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2001-04-11 11:42:22 AM  
2001-04-11 11:46:35 AM  
Wonder why it takes over a dozen bullets to take a person down?
2001-04-11 11:48:57 AM  
Ah, "Stupid"
That makes more sense. Thanks :)
2001-04-11 12:09:44 PM  
I thought it was cool :D
Quick and final justice!
2001-04-11 12:17:10 PM  
Having one less lunatic on the planet to worry about is always cool.
2001-04-11 12:26:16 PM  
Jeff thinks it's cool.
2001-04-11 12:36:50 PM  
If I was an officer and confronted a man who had a gun in his hand, and that man would not put his weapon down when ordered to, then I believe I'd unload my gun on his ass. I wouldn't want to shoot him just once and get him pissed off and then get shot by him. Probably all 3 officers felt the same way, and with all the adrenaline pumping going on, did what they felt they needed to do to protect themselves and others. I'd like to shake their hands. Just my opinion.
2001-04-11 12:59:22 PM  
Wonder why it takes over a dozen bullets to take a person down? - Merltech

'cause that's all they had.
2001-04-11 01:20:52 PM  
Say... wasn't the title different at first?
2001-04-11 01:41:58 PM  
I think its cool any time someone tries to slash the police
2001-04-11 01:46:39 PM  
Soylent... I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that...
2001-04-11 02:09:38 PM  
Most people aren't bulletproof.
2001-04-11 02:58:27 PM  
you become bulletproof if you drink enough tequila
2001-04-11 08:11:15 PM  
Remember, three officers with Glock 9's. That's: "bang-bang-bang-bang". Takes about two seconds. It's called, "hello, you're dead."
2001-04-11 09:49:26 PM  
the guy had a knife!

there is no way to justify putting 12 bullets into him to neutralize him. a bullet or 2 would have of done the job just fine dont you think?

just another example of excesive force by police imo.
2001-04-11 10:19:44 PM  
The guy had two knives and a gun and refused to drop them.
2001-04-12 12:12:53 AM  
Good thing it was New Jersey.

Some other states, three officers with Glock 9's would sound more like:

*BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* clickety snap *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG CLICK* x3 as all three officers empty, reload, and empty their weapons again.

"Out of ammo."
"Well, we got him right?"
"Yup. 12 rounds in him, 48 in the walls, but we got him."
"Ok, good. Don't worry, folks, everything's secure."
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