a high respect for myself and women, and let people 'out there' do whatever they please. Who is it hurting, Sabia? I sense a great need to troll, hate women, or hate himself. Poor bastard needs to come out of the closet or at least realize the distance between the pew and his arsehole is not an indicator of morally. 'Priests molesting children' anyone?

PS I read EVERY post before this too, and some of you dudes and ladies are freaking hysterical. Some of the bashing of this dude had my eyes watering it was so funny.

2002-03-20 05:24:03 PM  
You guys need to understand the background on Sabia. (I went to Cornell so I know all about the guy.) He is a gay Republican (such creatures do exist, don't ask me why). He is supposedly "special friends" with Matt Drudge, who is also gay as most of you probably know. I now live in DC and saw Sabia and Drudge together walking near Dupont Circle. They certainly looked like they had a very "close" relationship.

Anyway, he has devoted his life to being a sort of semi-closeted gay Tucker Carlson type. Nay, he's more annoying even than Carlson. He's the campus equivalent of a chatroom troll. People in Ithaca/Cornell have pretty much stopped paying attention to him. He was pretty much disgraced when he accused a female Mexican student who was badly beaten by a mob w/ baseball bats, of having made the whole thing up. Supposedly even his friends won't be seen with him now.

Like fellow gay Repubs Drudge, David Brock, (and I suspect, Bob Barr and aforementioned "Butt"Tucker Carlson), Sabia seems to be an unrepentent misogynist. Look at his archived columns and see if you can find one nice thing about a woman in there.
2002-03-20 05:24:40 PM  
gorgeous: "Anybody can get laid if they really want to"

try saying that to me
2002-03-20 05:25:07 PM  
Nice job, Raydr , on the comments you made a while back. (03-20-02 03:20:55 PM)
2002-03-20 05:25:49 PM  
Two paragraphs, that is about all it took.
2002-03-20 05:29:00 PM  
He's GAY!?!?!

what a scary guy...a walking contradiction, really.
2002-03-20 05:32:22 PM  
It's Del from Caroline in the City [image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available][image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-03-20 05:32:55 PM  
Well, he's going to have to leave Cornell if and when he gets his PhD. Colleges usually have a policy of not allowing a person to get a job in the same place where they received their doctorate. Of course, this guy's gonna have a problem getting a job because he didn't go anywhere else to get his subsequent degrees. Even if he is at an Ivy.

Oh yeah, and the fact that he's an asshole is a factor, too.
2002-03-20 05:34:50 PM  
"The woman, on the other hand, can have only one child at an extended amount of time. Being promiscuous gains her nothing...being monogamous guarantees her a degree of care and safety for her child which can't be provided through simple booty calls."

Actually, it's not quite that simple. Recent studies of the sexual habits of other primates suggest a much more complex arrangement. Females seem to seek out a "provider male," one who can give stability and care for the young. She then gives this male lots and lots of sex, for the purpose of keeping him around. But she doles out this sex at times when she's highly unlikely to become pregnant.

Whe she IS likely to become pregnant, she is far more likely to go out trolling for a "booty call," and now she's looking strictly for a physically impressive specimen. She then dupes the "provider male" into believing that the offspring is his, so that he will help care for/protect it.

In societies where females were previously thought to be monogamous, the rate of "illegitimate" offspring was found to be close to 35%.

But all of this is beside the point. For one thing, casual sex isn't bad if it isn't done irresponsibly (protection, etc.). For another, most people who engage in such sex will eventually tire of it, at which point they will seek out a more stable, loving relationship.

I know lots of people who drank extremely often and extremely heavily in college, and "got that out of their system." After college, they rarely even drink, choosing to espouse a more stable lifestyle.

When you're young, you're SUPPOSED to act impulsively much of the time.

Now go out and fark like rabbits!
2002-03-20 05:36:18 PM  
Female Primates: Unpaid Whores
2002-03-20 05:36:29 PM  
Holy Cow! Either Cornell is cooler than I thought, or a hickey is "oral sex" in this guy's book.

In any case, Sabia deserves to never come near a labia.

