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2005-02-15 02:57:59 PM  
Irrespective of talent and "skankiness," if you think that is fat, you need a good kick to the shins.
2005-02-15 02:59:59 PM  
Thank you, Heamer. What you said.
2005-02-15 03:00:38 PM  
I love to make fun of Britney... but... I don't see any fat.
2005-02-15 03:04:28 PM  
Irrespective of talent and "skankiness," if you think that is fat, you need a good kick to the shins.

She's so very obviously a cow, and so far beneath the millions of Farkers here who obviously hit Supermodels repeatedly.


Were I not happily married, I'd hit it like a rented mule.
2005-02-15 03:04:48 PM  
I would sooooo hit that until Smooky begged for mercy...I just love zaftig women!
2005-02-15 03:05:17 PM  
when you're so in love with cigarettes you don't even put them down to go swimming, it might be time for the patch.

She must really reek all the time.
2005-02-15 03:05:55 PM  
i would hit it
2005-02-15 03:06:30 PM  
Oh yeah, and Kirstie Alley isn't fat either. She's pudgy big-boned.
2005-02-15 03:06:47 PM  
Forget the fat: watch how fast her face ages if she keeps sucking back... cigarettes. CIGARETTES! You dirty bastich.
2005-02-15 03:08:24 PM  
I dunno...in this one....

http://www.thesuperficial.com/image.php?path=/archives/bspool5.jpg (no pops, HTML Skills are teh suck)

She looks a little pudgy....but as for the rest she looks....


2005-02-15 03:08:28 PM  
how in the hell is that fat?

Additionally, I thought she was pregnant...I must not be up-to-speed. **shrug**

Anyhow, she should be careful with the sun, though. She's looking a little brown. I hope it's fake tan.
2005-02-15 03:08:52 PM  
In 15 years she's going to look like whithered leather.
2005-02-15 03:13:12 PM  
Are these new? Call me crazy, but these look like the same pics of her poolside from like 7+ months ago? If so, I think she's lost all this weight and even started putting fresh weight back on.
2005-02-15 03:14:06 PM  
I'm sorry, she looks fat to me, especially relative to last year's model

/cigarettes make crotches stinky
2005-02-15 03:24:42 PM  
gis for 'fat britney'

[image from img64.exs.cx too old to be available]
2005-02-15 03:39:54 PM  
Oops, I did it again.

Now I need a towel.
2005-02-15 03:40:43 PM  
Greenlighted? That server is going to be farked pretty quick from the looks of it- it's already slow.
2005-02-15 03:49:30 PM  
2005-02-15 03:54:09 PM  
And kittens everywhere rejoyced...
2005-02-15 04:05:40 PM  
She's not fat, she's just white-trash.
2005-02-15 04:10:59 PM  
Not fat. But she is glamorous with that cigarette.

[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2005-02-15 04:15:19 PM  
EverCompromised, that is an ugly, ugly picture.

Britney spears: postergirl for America's white trash.
2005-02-15 04:20:01 PM  
I think she's going to go right past Kirstie Alley and head for Totie Fields territory.

[image from steveandeydie.com too old to be available]
2005-02-15 04:38:30 PM  
OMG, she looks like a normal girl now!

How will we cope!!

2005-02-15 04:39:32 PM  
You can pretty much look at a girl and tell if she'll be a cow in 10 years. When I was single, I called them future-fat.

But not to their face. Cuz the main thing is to get some lovin' while they're still NOT fat.
2005-02-15 04:46:51 PM  
She's got FP...fat potential...but she's not fat. Dumb? Yes. Fat? Hardly.
2005-02-15 05:03:34 PM  
Ugh, why is Britney still getting greenlighted. She is so used up, yesterdays news anymore. How 'bout more of Alicia Keys or Ashanti or for that matter, somebody who is beautiful and HAS talent, Sade!
2005-02-15 05:09:23 PM  
Link is farked already...
2005-02-15 05:09:49 PM  
2005-02-15 05:10:22 PM  
2005-02-15 05:10:23 PM  
Linked farked. Somone please get the cache or something....

For those of you who says britney is yesterday news, then who are we supposed to talk about? Madonna?

Sheesh! Lets the party started in here already!
2005-02-15 05:11:15 PM  
Sometimes, I look at Britney, and then I think about the old Britney, and then I think about suing her for destruction of fap-property.
2005-02-15 05:11:22 PM  
Lets the party started in here already, indeed.
2005-02-15 05:11:29 PM  
How 'bout more of Alicia Keys or Ashanti or for that matter, somebody who is beautiful and HAS talent, Sade!

Uhhhh... no.
2005-02-15 05:11:34 PM  
Farked already...and I'm not talking about Britney as she has been farked for a long time
2005-02-15 05:12:08 PM  
The Mystery of Brittney Spear's Breasts


/sorry about the cut-n-paste...someday I'll learn more HTML than bold and italics
2005-02-15 05:14:09 PM  
Of all singers, I'd prefer to see Fergie. She's my new favourite.

That would be Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, not Fergie of ex-Royal fame.
2005-02-15 05:15:02 PM  

Linked farked. Somone please get the cache or something....

Relax - you are missing nothing.
2005-02-15 05:15:32 PM  
2005-02-15 05:15:42 PM  
That would be Fergie of former Wild Orchid fame, back when she was blonde. And white.
2005-02-15 05:15:53 PM  
mactobain: The Mystery of Brittney Spear's Breasts

Truly a flash classic.
2005-02-15 05:16:11 PM  
Abe Vigodaed.
2005-02-15 05:16:43 PM  
We really need a farked timer for boobies links just to prove how rapidly our desperate fapping can melt servers...
2005-02-15 05:17:53 PM  
Oh, why must they smoke??!?!? It's just sooooo disgusting!
Otherwise, I'd tap it like a pony keg
2005-02-15 05:17:57 PM  
the link at the bottom of the article for the fan page isnt farked.. has the same pics.
2005-02-15 05:18:47 PM  
a) That is not fat by any definition of the term
b) Site author likely hasn't touched a woman since he stopped breastfeeding
c) Me likes 'em curvy anyway

/my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hon
//and with that, my daily descent into sexual objectification is over
2005-02-15 05:19:03 PM  
MMMMMMMMmmmmmm.... Fergie...

/give it up, give it up!
2005-02-15 05:19:06 PM  
2005-02-15 05:19:18 PM  
anyone save the pics before the server went fark?
2005-02-15 05:19:31 PM  
[image from img230.exs.cx too old to be available]
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