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2002-03-18 01:57:38 PM  
It has scarred me for life. I cringe at the sight of sponge, foam and thin plastic kick balls.
2002-03-18 01:58:08 PM  
I like to play dodgeball with my puppy dog.
2002-03-18 01:59:10 PM  
I played dodge ball and it didn't scar me at all.

*searching for his wife's underwear*
2002-03-18 02:00:21 PM  
Always got hit right off so I wouldn't have to stand against the wall and wait for it.

I remember way back in elementary school, we played "scatterball" which is dodgeball but not standing against the wall. Some kid got hurt and it got banned.
2002-03-18 02:00:22 PM  
Remember that old Dodge Ball game on Atari? That game ruled!
2002-03-18 02:00:26 PM  
Let's make all the kids ice dance instead!!!
2002-03-18 02:01:50 PM  
WTF is "duck duck goose?"
2002-03-18 02:02:51 PM  
All six chambers were loaded, and I held the heavy gun up, ready for anything. Or, more likely, nothing. The apartment was barren and silent. I smoked the last breath from my cigarette and extinguished it. That was my last one, my last cigarette. I should have obtained more, but I wouldn't exactly say I was planning for the future.

Maybe I should blame my parents. Maybe I should blame society. Maybe I should blame that sick peg-legged man in the south warehouse who thought my sanity was a joke. He would be first on my list, if only I could find him again. Too many mysteries, too many shadows. It's a damn shame I have to destroy the only man trusting enough to step into the light, but this is my medicine, not society's.

A knock at the door! The day may go quicker than I thought. I knock back, the only way to be sure. Nothing. No response. I open the door. A small note was left on the ground. I grab it and shut the door. I read the note.

I wasn't prepared for this. I wasn't prepared for anything! The note, though, it was... it was beautiful. How had I missed this? How had I become so caught up in hatred? I slowly unloaded my pistol and returned it to my desk drawer, where I found an old pack of lucky strikes. I closed the desk drawer, still dazed. If only everyone could see the message he left.

The content of the note?

"Hiya friend! Visit: http://www.latimes.com/features/lifestyle/la-031802dodgeball.story Sincerely, Drew Curtis' Drew Curtis."
2002-03-18 02:02:54 PM  
We used to play dodge ball with small to medium sized rocks.

Oh wait. That was just a street fight.
2002-03-18 02:03:20 PM  
Walk it off, wimp
2002-03-18 02:03:31 PM  
Why not make it OPTIONAL?? Would that leave them feeling 'isolated' and open to ridicule if they didn't 'comform'?

asshead PE teachers
2002-03-18 02:04:04 PM  
[image from classicgaming.com too old to be available]
2002-03-18 02:04:19 PM  
It was just good clean fun.We used to have massive neighborhood games of 40+ kids.The soccer balls hurt a little though.
2002-03-18 02:04:19 PM  
It may have been some decade and a half ago, but if I ever run into this one kid who nailed me with a ball back in fourth grade I can't be held accountable for what I'd do.
2002-03-18 02:04:19 PM  
Wall dodgeball sucks tremendously. The kind I played as a tyke, however, was great fun. We would use up the entire length of the gym as the field. We'd divide up into two teams and all the balls would be placed on the floor down the center dividing line. At each end of the court there would be a "safety zone" where members of one team could go into, but the other team couldn't. Get hit by the ball, you're out. Catch the ball, the kid who threw it is out. Hit someone in the head, the kid who threw it is out. Dodge the ball and uh... you seem to have grasped the concept of the game.
2002-03-18 02:05:24 PM  
Lack of self esteem and competition are bad for the human psyche. Not only dodgeball, but all competive sports, should be buried in the same grave as gun ownership.
No wonder our children have attention deficit disorder.
2002-03-18 02:05:39 PM  
Just a bunch of nerds/wimps/pussies who always lost....
Suck it up. If you don't want to lose the game, the learn how to play it! If you are such a wussy, you should already know how to "run".
2002-03-18 02:07:04 PM  
I *loved* dodge ball in grade school. I never was worth a fark at it, but it was fun anyway.

One day I did stay in the game until I was the only one left on my team and I had only one opponent left. farker caught my ball, so I lost.
2002-03-18 02:07:24 PM  

We played that too. Called it greek dodgeball. But the 'out' players could fire back so it was like two interconnected squares.

like this

y[ x | y ]x
2002-03-18 02:07:54 PM  
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-18 02:08:43 PM  
No no no, dodgeball promotes sharing. I give you the ball, you give it back, etc.

[image from villafactory.com too old to be available]
2002-03-18 02:09:07 PM  
Arggg, censorship
2002-03-18 02:09:14 PM  
Bah, whatever. An overweight generation of coddled pussies will surely make America a better place a dozen years from now!
2002-03-18 02:10:23 PM  
Best. Game. Ever.
2002-03-18 02:10:28 PM  
God, is it just me or do parents keep getting wussier and wussier? I remember that whenever i complained about me getting my arse kicked in dodgeball, my parents would just say "Shut up, it builds character, wuss."
2002-03-18 02:11:31 PM  
DodgeBall causes "physical and emotional pain"

...AND HOW!!!
2002-03-18 02:11:47 PM  
Hey Redbird - your mom's chin plays dodgeball. It's Buzzcut mentality fvckwads who cultivate normal kids into the camaro driving, budwiser drinking rednecks in this world.
2002-03-18 02:13:14 PM  
Best dodge ball move: have your buddy lob the nerf ball at the fat chick. While she stands under it to catch it, peg her in the head with the kickball.
2002-03-18 02:13:42 PM  
Seriously, not having dodgeball, and not being forced to participate in dodgeball is the reason why kids come to school with guns and shoot the dump up.
2002-03-18 02:13:54 PM  
At its base, the game encourages the strong to victimize the weak, he says, not exactly a practice schools should be fostering.

