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(Nettavisen) Boobies Topless Anna Nicole Smith goes wild at MTV Awards. Possibly not safe for work, definitely not safe for lunch   ( divider line
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171008 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2005 at 3:29 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-03-03 08:15:47 AM  
ugh... *fails to hold breakfast in*
2005-03-03 08:21:00 AM  
Thats a really fake picture.

I'd bang Anna Nicole, she probably takes a cock and a garden hose in the ass at the same time.
2005-03-03 08:23:11 AM  
"Puppe-Anna klemte til" indeed.
2005-03-03 08:24:03 AM  
Anna Nicole Smith kastet alle klr og hemninger under en prisutdeling torsdag. Se skandalebildene.

I couldn't have said it better myself.
2005-03-03 08:24:31 AM  
Anna Nicole=psycho biatch
Anna Nicole=Great Boobage

/I'd hit it...Then run...
2005-03-03 08:26:24 AM  
"/I'd hit it...Then run..."

Yea, that about sums it up.
2005-03-03 08:27:41 AM  
Well, not exactly topless....
2005-03-03 08:28:09 AM  
The picture I deleted wasn't safe for work. Don't post it again without linking it. Thanks!
2005-03-03 08:31:42 AM  
Was Anna Nicole hot at one time? Or has she always be one step beyond scary?
2005-03-03 08:32:53 AM  
She still is hot. A pretty hot slut. You can't turn a ho into a housewife.
2005-03-03 08:34:27 AM  
She was the first model that I remember that was voluptuous, BrotherAlpha. I mean, I am sure there were others, but she was the first that I had seen. I thought she was pretty damn hot.
2005-03-03 08:37:32 AM  
The guy she's dry-humping is Daniel Johns, of Silverchair and the Dissociatives fame. He's married to Natalie Imbruglia. Guess he had a secret hankering for some large boobage. He looks pretty chuffed.
2005-03-03 08:37:41 AM  
I don't know guys, I'm going to need photographic evidence before I believe she was ever anything more than side show freakish.
2005-03-03 08:38:33 AM  
does she have a tattoo of herself on her back?
2005-03-03 08:40:10 AM  
Please just make her go away.
2005-03-03 08:49:34 AM  
where are the damn f*cking kangaroos? [image from too old to be available]
2005-03-03 08:51:14 AM  
F(a) ditt eget fotoalbum her

2005-03-03 08:51:58 AM  
where are the damn f*ucking kangaroos?
2005-03-03 08:53:31 AM  
Vermonster, quit posting pics of me. Thx.
2005-03-03 08:57:40 AM  
BrotherAlpha: Was Anna Nicole hot at one time?

She was when she was Playmate of the Year in 1992.
2005-03-03 08:58:14 AM  
Was this girl EVER hot, or was it just a TON of make-up to make her look sexy?

Personally, I like my gals natural, beautiful, and more importantly, SANE:
sane girl one
sane girl two

But hey, that's just me.
2005-03-03 09:00:21 AM  
You know, if I was famous for nothing I would do everything I could possibly do to piss people off.
2005-03-03 09:00:26 AM  
Vermonster: You beat me to it.

NeoMatrix: You, sir, are no Nug. But we love ya. Have some mustard.

I just took a look at the photos in this article. Wow. She's really all class, isn't she...

2005-03-03 09:13:21 AM  
Ok...I am confused.
I have breasts of my own, so I know what they look like in different situations, and I have seen examples of bad fake boobs.

But how the hell do they have this shape?

[image from too old to be available]
There is no visible support except for those pasties...and they do not look that strong
2005-03-03 09:14:47 AM  
Page won't load- farked?
2005-03-03 09:19:03 AM  
Musta been my connection- nevermind...
2005-03-03 09:19:18 AM  
For your reading pleasure, I'll re-post my ANS story from yesterday's ANS thread:

Here goes. True story, whether you believe it or not. When I see a good picture of Anna Nicole Smith it makes me smile. When I see a bad one, I die a little bit inside:

