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2002-03-18 03:39:56 PM  
I ran into a deer once and when the police officer showed up he said I could take it home because it wouldn't survive. One problem was that it wasn't dead yet, so the police officer beat it to death with a night stick.
2002-03-18 03:41:48 PM  
These accidents usually cost auto insurers about $2,000 per claim, though that can go as high as $8,000.

Yea, but then again, you come out of the whole thing alive, so it can't be all bad.

The deer on the other hand...
2002-03-18 03:42:09 PM  
If you can't fugure out a way to eat it, try to fark it.
2002-03-18 03:42:18 PM  
If you can't figure out a way to eat it, try to fark it.
2002-03-18 03:42:25 PM  
if you're blind!!!!!
2002-03-18 03:42:52 PM  
good idea..
2002-03-18 03:43:35 PM  
not if you are a redneck, then they are an oppurtunity

did i spell oppurtunity right?....if not, ohwell
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-18 03:43:50 PM  
And bears, watch out for bears.
[image from fhwa.dot.gov too old to be available]
2002-03-18 03:44:19 PM  
thank you for that stunning report, captain obvious.
2002-03-18 03:45:18 PM  
That is a given when you live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I remember when I got my first car, my insurance guy told me to hit the deer because if you try to miss it and hit something else it would be worse on the insurance... You just get use to it when they out number humans 7:1

A tip to you hunters... get a brush guard for your truck and forget the damn rifle! Happy hunting...
2002-03-18 03:45:38 PM  
Avoid hitting deer! Why didn't I think of that?!

"The group also suggested that if a deer is hit, drivers should not try to touch the animal. Pull over, and call the police, as well as your insurance agent."

Yes, when you hit one at 2:30 in the morning, be ABSOLUTELY sure to call your insurance agent. He will appreciate knowing about it immediately, rather than at some convenient time during the day. While you have him on the phone, insist that he come out there right away. Especially if you are in Minnesota, and he is in Oregon. He will probably drop everything to visit you at the scene and make sure you are okay.
2002-03-18 03:46:32 PM  
I hit a deer once in the middle of nowhere at 4 am. Couldn't even call the police cuz there were no phones for about 60 miles. Luckily, when I killed the bastard it spontaneously sh!t all over my window, so I didn't have much trouble proving to the Insurance company that that's actually what happened.
2002-03-18 03:47:30 PM  
That's why I only aim for kitties
2002-03-18 03:47:52 PM  
This definitely highlights why there is a deer hunting season. Good granola, could you imagine how insurance companies would defibrillate if deer populations went unchecked?!?
2002-03-18 03:47:55 PM  
I hit a poor deer once and my friend took him home for stew. I couldn't eat it myself but at least it wasn't wasted and my friend was grateful for free food. The cop was green with envy cause he wanted the venison. On the accident report he wrote the deer up as vehicle #2.
2002-03-18 03:48:22 PM  
Yes, it is not recommended that one hit anything with one's car...
2002-03-18 03:48:48 PM  
also... avoid hitting Trees while sking..

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-03-18 03:49:04 PM  
Someone please forward article to those PETA farks.
2002-03-18 03:49:07 PM  
"Pull over, and call the police, as well as your insurance agent."

The police will come out and make sure the situation is under control. Meanwhile, your insurance agent will immediately begin the paperwork that will raise your monthly premiums by 200%. He will also check your recent record to see if you have had enough wrecks or tickets in the past 6 months that they can legally drop you from coverage without refunding any of the money you've already paid them, therby increasing the company's profit at your expense.

