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24916 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2002 at 2:24 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-20 03:31:24 PM  
He is definitely boring, prudish, and old-fashioned.
2002-03-20 03:31:41 PM  
raydr: Isn't "straight-edge" the term that was used by that movement of people who are against sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. about two or three years ago? I remember watching videos of people who called themselves "straight-edge" beating the shiat out of someone for smoking.

Was that you?
2002-03-20 03:31:51 PM  
I feel sorry for this guy's daughter.
2002-03-20 03:32:07 PM  
And this

[image from too old to be available]

is that same face big enough to see.

2002-03-20 03:32:10 PM  
what's with the html?I included a link to all the idiots articles
2002-03-20 03:32:43 PM  
I paid in blood, sweat and tears for every "college girl" I slept with. "Unpaid" my ass. Then again I'm pretty ugly...
2002-03-20 03:32:51 PM  
Raydr: I'm all about being able to look at yourself in the mirror. I wasn't trying to pass judgment on you. I happen to feel the same way about it as you do. I don't want to just fark whatever I can. (Anybody can get laid if they really want to, but it won't satisfy anything.) Thanks for the clarification.
2002-03-20 03:33:05 PM  
This guy reminds me of this old creepy guy who would parade around Rutgers (the edumacational pride of NJ) shouting "True Love Waits For Marriage!" to anyone he saw. It always made for a great drunken debate when he was around on College Ave on Thursday nights.
2002-03-20 03:33:12 PM  
His follow-up piece in which he admits he's "brilliant" and "has no fear" and is a "major farking asshole".
2002-03-20 03:33:17 PM  
Okay, so I have to ask a question: Has this boy ever, ever, ever heard of flappers? No? How about the Roaring 20's, when everything he talked about existed, except for feminism in said state? Hmm?

I really hope he doesn't think this is a new thing.
2002-03-20 03:33:50 PM  
This article gets my coveted Steaming Pile of Poo award for today.

Where are the men in this article, you hear about women going around having random sex, but doesn't mention the unpaid gigolos...

By defn a whore is someone who sex for money. So they are saying college girls are "someone who has sex for money for free". Makes lots of sense.
2002-03-20 03:34:24 PM  
I brand my college whores with a hot crack pipe, but that's just me.
2002-03-20 03:34:47 PM  
That's right, women always dressed prim and proper before those evil bra-burning feminazis corrupted the female gender.

Come to think of it, those darned suffragettes had that "womens' rights" crap going as well. See where giving women the vote got AMERICA?

*farking knob*
2002-03-20 03:35:12 PM  
2002-03-20 03:35:14 PM  
I kept a starit face reading the thing until this:

Can the moral high ground ever be reclaimed?
Perhaps... one church pew at a time.

Hehe, that's gold.
2002-03-20 03:35:16 PM  
Anyone have one of those lists from playboy of the colleges with the hottest women?
2002-03-20 03:35:54 PM  
Like the title says, "No Shades of Gray". Sees the world in strictly black & white. He can't be too smart - he just thinks he is.
2002-03-20 03:36:17 PM  
I really hate this "Men are weak and impulsive so women have to make them behave by never ever enjoying themselves" bullshiat. It degrades everyone.
2002-03-20 03:36:18 PM  
kupek_: No...that's not quite me. I don't preach about drugs or alcohol or sex. I just won't date a girl like that, and I don't usually become good friends with people like that (unless they're really cool like my friend stoner).
2002-03-20 03:36:33 PM  
Good point Rosalea. This guy's just an arrogant presumptive bastard.
2002-03-20 03:37:08 PM  
And here's to them! With this beautiful weather finally coming around the girls on my quad (Uni of Ill) are finally starting to wear next to nothing again... It's pretty refreshing.
2002-03-20 03:37:56 PM  
"Many college women ... sleep with their boyfriends."

Say it isn't so!!!!
2002-03-20 03:38:11 PM  
Raydr - Sometimes good guys don't wear white.
2002-03-20 03:38:50 PM  
Digipimp, enough already.

10-1 odds this guy is actually the masturbator. Actually he's got a point, but he's forgetting that it's exciting for girls to get dressed up and go out and get wasted. In my experience, girls just like to get laid as much as guys do. That's what the world is coming to, and is anyone complaining?