Well, This is a map to the closest town to my house.. And by town, I mean wide spot in the road. Anyway, I grew up on a cattle ranch SW on FM 1394. If you follow the map due South, along Hwy 14, through Wortham (birth place of Blind Lemon Jefferson), you get to Mexia. And if you're from the area, you know that the only two places to get fried chicken in the area are Bill's, in Corsicana, and Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken, in Mexia. Although I went to school in Corsicana, I lived closer to Mexia so on the weekends, when my mom used to tell me to go get chicken, I'd go to Jim's in Mexia. There was a kind of tall, skinny blonde working there that I always made a point of chatting up. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, but in a small town you can't always be too picky, and besides, although I think I'm the best looking guy in the world the chances are that I'm actually not. One Saturday I stopped in to get something to eat because my mom was out of town and I was hungry, and I wasn't going to cook. Besides, I had to make a beer run, and back then (16-18 years old) I could buy beer in Mexia even while wearing my letter jacket and charge it to my farm's gas card. Anyway, while driving out of Jim's parking lot, the blonde was leaving and walked past my truck, and said hello. I gave her my usual "hey there" and asked her if she needed a ride. She said she said sure, that would be great. I dropped her off at her house, and we made plans for dinner and a movie the next night. I also had a bunch of guys coming over for beer and poker in the barn (STFU--the cigar smell in the house would have gotten me caught, and it was a niice time of year anyway). So the next night we go to dinner at my favorite restaurant in the area, Old Mexican Inn in Corsicana (besides, I thought she might be tired of fried chicken), and went to see a movie. No Way Out, I think. Anyway, to drive back to Mexia it's faster to take some of the back roads, and whouldn't you know that some of them run right past the ranch. "I live right there, in case you're ever over this way again," I tell her, since you could see the house lights on from the road, which was abut 300 yards away. "Aren't we here now?" she asks. And, not being one to argue with a perfectly logical point, even if not coming from a perfectly logical person, I pulled up the gravel road leading to the house. Girls dig horses, and mine always ran up to the fence when I drove up, so I stopped close to them. We get out, look at the horses, pet the horses, talk about horses, and BAM we're kissing. Mom was still out for a few more days, so I said we should head inside, and damn if she didn't just about rip my arm off when she did the 180 degree turn toward the house. Next thing you know I'm having sex with a skinny, fairly flat-chested, soon-to-be incredibly insane loony tune.

My wife still has no idea why I smile when I see her on TV.
2005-03-03 09:26:46 AM  
32DD-size breasts...
2005-03-03 09:33:45 AM  
She still is hot. A pretty hot slut. You can't turn a ho into a housewife.

Unfortunately, it really doesn't work the other way either. Despite what I read on the internets.
2005-03-03 09:45:27 AM  
Looks like her boobies have contracted around her implants giving them that weird shape.

brother alpha
Here's a link to what I think was her Guess days."
Possibly NSFW
2005-03-03 09:58:13 AM  
Well that's... something.
2005-03-03 10:07:48 AM  
On a completely unrelated note, the drooling, slack-jawed moron who laid out that site should go back to his natural job cleaning up the horse poop after the parades.

That is a truly stunning example of a bad web page.
2005-03-03 10:08:37 AM  
she is hot
2005-03-03 10:10:42 AM  

Those implants DO look weird... kind of unsettling now that I see the close-up.
2005-03-03 10:29:42 AM  
If you are curious about the NSFW status, the pictures show:

1) Photos of her topless, taken from behind her.
2) Photos of her from the front, with the "MTV" logo painted towards the top of each breast, and each brest from the nipple on down covered with somewhat flesh-colored tape.

2005-03-03 08:58:14 AM Na Nago [TotalFark]

Personally, I like my gals natural, beautiful, and more importantly, SANE:

Yeah, well I also like them unclothed, and that link didn't provide that.
2005-03-03 10:36:00 AM  
I think her boobs are pumped to a higher PSI than the tires on my racing bike.
2005-03-03 10:38:54 AM  
Man Justin Timberlake really let himself go.
2005-03-03 11:34:45 AM  

Well, there went another trashcan
2005-03-03 11:54:48 AM  
2005-03-03 11:55:21 AM  
I'd hit in the bizzle with her face in the pillow so she could scream as loud as she wanna.
2005-03-03 12:12:22 PM  
Now look at them yo-yos
That's the way you do it
You show your boobies on the MTV
2005-03-03 12:14:30 PM  
That tattoo on her back is just plain ugly. I wonder if she's going to be selling her fun bags on e-bay like whatshername is doing now.
2005-03-03 01:29:53 PM  
That woman is a walking wardrobe malfunction.
2005-03-03 02:22:29 PM  
anyone have a link to that video of her at whatever awards show where she was all cracked out/doped up?

that was funny.
2005-03-03 02:50:58 PM  
She represents a lot that is wrong with society today. Skanks like ANS and Katie Price (Jordan) get tons of press, and cash, for whoring themselves to the public. In fact your average hooker is a lot better as at least they have to work, and the punter gets something in return.

But Anna is a self-created media whore who contributes nothing.

The biggest whores, though, are those who give her the oxygen of publicity as well as the knobs who buy into her.
2005-03-03 02:59:05 PM  
I'd hit it with a fire hose.

2005-03-03 03:12:54 PM  
TrimSpa baby..

errm.. yeah
2005-03-03 03:33:26 PM  

2005-03-03 03:34:01 PM  
I'd hit if... for notoriety.
2005-03-03 03:35:36 PM  

Maybe she is in mid-bounce?

You have to admit she's done a great job getting back into shape.
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