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(NYPost)   Guy in wheelchair whips out sword in argument over parking spot with another handicapped guy who had a 9mm; moral of story: don't mess with handicapped spots.   ( nypost.com) divider line
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2002-03-15 10:34:59 AM  
Oooh, a steel chair match.
2002-03-15 11:13:30 PM  
I thought Fark wouldn't be updated, and that this was a non-functioning comments page.
2002-03-15 11:15:38 PM  
Maybe Drew found an 6 pack of the good stuff and got it in gear...
2002-03-15 11:26:16 PM  
oh my god, did you read the article after the wheelchair one?
A fired Michigan postman has been jailed for throwing buckets of porcupine feces, worms and parasites over his former colleagues.

James Beal, 62, tossed three buckets of the mixture over three staff members at the Empire Post Office. He claims he was axed for no good reason.

Beal was jailed for 18 months in Grand Rapids and ordered to pay about $10,000 in fines and court costs.

He pleaded guilty in December to three counts of assaulting federal employees on Oct. 18, the day after Beal was fired for unsatisfactory work.

Beal didn't deny he threw the mixture, but said he had reason to do it because he'd been unjustly fired after less than a week.
2002-03-15 11:26:56 PM  
Bitter People parking spaces provide good therapy for all of us.
2002-03-15 11:27:53 PM  
According to Mike the configuration of the new location is almost complete. Should be done soon. Cross your fingers and hope.
2002-03-15 11:29:17 PM  
The actual moral is: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
2002-03-15 11:31:21 PM  
My dragon style will defeat your crane style, prepare to taste my Katana, infidel
2002-03-15 11:35:13 PM  
Rebbic Hope? Hey I've just addopted a couple other gods I'm preying too! Come on everyone rub the belly of a statue and burn some sents kneel in front of some lower case t looking thing or something. Or you can do like I'm doing......

drink heavly
2002-03-15 11:37:58 PM  
ISeeYourDisease, my D.C. New York Ave. style would kick all those styles asses with 2 letters AK and 2 numbers 47
2002-03-15 11:40:04 PM  
Dammit, Nanookanano, that's what I was going to say.
2002-03-15 11:45:06 PM  
How come nobody ever throws porcupine feces, worms and parasites at *me*??? Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!!!
2002-03-15 11:45:52 PM  
Damron, 48, walked toward him holding a cane with a golden snake head. From the cane, Damron produced a sword and walked "in a rather menacing manner" toward Cavalier, cops said.

Jeez, no wonder I couldn't keep up with who was handicapped and who had what. This article is written quite shiattily. I had to read it five times just to get the story straight.

2002-03-15 11:46:46 PM  
Pistol-packin' wheelchair drivers. Scary.
2002-03-15 11:49:53 PM  
my favorite line of the article

"We exchanged a couple of 'F-yous,'

Here is my f u. NO! Here is my f U!! NO F U! NO NO FU! Hold on a sec bud EEEFFFF EEEEEWWWUUUU!
2002-03-15 11:52:42 PM  
"Happiness is a warm gun."
-John Lennon-
2002-03-15 11:55:37 PM  
What *is* the exchange rate on F-yous these days?
2002-03-16 12:03:14 AM  
often 1:1
2002-03-16 12:04:35 AM  
Thirdrail: My desert shadow-walker style will defeat your DC style in a New York minute
2002-03-16 12:06:03 AM  
Oh yeah? Like you'd know. F-you, Madj!
2002-03-16 12:08:15 AM  
i felt handicapped w/out fark
2002-03-16 12:10:38 AM  
Kungfugirl: Isn't that a Stevie Wonder song?
2002-03-16 12:12:47 AM  
Sorry Eurytion, I don't accept counterfeit f-yous.
2002-03-16 12:13:45 AM  
And you call yourself "Quick".

Humph! :>
2002-03-16 12:16:09 AM  
does this story remind anyone of the scene in Indiana Jones (1st one) were the guy comes at him with a whip and Indy just looks at him like "you got to be kidding" and shoots the guy?

it does to me!
2002-03-16 12:17:58 AM  
2002-03-16 12:18:50 AM  
2002-03-16 12:18:55 AM  
lol...you're cool.
2002-03-16 12:20:23 AM  
hahahah classic but did u read hte second story down

"A fired Michigan postman has been jailed for throwing buckets of porcupine feces, worms and parasites over his former colleagues"
2002-03-16 12:20:40 AM  
Madj, I had a chick tell me that after sex once as well. Sigh
2002-03-16 12:23:21 AM  
There can be only one. May it be handicapped guy. I like the crop of recent articles that lend themselves to Highlander. Really, who else but an immortal would use a sword as a weapon?
2002-03-16 12:24:15 AM  

2002-03-16 12:24:27 AM  
Ah, it feels good to be back. JOHNDX: How in the hell did my double persona come up in your conversation with this other farker? And gimme his name, retribution must be had.
2002-03-16 12:24:33 AM  
I have a cheese sandwich . Its color is Green. We live inside a dream.
2002-03-16 12:26:10 AM  
I love how the handicapped man "ran" into the hospital! I wonder how much he payed for his hc plates??????

Lazy pharker!!!!
2002-03-16 12:26:11 AM  
i think they should lose their handicapped stickers for 6 mos. and be forced to walk..oh excuse me roll their ass up to the store from the back of the parking lot! bad wheelchair guys! you're grounded! go to the back of the parking lot right now!
2002-03-16 12:27:31 AM  
And oh yeah, this story reminds me of somethin that happened to me today. I went to the little boys room and seeing the handicapped stall unoccupied I headed straight for it since its so roomy. On my way out of the stall I see a guy in a wheelchair waiting for the stall, I felt kinda bad.

"I dont have a square to spare!" (quote has nothing to do wiht story but since we are on the subject of bathrooms)
2002-03-16 12:28:12 AM  
Rrrrrrramming speed!!
2002-03-16 12:28:44 AM  
When I hold you in my arms,
And I feel my finger on your trigger,
Then I know no one can do me no harm.

Freak: You know JDX is too nice a guy to be a part of that! (Good to seeya)
2002-03-16 12:29:01 AM  
what i want to know is when are they gonna come out with a survivor handicapped in the himalayas. obiously they are prepared for it.
2002-03-16 12:29:35 AM  
Saturnalia: Damn, beat me to it. Ah well. "I have inside me blood of kings. I have no rival, no man can be my equal." *Cue heavy guitar riffs*
2002-03-16 12:30:05 AM  
Wow, Twin Peaks AND cheese. This is better than a dream.
2002-03-16 12:30:26 AM  
Kungfugirl, I agree. I have to wage a war everyday for parking at my university and the handicapped get these sweet spots right near the campus itself. And a good number of those tags are on luxury vehicles, so Im wondering what someone has to do to get hooked up. Maybe if I cut off one of my toes?
2002-03-16 12:31:56 AM  
Elaine + pee-pee = fun
2002-03-16 12:34:05 AM  
Kungfugirl: That's next seasons Survivor. Handicapped people peeing on homosexuals. Ms. Spears makes an obvious cameo.
2002-03-16 12:34:43 AM  
Good to see you too Hytes Xian. Im not accusing JOHNDX, I just forgot the name of the mod who saw me slip up and figured it out.
2002-03-16 12:35:55 AM  
all you have to do is find a really great laid back doctor and then complain of constant pain...or at least thats what my mom did
2002-03-16 12:36:10 AM  
I feel like batman without his mask :(
2002-03-16 12:36:13 AM  
I feel like batman without his mask :)
2002-03-16 12:37:26 AM  
Yea I get to be the first to say it - Can you say 'Cripple Fight' ? :)
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