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(Some Guy)   Train-station computer in Germany fails. Will cost €3 million to replace. The failed computer was a C64   ( divider line
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33641 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2005 at 6:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-17 07:52:41 PM  
I think I hear NYC calling...
2005-02-17 07:52:58 PM  
Why not just buy another C64 on ebay?
2005-02-17 07:59:47 PM  
ich verehren Sie mein Sechzig Vier
mein Commodore Sechzig Vier
2005-02-17 08:05:12 PM  
Ron4: Why not just buy another C64 on ebay?

Or better yet, use an emulator?
2005-02-17 08:16:42 PM  
And I just chucked one (working) about 4 months ago. If I'd have known it was worth 3 million Euros I mighta kept it.
2005-02-17 08:23:40 PM  
Load "*",8,1
2005-02-17 08:39:58 PM  
Man, the C64. Makes my VAIO laptop seem like not such a piece of crap.
2005-02-17 10:08:32 PM  
My buddy still has a C64 monitor that he uses to watch v and play games on. It's been used constantly since I was in kindergarden and am now 26. They sure don't make em now like they used to.
2005-02-18 12:43:09 AM  
I left my C64 on all weekend once accidentally. Needless to say, when I got back and check it, it was too black. I loved that thing!
2005-02-18 01:36:20 AM  
I hear the new C128s are fab.

Maybe they can get one of those cool "portable" C64s that
people used to bring to the demo conventions and stuff.
2005-02-18 02:45:12 AM  
I tried to warn them about the Y2.005K bug, but did they listen?
2005-02-18 06:07:03 AM  
They are expecting an "expert" to come in an fix it, but he was due 3 days ago. The WDR suggests that noone knows what track his train arrived on.

2005-02-18 06:08:53 AM  
I have a ZX81 they can have for E2,000,000...or a CGL M5
2005-02-18 06:09:44 AM  
I have one of the portable Commodore 64s, the SX-64. I have it hooked up to a MIDI connection and slaved to the sequencer on my PC. (SID rules!) It still runs flawlessly. I also use a Commodore monitor hooked to my VCR for a display when I'm dubbing stuff. This stuff is 20+ years old. They just don't make hardware the same the these days.
2005-02-18 06:18:05 AM  
I will sell them an upgrade, my 486, for only one million Euros.
2005-02-18 06:18:08 AM  
fix the c64 or replace it. screw siemens.
2005-02-18 06:19:29 AM  
In Germany, it is against the law to fire a C64, even if it is lazy and/or dead.

/ Betriebsrate
2005-02-18 06:23:31 AM  
Oh yeah. Comma eight, comma one!

/You cannot possibly know where Carmen Sandiego is
2005-02-18 06:26:13 AM  
(attach tin foil hat)
Perhaps the 3 million Euros are required to keep Dortmund in the Bundesliga, with a spare C64 thrown in for free.
(detach tin foil hat)
2005-02-18 06:27:00 AM  
Especially if she's at the Zugstation.
2005-02-18 06:28:55 AM  
This is Europe. That old continent that puts its hands on its hips and stamps its feet and gets all pissy when we don't do things the same way they would do them.

Real inspiring example there, Europe.

/Couldn't resist
2005-02-18 06:32:17 AM  
Good Christ I feel old now.
Anybody remember "Drive music"?
2005-02-18 06:32:49 AM  
I'm sure it would be great if they could make a C64 emulator, or get one off ebay, but you're missing the problem.

2005-02-18 06:33:28 AM  
Good stuff from mkfreeberg.
2005-02-18 06:33:29 AM  
That was kinda left-field.
2005-02-18 06:38:34 AM  
3mEUR for a C64.

mmmmmh. Government contracts.
2005-02-18 06:38:53 AM  
Happy days. Back in the 80s I spent far too much time playing this...

[image from too old to be available]

and this...

[image from too old to be available]

and especially this...

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-18 06:41:47 AM  
this was my fav
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-18 06:44:34 AM  
A C64?

I hear the ATC at O'Hare sighs with envy...
2005-02-18 06:45:48 AM  
My favorite...
[image from too old to be available]
Legacy of the Ancients
2005-02-18 06:45:59 AM  
Eh. If the fine folks at the Dortmund train station are reading..