Oh BTW, insurance companies suck.
2002-03-18 03:52:58 PM  
Hey, here's something off-point but related:
How do I post JPEGs & GIFs? It looks really snazzy, especially the skiing tips above! Love the bear pic, too.
2002-03-18 03:53:07 PM  
I was 2 blocks from my mom's house about 10 years ago when I hit and killed a deer as it tried to jump over my car hood. I clipped the deer, it rolled in the air, and I slammed into it again. One of it's hoofs came thru the windshield and hit me in the mouth, knocking me out cold. The car then hit a tree. The next thing I know I got a Hanover Park cop telling me an ambulance was on the way. I had to get 20 stitches inside my mouth as well as having 2 teeth knocked out. My car was totalled as well.
Later on in the week, The Hanover Park town newspaper had my story on the cover with the headline "Area man kills deer with car.". Like I'm out hunting deer with my car or something, sheesh...
2002-03-18 03:58:02 PM  
Avoid hitting deer(s) ? But is it ok if you are a whacked out crackhead that hits a deer that goes throug your windshield, should you drive to your garage, then have sex with your boyfriend, and then every once in awhile go to the the garage and apologize to the deer for hitting it ? Is it ok to hit a deer then ?
2002-03-18 03:58:17 PM  
Aim for the hindquarters...less damage to your vehicle.
When the deer is dead, keep it and fill your freezer for winter...mmmmm venison...

**mouth watering**
2002-03-18 03:58:24 PM  
Deer problem?
Hit deer, kill deer, gut deer, hang deer carcass, smoke deer, drink beer, eat deer meat.
What deer problem?
2002-03-18 03:58:25 PM  
I was thinking the EXACT same thing, Churchill
2002-03-18 03:58:33 PM  
One of my mom's friends hit a moose a few years ago. Car was destroyed but they had a freezer full of moose meat for roughly 2 years.

mmmm, moose
2002-03-18 04:01:19 PM  
I work for a trucking company, we are constantly repairing big trucks that hit deer, bear, you name it. Hard to believe how much damage they can cause even to a large vehicle.
2002-03-18 04:01:38 PM  
Hit a big buck on a Sunday AM and just demolished the front end of my truck. First, there was NO way to avoid the thing. He was into my grill and windshield before I knew what it was as it tried to leap the truck. Then, the first 3 vehicles that stopped asked if they could have the deer. Not one asked if I was injured etc. Next 3 were PETA people,I think, as they were more concerned about the fate of the deer than a human!
2002-03-18 04:03:59 PM  
The worst animal to hit with your car is a pig. Believe me.
2002-03-18 04:04:43 PM  
Anyone ever hear of this? One year in upstate New York there was such a problem of deer strikes followed by the indivual taking the carcass (technically known as poaching - or - hunting without a license) that the state (in their infinite wisdom) issued hunting licenses with "car" as the legal weapon. The story goes that there was a increase noted in sales of inexpensive sub-compacts (notably, the old VW beetle). "I trashed the car Ma, but I got Bambi."

Okay, so maybe it's an urban myth, but it's still a cute story about a lack of common sense.
2002-03-18 04:05:06 PM  
Scarneck - Ya gotta share the story now...I'm intrigued...
2002-03-18 04:06:10 PM  
Stimulants to Revive You:
1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 skinless boneless chicken breast halves - boiled and shredded, 1/2 cup sour cream, 2 cups shredded monteray Jack cheese and CPR.

If are able to acquire the above ingredients, and put this meal together, you probably don't need to be revived to begin with.

It's nice how they just throw CPR in at the end there.. As if that is just an optional step that comes second to the entree precluding it.
2002-03-18 04:06:26 PM  
Homer: Dooh!
Marge: A deer!
Lisa: A female deer!

SilentObserver: A moose once bit my sister.
2002-03-18 04:08:27 PM  
I live in northen wisconsin... you almost hit at least 10 dear a winter, not to mention the rest of the year... then again... I almost had one deer run into me... yep, thats right, it almost ran into the side of the vehicle...
2002-03-18 04:11:15 PM  
As a general rule of thumb, I try to avoid hitting any animal which is larger than the height of my axle.
2002-03-18 04:16:47 PM  
i hit a deer in 1990, 3500 bucks to my cavalier, car wasn't worth but 4 grand. LOL

i hit him, he flew up in the air, hit my trunk. 2 weeks later, i was stil finding deer hair in the car frame. LOL
2002-03-18 04:18:06 PM  
About 2 months after getting my first car I was driving back from my fast food job at 1 AM. As I came around the corner, there were two deer just standing there, looking at me. Slammed on the brakes, and since I was already turning, went into a spin and went through several large metal fence poles. My car was pretty farked up, and I had to spend the entire next day putting a new door and front quarter-panel on my car.

