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(Intl-news)   Three-year-old becomes youngest Mensa member. Steven Hawking says, "Yeah, but who has the biggest diaper?"   ( intl-news.com) divider line
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2005-02-14 02:26:34 PM  
bwaaaa hahahahaha!

Good one.
2005-02-14 02:27:35 PM  
So wrong, and yet so funny. Nice work, submitter.
2005-02-14 02:31:06 PM  
2005-02-14 02:35:37 PM  
hahahahaha, now i feel so dirty inside for laughing.
2005-02-14 02:36:14 PM  
So good. So evil. So good.
2005-02-14 02:36:38 PM  

"....He still plays with his toys and demands food."

That's not a phase he's likely to outgrow.
2005-02-14 02:37:39 PM  
lol! thanks for making me laugh. now I'm off to feel bad about it. :D
2005-02-14 02:37:57 PM  
omfg - cannot stop laughing
2005-02-14 02:40:38 PM  
Speaking of Mensa... What ever happened to TheConvincingSavant?

Not that I'm eager to see him posting again.
2005-02-14 02:44:33 PM  
Great headline
2005-02-14 02:45:18 PM  
From their site: "Mensa has no other eligibility requirements other than IQ testing. However, many tests are not valid for people under the age of 16."

Oh, sure, he's great with blocks and stuff, but can the 3-year old do this puzzle?

Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE. Can you find it?
2005-02-14 02:46:09 PM  
A headline that hurts so good. Kudos.
2005-02-14 02:48:33 PM  

/go google, its your birfday
2005-02-14 02:52:16 PM  
Great headline!!
2005-02-14 02:54:08 PM  
Damn that headline is just so wrong.

thanks for the chuckle.
2005-02-14 02:57:04 PM  
I'm of the opinion that anyone who pays money just to so they can join a group of other high IQ elitists can't really be that intelligent.
2005-02-14 03:02:39 PM  
No_47 that is EXACTLY why i didnt join. testing fee, sure, but then, its, wait, you want me to shell out HOW MUCH just to hang out with other arrogant people?
(course, it was only 20-40 a year, but i was in high school, not making money, so it was alot. i may reconsider. i hear it looks good on resumes)
2005-02-14 03:09:16 PM  
*golf clap*

If this headline was given ebay feedback it would be A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2005-02-14 03:09:19 PM  
I was going to come in here and post about how rare it is that a headline actually gets a chuckle out of me and that this one did, and blah blah blah, but Jesus, look at this place.

Fark you submitter, that headline sucked.

2005-02-14 03:12:52 PM  
If this kid's parents don't stop pushing him, he'll be a socially inept Totalfarker in no time.
2005-02-14 03:14:41 PM  

You might say there's a little Uder in all of us! You might even say that we put Uder into our mouths, and now he's in our stomachs!
2005-02-14 03:50:54 PM  
very nice headline!

/still chuckling
2005-02-14 06:34:29 PM  
You win, submitter.
I giggled.
*shakes angry fist*

Is Farker mchawking still posting?
That was the second thing I though of.
2005-02-14 08:33:22 PM  
That headline elicited a chortle.
2005-02-14 08:37:04 PM  
Yeah, but is he smarter than Dr. Peggy Hill? Hoo-yeah!
2005-02-14 08:38:52 PM  
Great Headline
2005-02-14 08:40:43 PM  
Best headline in a while.
2005-02-14 08:42:05 PM  
I didn't find that headline amusing at all.
2005-02-14 08:43:43 PM  
But Doog...what about me, your bestest friend Vin?

2005-02-14 08:44:33 PM  
Best headline in a long time!
Nice job!
2005-02-14 08:45:20 PM  
Submitter just got a free one-way ticket.
I laughed anyway.
2005-02-14 08:45:52 PM  
Isn't IQ age adjusted? This really isn't impressive at all. 2% of all 2 year olds qualify for MENSA.
2005-02-14 08:46:04 PM  
Story, stupid.
2005-02-14 08:48:48 PM  
[image from members.aol.com too old to be available]
2005-02-14 08:51:06 PM  
Eat your heart out, Marilyn vos Savant!!!
2005-02-14 08:54:39 PM  
what an idiot
2005-02-14 08:56:56 PM  
Great poop joke in the headline! A grown man who wears diapers! Hee hee!
2005-02-14 08:57:38 PM  
That's the best headline since the Anna Nichole Smith one about falling out of a boat and cracking "her ribs, sea floor".
2005-02-14 08:59:36 PM  
yea but can he open a beer can with his teeth, obviously not ready for college.
2005-02-14 09:01:34 PM  
Incidentally, I once looked into the eligibility requirements for MENSA when I was feeling morbidly curious. I meet all of the requirements, but the fact of the matter is that I have little to no desire to pay to be in a group of people who sit around and discuss how great they are.
2005-02-14 09:02:13 PM  

Only one other word can be made from all the letters of INSATIABLE. Can you find it?

Didn't cheat. Ok, yes I did. But only so I could use my Farkit extension. Ok, I lied there, too.
2005-02-14 09:03:03 PM  
best tag line in awhile...hats off poster.
2005-02-14 09:05:57 PM  
IQ test are pure bullshiat, having endured three of them myself, I look down on them with great disdain... this might also have something to do with the fact that I suck and everyone hates me, but nonetheless I get to biatch.

example of an IQ test question:

"I'm going to name off 80 animals alphabetically, and you are to name as many back to me as fast as possible in alphabetical order as well..."

Poor kid is going to have such high expectations placed over him for his entire life
2005-02-14 09:09:04 PM  
Sounds plausible to me. I've never met a mensan (menses?) who couldn't be bested in some way by the average 3 year old.

The last one i met was a guy who falls for every fad medical product and multi-level marketing scam that came his way. He was forever going on about how some proposition was going to make him rich. He's still not rich.
2005-02-14 09:09:08 PM  
[image from img192.exs.cx too old to be available]

When I joined American Mensa, they required an IQ test taken after you turned 16. I guess the British just have lower standards...

/has never eaten beans on toast
2005-02-14 09:12:43 PM  
Best headline all year
2005-02-14 09:14:05 PM  
IQ is shiat.
I routinely test around 165, and I'll be the first to tell you I aint educated at all.

Took me at least 30 years to develop a hint of common sense.

It is nice knowing big words, though.
2005-02-14 09:15:30 PM  
WTF? 130 is Mensa level? Shiat, that means I'm farking Mensa level. I'm supposedly in the 150 range...I didn't think that was that special; maybe a little high. Is it adjusted for age?
2005-02-14 09:15:46 PM  
I don't know why but I always get Mensa and Nambla confused. I read the headline and was like the submitter did not just go there?!
2005-02-14 09:15:57 PM  
Hum, why would anyone join Mensa?
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