Zwei flache Karten von Seattle. Rume, fnf Tage, sechs Nchte. Das ganzes Bier, das ich trinken kann. Ich hole mein eigenes C64, Sie werde funktionieren, bevor Sie es kennen.

It's new in box! I used it for about a week back in 1985 while my Apple was in the shop.
2005-02-18 06:46:35 AM  

This is Europe. That old continent that puts its hands on its hips and stamps its feet and gets all pissy when we don't do things the same way they would do them.

Small penis eh?
2005-02-18 06:47:28 AM  
Damn.. Never noticed Fark didn't like umlauts and accents fed that way.. Oh well, my german was murder anyway.
2005-02-18 06:47:53 AM  
Someone told me yesterday that it was *not* a C64 but some PC manufactured by Commodore. Yeah, they made IBM-compatible PC's in the beginning of the 90s, IIRC...

I just wonder why they can't just get a new machine and run the software on it, but I guess I'm not the only one. :-)
2005-02-18 06:48:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-18 06:53:12 AM  
I used the google translate tool to translate the german article to english, now im even more confused

"A Commodore C64 was twenty years long important part of the indicating panel control in the Dortmunder main station. Now the Moehrchen gave its spirit up, and the station stands before an enormous problem: a new indicator plant would cost three million euro. And the allegedly only man, who can bring the "bread box" back in course, does not come: because the indicating panels strike...? [ more with the WDR ]"
2005-02-18 06:53:39 AM  
xaveth - The swamp squishes between your toes


/give me a nice clean if-it-moves-then-shoot-it-until-it-stops-moving FPS any day.
2005-02-18 06:57:05 AM  
give me a nice clean if-it-moves-then-shoot-it-until-it-stops-moving FPS any day.

On a side note, to beat me in CS, when I open fire, stop moving, then I'll stop firing, then shoot me dead. It happens way too often...
2005-02-18 06:57:33 AM  
If you read the entire article, not just the excerpt, you will find that Deutsche Bahn is not going to pay 3 million Euros for a new system, since the station will be undergoing a complete restructuring soon.
Instead now they've hired an expert from Munich hoping that he knows how to fix that C64.

From experience I can tell that there are large numbers of old computer systems (like C64s or Nixdorf servers) still in use.
People dont notice they still exist because unlike modern systems they basically require no maintenance. Until they eventually go black, that is.
2005-02-18 07:00:23 AM  
Just try to figure out the technology behind Duck Hunt on the NES

C64 came before that.

...3 million is a discount
2005-02-18 07:00:32 AM  
liverleef - heh.
"Moehrchen": "little moor" (you know) (also means "little carrot" ... but that's just incidental)
"bread box": well that's what the C64 looks like, innit.
2005-02-18 07:01:53 AM  
C64... I begged my parents for one so I could do school work and stuff. Naturally, I played games for hours.

Raid on Moscow

Airborne Ranger

Maniac Mansion

*Sigh*... Good times.

Anybody ever get to the end (or anywhere) in Mission Impossible?

/'Another visitor... Stay awhile. Stay FOREVER!!!!'
2005-02-18 07:03:34 AM  
That's just not cricket :)
2005-02-18 07:08:09 AM  
, I'll see your Bruce Lee and raise you a...

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-18 07:09:35 AM  

Ah "Mission Impossible" - or "Impossible Mission" actually. I'd forgotten about that one. Yeah I got to the end, but that took a long time too.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-18 07:10:39 AM  
whoever put the Word Mhrchen (=a little carrot) in the article either does not speak German or is totally retarded.

Try the other source (WDR = Westdeutscher Rundfunk), it's definitely better.

More about Mhrchen:
2005-02-18 07:11:12 AM  
I was talking to somebody about my C64 just yesterday.

You never forget your first love...
2005-02-18 07:12:04 AM  
Sorry, but this just isn't true. As tells it really was no C64 but an Intel System 310 running Xenix on a 286. This was a somewhat higher end system than a C64...
2005-02-18 07:13:20 AM  

Anybody ever get to the end (or anywhere) in Mission Impossible?

Yes, but only with help from the nice people at "Zzap 64" magazine.

Never beat Mission Impossible 2 though.

/Kill him, my robots!
2005-02-18 07:15:07 AM  
I MEANT "Impossible Mission".
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