2002-03-20 05:38:20 PM  
I'm at work right now and in a huge hurry, but this article is too ridiculous. What a pompous ass...

03-20-02 11:44:44 AM Markus o'farkus
He lost me with the God stuff. Ok, and the whore stuff. Something tells me this guy is a "waiting-til-marriage" Catholic, and girls with t-shirts shake his resolve as they shake their booty. Amen.

Well said. He's one of those mislead maniacs who firmly believes that a person cannot make any intelligent decisions--pertaining to sex--without the intimidating specter of his angry God.

Oh, and another obvious issue--he holds women responsible for promiscuous sex but not men...as if they cannot help themselves. Freak.
2002-03-20 05:41:17 PM  
clmensch: i was here for that. and really pissed i wasn't invited. they didn't intend for it to happen... basically they organized a halloween-toga-party-thingy in the dorm where we stick all the weirdos and artists (risley hall) and then, (oops!) oral sex broke out. the cornell review were the only people who didn't find it amusing.
2002-03-20 05:41:43 PM  
And that's when the whores came in...
2002-03-20 05:46:22 PM  
All I can say is: WOW!
This article from the Cornell Review!?

Are the college campuses in some kind of paradigm shift?

I'm surprised this article ever got printed.

Guess I'm "behind the curve" on this topic.
2002-03-20 05:52:19 PM  
He's suggesting that women use sex as a tool to control men?

How charming and unrealistic. Go figure, moron...women like sex too.
2002-03-20 05:55:12 PM  
There's so much I hate about this article that I don't know where to begin...and yet I have. Repeatedly. My prior posts have no real organization, but there they are. What a creep.
2002-03-20 05:55:38 PM  
Wow this guys got it all right!
Guys, we better hurry up and get while the gettin good. Before the women read this and realize they should be paid, or they just stop puttin out altogether.
2002-03-20 06:04:07 PM  
It's crap like this that make me wish I could turn off the Interweb.
2002-03-20 06:16:12 PM  
From Sabia's diary:

And beknownst to all ye heathens, that I shalt take these wanton sluts and purify them with my blessed little white swimmers. Comest thou back to Hey'Zeus.. (Jesus) and I will take ye for my flock. I PRAY THEE do not mingle with the Greeks for they surely will devour thy soul.

Ok.. Im bored.. :)
2002-03-20 06:18:09 PM  
Too bad theres all that god crap in that essay. if ya sift through that stuff it's got some good points.
2002-03-20 06:21:32 PM  
I didn't have time to read every comment, but i see they are mostly thinking this guy is a fool.

you don't have to like his religous reasons, but think about the results for a second. Everyone who's a responsible adult should know not to have sex with anything willing in sight. that's foolish, and can only cause problems. Sex does mean something in a relationship, at least until you are so jaded (some would say scarred) to sex-and-run that you don't notice your heart any more. This is true for my girl friends, especially - but that doesn't mean guys aren't this way.

I know I don't hold a popular opinion here, but I really believe that sex should wait until you've got a meaningful relationship - and by meaningful I mean ready for commitment. Seriously - for those of you who aren't screwed up out there, doesn't it sound nice to fall in love, get married, and have sex with your girl for the first time for both of you?

i remember a thread or two ago someone mourned not being able to have sex with a virgin, ever. Someone else has got STD's. Another thread, someone is on their fifth wife. AIDS and other STD's are killing people, or really messing people up. families are broken up...and people don't see anything wrong with all the pain it causes...(think of the children...sorry i couldn't resist, but this time maybe it fits). It didn't used to be this way. These days though.... I guess you want your freedom, I guess you want your choice.

This trend bothers me. And no i'm not a middle-aged geezer. i'm 20. at college. plenty of whores, sluts, plenty of nice girls too who might be willing. I could have sex with my girlfriend if i wanted, and all the boobies (D-cup, too...) I want...but I chose to wait. That's just me.
2002-03-20 06:24:44 PM  
Warren Peese
All I can say is: WOW!
This article from the Cornell Review!?

Are the college campuses in some kind of paradigm shift?

I'm surprised this article ever got printed.