Another point. This guy probably has a bug up his ass, because the girl he dreams about in his 300 level english likes to fark, but doesn't fark him. Most girls aren't that slutty. I mean slutty by high school standards, but not slutty by say 30 year old biological clock is ticking standards. Certain girls like the cock more than others, and of course it's always the exception to the rule that people report on.

I'm babbling, back to Urban Battle against the terror drones on Hikage Hill.
2002-03-20 03:40:40 PM  
Raydr: I dunno, I don't try to press my morality on others in any form. Of course, my moral structure is pretty faulty according to many people, especially the religious.

I figure if a person can live with their actions, and they're not hurting someone else in the process, then they can judge themselves and live with the consequences.
2002-03-20 03:40:44 PM  
'strait' face, that is.
2002-03-20 03:40:49 PM  
I can't tell if this article is more insulting to women or men. Assuming that all men are cookie-cutter partners all just looking to get laid by whomever, whenever, wherever is an myth born in the seventies that is, thankfully, slowly dying and the younger generations (post-baby boomers) come to realize the possibilities born in a sexualy mature mind.

If I want to just get laid and both of us understand that it's a physical need, that's all it is. Sex isn't holy or sancrosanct or some God-blessed act. Everything that's alive has sex.

Conversely, the idea that "college girls" are all just a bunch of floozies looking to fulfull their teenage desires is also tiring. The SorrityGirl-FratBoy image is so stereotypically National Lampoon that basing an entire article expounding on moralistic dogma upon it is instantly discreditable.

Final prognosis: This guy is a virgin. Thank you.
2002-03-20 03:41:19 PM  
UGHHHHH.. the Cornell Review. Quite possibly the most retarded, conservative Republican piece of biased shiat you can find in this area. We use it for rodent cage lining and fires. Not much else. Joseph Sabia, kiss my ass.

Don't believe a word of this article. These guys are trolls to the core. Only out for a reaction. And boy do they get it.
2002-03-20 03:41:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available] "Come, bathe in the light of my cock."
2002-03-20 03:41:50 PM  
"Young men are awful and they have gotten worse over the years. And let me be clear Eyoung men are responsible for their own behavior. But women have historically been the civilizing forces for men. That is biological."

"Whenever men want to have sex, they just go ahead and do it."

So, if a man isn't brought up right morally, it's natural, but it's really bad if it's a women?

2002-03-20 03:42:28 PM  
God still loves you even if you are a slut. Jesus is coming, time is short. Put down your crack pipe and pick up your bible.
2002-03-20 03:42:57 PM  
If it wasn't for the college whores,I would have never went to college..*Zing!*
2002-03-20 03:43:19 PM  
Its a sad fact that for the most part, the price of pu$$y goes down, and the problems go up. We all know men will jump just about anytime sex is offered, and women are the ones in control of wether sex is gonna happen or not. When they give it away, theres little or no incentive for men to shape up, act right, and gain the trust/respect/admiration/affection/love of women. The result is a generation of adult boys who are unable to act like grownups, and share the burden of being a responsible parent or partner. Then theres the kids growing up without their father, boys who have no idea how to act as men, or girls who have no expectations from men when they become women. Another problem is that this behavior cuts out the decent, selective, monagamous women who cant get their share of male attention, because they wont give it up as easily, if at all.

Flame away all you like, the social mores of the past, fidelity, monagamy, chastity, did a much better job of civizing new generations then the "enlightened" values of the current society. While they werent perfect, they protected children and society to a greater degree.

Fun and easy sex is a great idea until you grow up and have kids of your own.
2002-03-20 03:43:31 PM  
God demands a human sacrifice and some salad tossing.
2002-03-20 03:43:33 PM  

2002-03-20 03:43:35 PM  
Quick summary of this article: Women are ditching the outdated Christian attitudes toward sex, and that completely goes against the outdated Christian attitudes toward sex. This, according to the outdated Christian attitudes toward sex, makes them whores and sluts and sinners and I'm getting all tingly thining about it and I'd better eat my cornflakes and wear baseball mitts on my hands and avoid looking directly at my genitalia I am so scared mommy help so scared Jesus.
2002-03-20 03:45:05 PM  
Mcfuzzbusta:Okay, so I have to ask a question: Has this boy ever, ever, ever heard of flappers? No? How about the Roaring 20's, when everything he talked about existed, except for feminism in said state? Hmm? I really hope he doesn't think this is a new thing.