How else are they going to learn?
2002-03-18 02:14:04 PM  
Yes, dodgeball causes emotional and physical pain. So does life. People opposed to dodgeball should just smoke another doobie, put on their sandals, go hug a tree, and stop bothering normal people.
2002-03-18 02:15:11 PM  
fark dodge ball. It's fun, sure, but inherently mean-spirited. Look how its mention here has already encouraged supposedly grown-up Farkers to use playground slams like "nerd", "wimp", and "pussy". There's no useful value in a purely antagonistic game. Certainly it's fun among consenting adults or children who all agree to play, but to pit human children against each other in a school-sanctioned cockfight is twisted and cruel.
2002-03-18 02:15:20 PM  
We used the whole gym as the battlefield, but you couldn't go past the free throw line of the other team. I hated going "out" early in the game, because then you had to sit on the sideline and wait for the next game. DAMN, what an adrenaline rush when the coach blew the whistle and everybody raced to the center line to grab the balls!
2002-03-18 02:15:29 PM  
I killed a kid in elementary school playing dodgeball.
He got me out so I shot him in the face.
2002-03-18 02:15:50 PM  
[image from siggraph.org too old to be available]
2002-03-18 02:16:30 PM  
Marquis, that was the best post I ever read!!!
2002-03-18 02:16:34 PM  

Now, to go change my rubber sheets. My sister will help.
2002-03-18 02:17:06 PM  
Whatwill they try to ban next? Dodge Ball ruled! I always played it when I was a kid, and I didn't suffer any emotional distress. Oh wait a second I'm starting to twitch.... AUUUGHHHHH! OH GOD NOOOOOOO

Damn I feel more stupid for having read that Politically Correct article.
2002-03-18 02:17:10 PM  
Dodgeball is nothing but an hour of free license for people to pick on the geeks and tubby kids. I only played hockey, so I can't throw or catch. I would just grab a ball first and toss it up in the air so I would get out. I was not interested at getting a volleyball chucked at my head.
2002-03-18 02:17:21 PM  
I loved that move.
2002-03-18 02:18:06 PM  
I think the only argument with any merit is the one about dodgeball causing injuries. There are more competitive, athletic sports that are more fun where the object isn't to maim your opponent.

Of course the best 'sport' I ever played was full contact soccer. Damn that kicked ass. But then the only people I've heard of who played that were my fellow idiot Marines and we were all adults. Kids shouldn't be given the opportunity to maim each other until they're old enough to vote/serve.
2002-03-18 02:18:30 PM  
I loved Dodgeball when I was a kid.

The best part is if you are the only guy left on your team and you win the game in the end defeating 2 or more players.
2002-03-18 02:19:43 PM  
Dodge ball is like sex and golf...
you don't have to be any good at it to enjoy it!!
2002-03-18 02:20:51 PM  
This should definitely have the
img.fark.netView Full Size

It is exactly this lack of personal responsibility and whining "not my fault" mentality that has led us to this sickeningly letigious so-called society we live in.
2002-03-18 02:21:03 PM  
*"Look how its mention here has already encouraged supposedly grown-up Farkers to use playground slams like "nerd", "wimp", and "pussy". There's no useful value in a purely antagonistic game. "*

What game HAS useful value?
It is a fun game. If you took the time to learn the game (instead of standing in the corner crying), you would find out that there are strategies involved. Stand in the middle of the gym as opposed to a corner, where you are hit easier. Stand amoung a group of people - but not too large of a group.

You learn about team-work, when your team controls more than one ball against the other team... advance/attack/retreat/survival.

What's wrong with that?

Our version used 1/2 of the gymn, but you couldn't go beyond 1/2 width. If you hit someone in the head, you were done for the rest of the day.
2002-03-18 02:21:11 PM  
god damn government trying to ruin the lives of the little people... i played dodgeball and turned out fine...at least i think i did. Fark you all.
2002-03-18 02:21:45 PM  
I defeated a team that had 7 left and i was the only one.
4 girls 3 boys.

I still remember it. Of course we were all in grade 6, but still man.

Just one of my sports highlight of my life.

Good times.
2002-03-18 02:21:48 PM  
But defenders of the game say that's precisely why the game shouldn't be banned, but trumpeted. Getting picked on and eliminated from competition, that's life.

So is buying some firearms at a gun show, loading up, and blowing awayyour high school. What fun!
2002-03-18 02:22:35 PM  
Boomslang: WHAT, you can't have a super dodge ball team without randy.

2002-03-18 02:22:45 PM  
Bombardment is the best dodgeball variant I've played. There's no line-up against a wall waiting to get nailed in the head. That's just a bad game.

Bombardment divided players into two teams on halves of the basketball court. There were two cones also set up at the back corners of the basketball key.

You won either by knocking all opponents out of the game or knocking over both cones. Usually there were 3 balls flying around at any given time. If you got hit, you were out and went into your team's line on the sidelines. If you caught a ball flung at you, the thrower was out and one of your teammates at the front of the line came back in on your side.

It was great fun. My one moment of glory came when I was the last player on our side and 3 kids lined up with balls trying to time them at me. The first ball missed. I caught the second and hackey-sacked the 3rd ball into the air with the inside of my foot, catching that one too since it was slower after the deflection.

We lost anyway. Oh well. heh

What they need is an option for kids who don't want to participate in certain games. Let those kids who don't want to go work out in the weight room during class. That should solve the problem and let the kids who want to beat the snot out of each other able to.
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