Guess I'm "behind the curve" on this topic.

Important note: The Cornell Review is not the student paper of Cornell. It is a reactionary right-wing rag put out by the campus Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom (all 6 of them).

Cornell does have an excellent student-run daily, The Cornell Daily Sun
2002-03-20 06:25:59 PM  
Yow, this guy is already a cranky old man and he's still in college! Religious nutbag only begins to describe this piece of work.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
2002-03-20 06:27:30 PM  
El Bulbil has it right. There is a certain cockroach-like species of gay Republican that just can't stand females (oh, and add Andrew Sullivan to that list) and likes to tsk-tsk about how gay men, other than themselves of course, are promiscuous.

From a Biblical POV, his argument is ridiculous. Genesis makes it clear that, in matters of morality, women drag men down rather than lifting them up. The women-as-gatekeeper mentality is part of the secular Enlightenment; the Church for centuries held to the view that women were not to be trusted because of their inability to say no.
2002-03-20 06:28:11 PM  
Dave_bsr: I resent the idea that every time casual sex occurs, or a divorce happens, or someone gets an STD it's the woman's fault because guys are too weak-willed and women aren't supposed to enjoy sex.

Don't want casual sex? Fine, don't have it. I'm not into casual sex either, but that doesn't give me the right to biatch at people who do, it to say that an entire farking GENDER isn't allowed to want sex and it's their farking DUTY to withold it.
2002-03-20 06:28:20 PM  
"I'm not religious, I just don't want a girl that's used, I don't want your nasty smoke staining my walls/property, I don't want to hear the excuse "I farked him because I was high/drunk, it didn't mean anything.". I just happen to like moral, clean, down to earth women. Quit confusing it with religion."

confusing what with religion..Hypocrisy ? A used woman ?!?!?!, try speaking of/to her as a person not a thing. Everyone is the SUM of their experiences not the other way around. How does a relationship someone had, devalue a relationship you could have ?? While I can't find a single fault with you goals, the rationalizations you use are rather sickening and shallow.
2002-03-20 06:28:47 PM  

I wasn't actually condemning his viewpoints on abstinence so much as his moronic comments regarding the lack of responsibility men have. I don't have a problem with people who choose to abstain, certainly--there is the issue of STD's and unwanted pregnancy, after all. But I also don't have any issue with people who want to sleep around--as long as they're using protection and birth control.

But yeah, I do find it very insulting that he doesn't give anyone enough credit to make wise decisions in regards to sex without spiritual guidance. It's very silly.
2002-03-20 06:33:24 PM  
Foodbunny ...yes, thank you. Very well said. The man is fond of sweeping generalizations. Like I mentioned earlier, there's no logic in condemning an entire gender to some sort of "noble" abstinence. What kind of crap is that?!

Back to work.
2002-03-20 06:38:28 PM  
"Women are evil."

Old news.

Even the Bible got it right: "A good woman is rarer than pearls." Somethng like that.

Separate the wheat from the chaff and decriminalize prostitution already.
2002-03-20 06:39:22 PM  
20 yrs later and this guy's still pissed that he wasn't born a girl.
2002-03-20 06:41:15 PM  
The reason religion is brought into this is because it is the original moral standard for all. Religion used to be the fabric of the society.
I find myself agreeing with this guy. I don't condone the similar activities for men either. The woman has a great deal or responsibility for helping to create a family unit, which is the basic unit for people to survive. Promiscuity creates a totally different thing...a society bereft of happy families, responsibility, divorce, and unhappiness.
This is just what I've observed to be true. I'm a only 21 years old, unmarried. I don't have casual relationships. I've slept with a few girls, but only after I'd decided that she was a possible cadidate for complete committment. I realize this is not a foolproof method of selection, but so far, it's worked for me.
2002-03-20 06:42:23 PM  

Just because someone thinks this guy is a moron, do not assume that means that person endorses farking everything with two legs.

I think most people here object to his high-horse rhetoric, holier-than-thou attitute, misogyny, and general assholishness.
2002-03-20 06:46:15 PM  
He's got a couple points, like how being liberated and equal are somehow equated with being sluts. If I tell a slut not to be, it's probably not 'cause I'm being paternatlistic or trying to enforce patriarchal rule, but just 'cause I'd hope someone gets a little self-esteem.

