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51341 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2005 at 12:17 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-02-15 12:19:05 PM  
2005-02-15 12:19:34 PM  
OMG! Someone set up a paypal donation account for this!
2005-02-15 12:19:36 PM  
Please Hammer... don't hurt em.
2005-02-15 12:19:39 PM  
2005-02-15 12:20:51 PM  
That rocks!
2005-02-15 12:20:59 PM  
Can we call it the Fark Squirrelnut-o-drome?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-15 12:21:37 PM  
2005-02-15 12:21:40 PM  
I thought today was a slow news day until I hit refresh. Sheesh
2005-02-15 12:21:51 PM  
This is too funny. Is this the actual name that's going to be given to it?
2005-02-15 12:21:51 PM  
even as a Duke fan, I find this hilarious if he really does rename it like that.
2005-02-15 12:21:57 PM  
boohiss: Someone set up a paypal donation account for this!

why, it's already been purchased
2005-02-15 12:22:12 PM  
This should be named "Places that sell their naming rights are whores - (Duke sucks)"
2005-02-15 12:22:24 PM  
Duke Sucks Center. Now that has a ring to it.
2005-02-15 12:22:35 PM  
Congratulations Drew. If you chooce to name it "the Ducke sucks and matt4684 rules center", I would be forever indebted
2005-02-15 12:22:36 PM  
Is there anything happening there that day?
2005-02-15 12:22:42 PM  
2005-02-15 12:22:59 PM  
I'm surprised the winning bid was only $2550. Way to go Drew.
2005-02-15 12:23:00 PM  
DREW represents everything good about eBay! Honesty, integrity and trust! A+++++

A+++++++++++ indeed!
2005-02-15 12:23:24 PM  
I say we call it: "l337 BOOBIES CENTER"
2005-02-15 12:23:42 PM  
I'm glad to see all the free Ipod classifieds have gone to finance something worthwhile.
2005-02-15 12:23:50 PM  
boohiss: Someone set up a paypal donation account for this!

why, it's already been purchased

Yes. Thank you for pointing out how stupid I am. Dear Lord, I have a case of the RiTFAs today.
2005-02-15 12:23:51 PM  
hahahahahahaha. that is the best ever. thank you.
2005-02-15 12:23:53 PM  
Nice work Drew!
2005-02-15 12:23:54 PM  
2005-02-15 12:24:01 PM  
I like this piece they added in mid-auction:

he single-day naming rights package does not include any changes to the arena's fixed signage.
2005-02-15 12:24:26 PM  
Call it POO-POO Arena
2005-02-15 12:24:50 PM  
I thought it was a joke. Wow. That actually is quite badass!
2005-02-15 12:24:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-15 12:25:00 PM  
he = the

2005-02-15 12:25:04 PM  
"Is there anything happening there that day?"

Yes of course there is!

FARK PARTY Feb 28th at the exclusive Attention Whore Arena!
2005-02-15 12:25:10 PM  
2005-02-15 12:25:13 PM  
Fleet Enema Center?
2005-02-15 12:25:17 PM  
Fark has a sport team?
What is it? Competative flamebaiting?

Tonight at the Fark.Com Duke Sucks Center
2005-02-15 12:25:18 PM  
That is AWESOME!
2005-02-15 12:25:19 PM  
This is gonna get ya:

"Please note: Delaware North Companies, Inc. - Boston reserves the right to approve names which are submitted in response to the "Single Day Naming Rights to Boston's FleetCenter" promotion."
2005-02-15 12:25:21 PM  
Nice job Drew, that's pretty kick ass.
2005-02-15 12:25:32 PM  
I like how Drew swooped in at the last second and nabbed it. Well played old man, well played
2005-02-15 12:25:37 PM  
OK... As a Bostonian, all I can say is this is going to be WICKED PISSAH!!

Think of it this way: Every day several hundred thousand commuters driving through the travesty known as the "Central Artery Project" (or "Big Dig") sit at a complete stand still outside this arena. For what can seem an eternity.

Whoever found and bid on this? $2,550.00 is a steal. Brill-smegging-illiant.
2005-02-15 12:25:57 PM  
xarlos: Is there anything happening there that day?
Nope (pops) Probably a cancelled hockey date.
2005-02-15 12:25:58 PM  
Rock. Milk it, Drew. This is your day.
2005-02-15 12:26:02 PM  
2005-02-15 12:26:05 PM  
RIGHT ON!!!! That rocks!
2005-02-15 12:26:12 PM  
You're gonna get outbid by if this story gets any press, Drew.

But awesome nonetheless.
2005-02-15 12:26:19 PM  
Now this is going to be good. Of course Fleet is going to have to approvie it, but some iteration of duke suck (bites) would be hiarious.
2005-02-15 12:26:25 PM  
Considering I hate Boston and Duke, this is just too sweet.
2005-02-15 12:27:07 PM  
2005-02-15 12:27:10 PM  
Can we add some fark acronyms into the name?

" Duke Sucks Center DIT LGN"
2005-02-15 12:27:17 PM  
2005-02-15 12:27:38 PM  
Hahahahah this is gonna kick ass
2005-02-15 12:27:46 PM  
Simply Awesome...
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