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2002-03-16 10:27:08 AM  
What the article fails to mention is the four little pet turtles that were contaminated...
2002-03-16 10:29:40 AM  
I live too close to this and the 80-something car pileup that happened a few days earlier. People here can't drive for shat: no turn signals, cutting people off, speeding like crazy. It sucks.
2002-03-16 10:30:59 AM  
"We just had Type A containers, class 7, which means it was packaged in cardboard," said Sgt. Christine Faulkner.

Wow. I hope they were duct taped shut.
2002-03-16 10:46:38 AM  
Only if the used "Type A , class 7" OSHA approved duct tape.
2002-03-16 10:50:30 AM  
So when are any of these so called "experts" going to learn that radiation of any kind poses a threat? when we all have headlights that glow in the dark?
2002-03-16 11:09:35 AM  
Better get rid of your smoke detectors SorcererOfFatalLaughter, they contain class A radioactive sources. Oooh, and watch out for cosmic rays hippie!
2002-03-16 11:09:41 AM  
Now this I thought was funny:

TEMA now says the load was low level nuclear medical material that posed no immediate danger to people or the environment.

Maury County officials say they're relieved. This could have been a major disaster.

I wonder what they consider cause for concern, paper cuts?
2002-03-16 11:10:25 AM  
Radiation is how the earth is warmed by the sun. So "some" kinds of radiation are necessary.
2002-03-16 11:13:44 AM  
And you better shut off your computer monitor and tv, cause they emit dangerous cathode rays.

Besides, when the Exxon-Valdez crashed, nobody said that we had to realize that any form of petroleum poses a threat, and that spill was infinitely worse than this one.
2002-03-16 11:20:25 AM  
All medical waste should be banned as well.

Just make the patient eat all the leftovers (bloddy rags, used viles, bandages, body fluids, amputated limbs) before leaving the hospital. That would eliminate all the dangerous medical waste from having to be disposed of.
2002-03-16 11:26:53 AM  
Medical radioactive waste, for the most part, isn't all that harmful. Hell, just 10 years I had friends in a lab who dumped stuff like that truck was carrying right down the drain. The radioactivity levels were low, and the crap decayed after a few days or weeks anyhow.
2002-03-16 01:06:12 PM  
I say we ban these "radioactive trucks" altogether. Nothing good will come of them.

We should also ban the "poison gas" exhausting cars.

And don't get me started on the electrocuting motorctycles roving the US highways.
2002-03-16 03:07:57 PM  
OMG!! This is so funny...I was looking at that website's forums and came across this

That is some seriously whack discussion LOL!
2002-03-16 03:09:05 PM  

There's the link...damn I wan't my own HTML monkey
2002-03-16 07:08:20 PM  
Told ya it was medical waste!
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