But then, you can be a sexual creature and value yourself, God or not.
2002-03-20 06:47:04 PM  
I agree with Dave_bsr
2002-03-20 06:47:12 PM  
Why didn't that article have any pictures of these college whores??
2002-03-20 06:49:58 PM  
nothing like some bible-thumping to ruin an otherwise interesting point.
2002-03-20 06:51:11 PM  
I've slept with a few girls, but only after I'd decided that she was a possible cadidate for complete committment.

In other words, you're a slut and so were the women you slept with. If they were such great candidates for marriage, why didn't you wait until the marriage?

I just happen to like moral, clean, down to earth women.

...who will fark you, when you've decided that they're not slutty enough to be beneath you.

Is anyone else as amused as I am about how boys like the ones quoted above draw their lines?
2002-03-20 06:55:19 PM  

Jws755: that whole "chastity" thing seems to be working just fine for the Catholic church these days, doesn't it.
(Actualy, it works fine for the vast majority of priests, although I am not catholic)

[Thanks for using a sweeping generalzation in an attempt to dismiss my point of view. Its my general view, not specific to ever person on the planet. ]

The world SEEMS like a less moral place today because we're so much more in tune with it than we were 50 years ago. We know what's happening around the globe in an instant thanks to this here intar-web.

[I maintain that the world IS a less moral place now that it was 50 years ago. Racist policies against groups does not mean EVERYONE agreed at the time. Im not asking you to agree with me, only consider an alternative position.]

Have I experienced all that fun, carefree sex in my college days? Sure did, plenty of it. More sex than you could likely imagine. Near everything thats in that penthouse Fourm you have stashed under your bed. Even now those opportinities come up, and I decline. I have learned that its much more satisfying in MY life to elevate sex to something more than just recreation. Simply because this guy had some valid points doesnt mean I adhere to everything he wrote.

[Is there a place for premarital sex? Maybe, given a responsible context, where the decision making process is a little more complex than ordering a pizza. I think its a lot to ask to keep everyone from having sex till they get married at 26 or whatever the average age is, but to banish any semblence of respect or affection from sex is immature and childish. ]

You can have your good old fashioned values. I'll keep them in mind if I run out of toilet paper.

[Ignore my values, I dont ask you to adhere to them. I can only say that I would anticipate your outlook will change over the years. Mine certanly did. ]
2002-03-20 06:56:38 PM  
yeah...i laughed when i read that bulls***/holyer than thou crap...was he the one who called himself a "straight edge"?
2002-03-20 06:58:22 PM  
I actually e-mailed this guy and this is what ensued:> There are so many things wrong with your opinionated and non-factual article
> that I can't even begin to describe the awful taste it has left in my mouth.
> I ask you why is it that women who are influenced by femminism whores? We
> should be allowed to have sex with who we choose without some "man" who
> thinks he's got everything figured out, standing on his soap box and
> preaching to us about what "he" thinks a woman should act like. Thanks for
> your concern but, we don't need it.
> We will shake our titties in the face of adversity and disrespectful busy
> bodies such as yourself.
> I agree with you that a woman's search for love sometimes leads her into the
> arms of a stranger (or a few for that matter). But, I can assure you that
> men do the same thing. Is it their lack of god in thier life that has lead
> them to that bed, or their reproductive nature?
> Thanks for recieving my end,
His response:I would respectfully suggest that the "awful taste in your mouth" is that
of guilt. Deep down, you know that sleeping around is immoral and not
liberating. You know it because your conscience tells you so. You get
emotional and angry at my writing because it speaks to your conscience.

I guess the real test of whether I am right will come the next time you
have the opportunity to be with another guy. If my words flood back in
your head, then I struck a cord with something inside you. If not, then
so be it. I guess you can dismiss me as the evil, sopbox guy.

But I sense that you are a smart, strong woman. And I think that you
deserve better than what most girls are willing to accept.


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> Stephanie Jones
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