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(Kuro5hin)   Arcade ROM site MAME.DK shuts down   ( divider line
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3867 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Mar 2002 at 1:46 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-16 01:49:27 PM  
Sad, yes, but this story is so OLD
2002-03-16 01:50:30 PM  
This happened about a month ago.

They have links to other sites you can use to actually get the ROMs (check the sidebar on the left). They continue to be a great resource for other resources related to MAME.
2002-03-16 01:58:31 PM  
alt.binaries.emulators.misc for floods once in a while is good.
2002-03-16 01:58:54 PM  
Since I happen to own EVERY stand-up arcade game - even the obscure Japanese ones; I went ahead and downloaded all of them as a backup.
2002-03-16 01:59:57 PM  
does the .dk in their domain stand for Donkey Kong?
2002-03-16 02:00:38 PM  
Game over.
2002-03-16 02:05:47 PM  
Again? This is, what, the second time this has happened?
2002-03-16 02:14:52 PM  
Like anybody cares.
2002-03-16 02:21:12 PM  
Anybody want to write a Napster-like program for stealing, er, getting backups of ROMs?
2002-03-16 02:30:14 PM  
Noooo! (Good thing I snagged a bunch of 'em awhile back.)
2002-03-16 02:41:41 PM  
RancidPlasma: I know you're joking (at least I hope you are), but the DK probably stands for Denmark.
2002-03-16 02:46:50 PM  
Yo mamas so old, she submits articles about MAME.DK closing
2002-03-16 02:48:17 PM  
A prime example of the asinine stupidity of the current copyright laws. Most of these games can not be bought anywhere even if you wished to buy them yet the copyright holder would let them completely die rather than let people have them. Just because they can't make any money off them.
2002-03-16 02:53:46 PM  

now the terrorists HAVE won
2002-03-16 02:54:20 PM  
.dk = country code for Denmark, no?
2002-03-16 03:29:51 PM  
I never heard of this site, and now it's gone! %:o( (sad clown)
2002-03-16 03:33:20 PM  
Actualy, Nintendo became a biatch and made it illegal to got ROM's off their games entirely, owned or not.
2002-03-16 03:36:19 PM  
2002-03-16 03:43:22 PM  
Old news yeah, but it still sucks. Still, if you look search hard enough, there's other ROM sites out there to be found.
2002-03-16 04:01:19 PM  
Sooooooooo Ooooooooold!
2002-03-16 04:15:08 PM  
fark, now where will I get my ROMz?
2002-03-16 04:56:20 PM  
Lets help out the emulation community by posting the best websites for ROMs, arcade or not... (neogeo, arcade, mame, snes, nes, gba, gbc, gb, n64 ... etc)
2002-03-16 04:59:22 PM  

A sad day, indeed... Even though I hate mame, I used this site for a ton of neogeo and cps2 stuff. :(

Oh well, at least I got all the important stuff before it shut down.
2002-03-16 05:15:13 PM  
If you want snes ROMs, go to
they have every snes game ever made, japanese, anything...hell they even have a few pr0n snes games. I know, i had to see it to believe it.
2002-03-16 05:59:20 PM is another place you can go for ya romz

you might wanna use a download manager, as its probably loaded up the eyeballs with traffic
2002-03-16 06:32:47 PM  
2002-03-16 06:57:03 PM  
this is slow as balls, and i don't have the patience to look through it thoroughly...
so where can i get those pr0n games?
2002-03-16 08:02:43 PM  

Uh, sorry.
What I meant was...
2002-03-16 08:09:18 PM  
Or even, or
2002-03-16 10:04:49 PM  
I tried to post this story days ago, but I didn't find a write-up on it. When I tried to put in as the link for the story, the article queue said it was already submitted 5 months ago. Feh.

I would love to know what the e-mail said, and who it was from... the one that shut down rom downloads for that is.

2002-03-16 10:41:42 PM  
Man this is old, and not even the first time it happened.

At least now they can't blame EFRONT for being shut down.

People whining too, but it's not like it was the only rom site on the 'net... they were greedy bastards to, from what I gather.
2002-03-16 10:43:31 PM  
Oh, and anyway, the title is WRONG, the site is still there, they just turned off the rom downloads, just like they did the first time they were "shut down."
2002-03-17 06:35:44 AM  
What's really sad, is that the guestbook on Alec Baldwin's site is down.
2002-03-17 08:40:15 AM  
Hey I think I read about this in HISTORY class.
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