Hyper-conservatives ALWAYS view the past with rose-colored lenses...they falsely believe that the whole God, 4 kids and a white-picket fence, clean living and apple pie era actually existed at one point, and not just in cheesey old films.

Hyper-liberals view the future with rose-colored lenses, falsely assuming that their policies will lead us to the Utopia they see on Star Trek.
2002-03-20 03:45:44 PM  
2002-03-20 03:45:53 PM  
somehow manic's photoshop of the scooby doo poster seems appropriate here......i dunno.

[image from too old to be available]

BTW: excellent work, manic
2002-03-20 03:46:16 PM  
The crazy shiat is this guy is a Ph.D. Read some of the other articles he's got on the site. Guaranteed at least one of them will offend you. Second to Fb-, he is the ultimate troll.
2002-03-20 03:46:24 PM  
Kupek_: Really, to each his own. I am opinionated and will make comment to someone online, or if someone comes into my home and act/dresses in a way I don't exactly like. I won't do it on the street though.

It still works out for me though...
I am considered a slut, but I hate sluts. It's farked up, HOWEVER, it still works out, because:
That leaves more sluts for you, which keeps you busy while I get the nice moral girls and corrupt them.

Okay, now I'm a pig too. :)

Seriously, everyone has their preferences. Some people smoke, some don't. Some girls are easy, some aren't. Some swallow...nevermind.
2002-03-20 03:46:33 PM  
WarmBeer, never thought about it like that, good point.
2002-03-20 03:46:36 PM  
The result of young women's abdication of responsibility has been significant moral decay on America's college campuses. Can the moral high ground ever be reclaimed? church pew at a time.

2002-03-20 03:46:38 PM  
Help us help ourselves! You own us! We cannot say no to your womanly powers!

Er, something...

This guy must hate his own dick. Who does he think is having sex with all of these "whores"? Men of high moral character who cannot restrain themselves against the impulse of seeing women in "tight shirts and pants"? I'm a big fan of sex, but I can walk across a college campus without being overwhelmed by the Sodomites...
2002-03-20 03:46:48 PM  
I can't believe New Age 80s Fonzie wrote all that!
2002-03-20 03:47:20 PM  

I really hate this "Men are weak and impulsive so women have to make them behave by never ever enjoying themselves" bullshiat. It degrades everyone.

Sabia's position - that mean are weak, thus women must cover themselves up to protect the easily-corrupted mean - puts him in the same league as the Taliban. No hyperbole.

I have no problem with voluntary modesty. I do have issues with people who try to enforce a rather strict degree of dress to make up for his/her own lack of will.

Someone up the thread posted a link to Sabia's scintillating followup...

To the first class of readers, thank you. You are right; I am brilliant...and have no fear, I will always be on the front lines of the culture war.

Spoken like a true David Horowitz fanboy.

Those in the second group are simply misinformed. Not only has sexual activity become more prevalent, but the brazen way in which college kids proclaim their immorality from the mountaintops is breathtaking.

I realize that I wasn't alive 80 years ago, but why can't I shake the feeling Sabia's living in some Pleasantville-like 1950's dreamworld that never existed?

Anyway, I could not understand why a cultural article on the moral breakdown of women was appearing on a pro-labor mailing list...and then it hit me. COLA was upset that the whores were unpaid. Rallies for a "whore living wage" are likely right around the corner.

Nothing to do with the constant references to women in college as "whores", eh Tailgunner Joe?
2002-03-20 03:47:21 PM  
If you include young men in this article, and tone down some of the extreme right-wingisms, I agree with this whole article. Yesterday's parents have not instilled responsibility and personal accountability into a large portion today's youth. But I'm probably the only one here who thinks this way.
2002-03-20 03:48:05 PM  
Isn't that Joey Lawrence?!

Puckhead amen brother, you win the prize for accuracy on this thread

Akazanar What's your major going to be? Mine's going to be pre-nocturnal sexual positions and their application in a post industrial economy. Ladies I need a sample of 35 or more for IT to be considered LARGE....

Bwahaahahahahaha !
2002-03-20 03:48:44 PM  
Jws755: Thank you!

I'd love to stick around and read what everyone has to say, but I gotta run some errands. Good discussion thread.
2002-03-20 03:49:06 PM  
Jws755:Fun and easy sex is a great idea until you grow up and have kids of your own.

You mean...THEY'LL grow up and enjoy fun and easy sex, too? DEAR GOD, NO!!!
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