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(MSNBC)   Kindness pays; Lonley widower dies and leaves $2500 each to 12 waitresses who befriended him   ( divider line
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5595 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Mar 2002 at 4:15 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-19 04:17:55 PM  
I think I'm gonna cry
2002-03-19 04:19:06 PM  
Oooooooh... $2500. I don't get out of bed for less than 60k.
2002-03-19 04:19:27 PM  
i think i've eaten there before.
2002-03-19 04:19:46 PM  
HA HA JUST KIDDING. It's a gift certificate to McDonalds.
2002-03-19 04:19:52 PM  
The waitresses conspired to have her knocked off. I read it on Cosmiverse.
2002-03-19 04:20:11 PM  
Sappy? we still have that tag?
2002-03-19 04:20:52 PM  
Good idea to give out the name of the one they can't find. No one would be dishonest enough to claim they were her and not really be her.
2002-03-19 04:21:32 PM  
Wonder if he did some serving of his own tube steak to some of them to be giving them that much.
2002-03-19 04:22:33 PM  
Here is my shoulder to lean on Caboozy.
[image from too old to be available]
Yeah, it is a nice lil' story.
Kindness pays off sometimes.
2002-03-19 04:22:42 PM  
nice guy....
2002-03-19 04:23:04 PM  
Wait till Anna Nicole Smith finds out.
2002-03-19 04:23:42 PM  
This makes me want to be a waitress
2002-03-19 04:24:04 PM  
SEE !! It doesn't work that way. Serve Ham and eggs to a widower, he'll leave you $2500 when he dies; but fark the man like Anna Nicole Smith, and wind up with the whole Enchilada !!!

Surprised he had all that money saved up anyways. If that was me, by the time I was close to death I would've spent all the money in the Champaigne room at the Foxy Lady !!!
2002-03-19 04:25:16 PM  
I guess I will start being nice to people. Nah... people suck for the most part.
2002-03-19 04:25:47 PM  
Nice story. I think I will be doing the same thing!
2002-03-19 04:26:43 PM  
Never work for a bonus.
2002-03-19 04:29:14 PM  
Now the waitresses feel real bad about adding all the "special sauce" to his ham and eggs.
2002-03-19 04:30:30 PM  
It's lonely, not lonley. Proofread twice, post once.

-he who stacks pork
2002-03-19 04:31:09 PM  
I'm having a "Pay It Forward" moment. I think I'll pay the toll for someone behind me on the way home tonight.
2002-03-19 04:31:45 PM  
Farkers, rembember, I love you ALL please send check to....
2002-03-19 04:35:44 PM  
How do we use a
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tag when it isn't listed in the box on the Add a Link page?
2002-03-19 04:35:54 PM  
You cynics you. Unexpected kindness=Unexpected reward. It's all Kismet.

That's 'cheque' thanks.
2002-03-19 04:35:59 PM  
Where's Slash?
2002-03-19 04:37:10 PM  
That is just so... oh... sweet.
2002-03-19 04:40:48 PM  
I can't wait for the movie. Think they'll get Bridget Fonda again?
2002-03-19 04:43:15 PM  
Bob Able: Damn, I meant to type "cash".
2002-03-19 04:43:33 PM  
In the little restaurant in Middletown, Indiana, no one now working there knew Paul Chadwick. That was too long ago. But they do now.

Worst. Sentence. Ever.
2002-03-19 04:43:34 PM  
Did anyone else read "kindness pays" as "Kidney's passed"? I shouldnt be at work :)
2002-03-19 04:46:20 PM  
At 80 cents per day one waitress could support a poor foreign waif for 3,125 days. All 12 could provide 37,500 days of waif support.
2002-03-19 04:50:04 PM  
-Microbob I stand corrected.
2002-03-19 04:50:05 PM  
DAMMIT! I have been nice to the wrong old people! Well, fark it. I'm done. No more.
2002-03-19 04:51:02 PM  
Cash will do fine! ;)
2002-03-19 04:56:34 PM  
A better story:
2002-03-19 05:00:32 PM  
Clarkins- I hope that loads of people come forward as Cindy Johnson and that they get exposed as the no good lying toe-rags that they are, and then they find the real waitress unexpectedly and she will be really suprised and grateful and a single mother of three...
2002-03-19 05:01:12 PM  
Ooops sorry for the big bold
2002-03-19 05:03:07 PM  
"when he'd come in to eat, I'd sit and talk and visit with him."

So he gave her an excuse to stop doing her job and chat a while? She should've been paying him.
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-19 05:05:49 PM  
It was to avoid estate taxes, what's so heroic about that? It's just good business sense.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-19 05:14:24 PM  
Jujusteal I am sure that you had good intentions but you only showed how much of a moron you are.
Why do you not just submit it? I am sure if Drew finds it worthy he will put it on to let us all FARK it up.
2002-03-19 05:15:25 PM  
and I just showed how much of a moron I am by not closing my html
2002-03-19 05:17:00 PM  
It is time I let all the farkers know my real name. Hi, I'm Cindy Johnson. What did I miss?
2002-03-19 05:17:12 PM  
How do we use a tag when it isn't listed in the box on the Add a Link page?

Submit something sappy, and let Drew change it?
2002-03-19 05:18:26 PM  
Yeah but after eating there all those years without tipping, he actually owes them more.
2002-03-19 05:26:27 PM  
2002-03-19 05:34:57 PM  
umm, i'm uhh cindy johnson,
I want my money, um, send it to this P.o. box...uhh thanks...
2002-03-19 05:35:08 PM  
There should be a "hero" tag on this.
I've never seen a better reason for spreading the wealth.
2002-03-19 05:44:11 PM  
Check please! Check!

Fark you then, you just lost $2500
2002-03-19 05:56:27 PM  
That headline would be more interesting if the word befriended were in quotes.
2002-03-19 06:08:32 PM  
I'm Candy Joneston, err Conny Jones, umm sorry errhmm, I'm Cindy Johnson.
2002-03-19 07:07:03 PM  
Shoulda been 10K each to fark the 3 hottest ones.
2002-03-19 07:23:26 PM  
One of my customers left me a birthday card on my desk.
It's HER birthday.
In the card was a lottery scratch ticket.
She thanked me for helping her with Photoshop and
she likes to give away presents on her birthday.

I thought that was cool.

PS .. I won $50
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