My question is: How have these farkers survived? I thought that instant "fight or flight" reaction was what made various animals survive evolution.

P.S. Damn deer.
2002-03-18 04:18:19 PM  
Bloomslang: you know that I made that, right? as a parody of an infographic on Olympic drug use.

and the food comes from an Enchilada recipe, I think.
2002-03-18 04:29:44 PM  

LOL, seriously I didn't..

Very nice job, as it had me fooled... I was a little suspicious when I saw "Crazy Cheerios Guy" in the bottom left corner, but I still thought it was real and valid.

2002-03-18 04:31:23 PM  
Don't hit the Domokun!
2002-03-18 04:35:15 PM  
i thought that if a hit with a large animal was inevitable then you're supposed to speed up? no really, i think your supposed to speed up.
2002-03-18 04:36:19 PM  

I loved your infographic. Now, how do you post that thing with your comment?

Bump: A Majestic Moose once bit your sister? Moose bites kan be pretti nasti. Do you holiday in Sweden? :o)
2002-03-18 04:43:20 PM  
If it wanders into your path, brake firmly

Ah, so that's what I did wrong! I should have done that, especially since we all have cars that can go from 70 to a stop in under 2 seconds.

Anyway, the rental car guy was probably regretting that he recommended I buy their full coverage insurance...
2002-03-18 04:43:32 PM  
Your friendly claims farker, sorry, adjuster, will also send in a sheet to his underwriting department to let them know you were driving like a dumbass--if you swerve to avoid it and hit something else---or if it was after 10pm when you were driving.
Or even check and see what you agent has you rated as i.e., less than 10k miles driven per year etc. and if it's a certain number like under 10k, sends that to underwriting too. We had a quota we had to write up like that every year--
Your agent wants your business and wants to keep his cut of the premium dollars coming in, unless you are a hopeless crackhead who keeps costing him money.
2002-03-18 04:47:05 PM  
I hit a deer on Oregon 238 south of Grants Pass in '96. It jumped out from the side of the road, and I got it at 50 mph. Did $4000 worth of damage and my car was in the shop for a month.

When I went in for the claim, the guy at the counter gave me one of those deer whistle things..."yeah, we started giving them out to everyone last week". Day late and a dollar short, I guess.

And of course, here's the famous "Deer Call" (nsfw)
2002-03-18 04:50:24 PM  
I knew a guy who hit a cow with his minivan. This was one of those ones where the hood is shaped like a dustbuster. Apparently the cow took the roof off the van, and nearly his head as well. The farmer who owned the cow came out and had the animal butchered before the cops arrived.

As far as dangerous animals go, turkeys are near the top of the list. Those suckers are big, and they fly right about winshield level.
2002-03-18 04:52:19 PM  

I put 'img src="url of site"' in between an
2002-03-18 05:06:45 PM  

I got what you posted but that seems rather
2002-03-18 05:26:17 PM  
well... put that info before an > and after a <.
2002-03-18 05:31:09 PM  
In Colorado, if you kill a deer, you get to keep it. There's a form you have to fill out within 48 hours at the Sherriff's office, but it's free venison. There are also volunteers who clean up deer for the highway department. In Durango, the jail got the meat, and the volunteer gets to keep like 25%. Damned prisoners got to eat venison stew.

I once hit two elk with my 1970 Scout. The whole damned herd ran across the road and I stood on the brakes and aimed for the thin spot. One slid down the road and the other did a spin. I jumped out, knife at the ready, but they both got up and ran off. I was only going about 35, so they just put out the headlight. Thank you, brush guard.

Another time I was driving in a snowstorm with some friends. I made a joke about the guy in the back seat, glanced at him to gauge his reaction, and when I looked back there was a HUGE bull elk (like the Hartford commercials, antlers and all) in the center of the road. I hit the brakes a bit hard and went into a flat spin (Mayday! Mayday!). Somehow we didn't flip but ended up sliding right past the damned thing at 90 degrees, staring at it staring at us. The elk turned around, still looking at us. I was a bit pissed, so I cranked up the Scout and started chasing him. He ran off the road and jumped a fence. I turned back around and we drove off. Very surreal. After about five minutes of dead silence, the guy in back asked, "Did that just happen?"
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