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(CNN)   Arkansas coach still doesn't realize he's been fired; dresses cats like basketball players and holds "practices" in den.   ( divider line
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2002-03-15 12:43:43 AM  
Sounds reasonable.
2002-03-15 12:44:21 AM  
Boobies! I'm second! Damn you Stugar!
2002-03-15 12:45:00 AM  
He dared them to buy him out.

They cut a check.

And the "fuzzy legal area is..."
2002-03-15 12:46:11 AM  
Totally misleading headline.
2002-03-15 12:46:14 AM  
'Cliche Kitty, you're cut'
2002-03-15 12:46:47 AM  
He's only as crazy as the Winthrop coach who said they could beat Duke tonight, and then lost by about 50.
2002-03-15 12:47:29 AM  
Good thing I skimmed that article, it'll bore you to great big bloody tears!
2002-03-15 12:51:54 AM  
There's his problem right there, he has Johnny Walker as his lawyer...
2002-03-15 12:52:56 AM  
That sounds like something one of the crazy old women with 87 1/2 cats would do.
2002-03-15 12:53:25 AM  
Meow was some meow meow of that article meow missing meow meow or what? meow.
2002-03-15 12:56:36 AM  
Nolan Richardson has been talked about as a possible replacement for Billy Tubbs at TCU here in Fort Worth, Texas.
2002-03-15 12:57:31 AM  
What the fark did that article have to do with cats? Bah! Score one for the truth-in-advertising people. ^_~
2002-03-15 01:01:04 AM  
Man, today has been a shiatty day for Fark. Dont kill me...
2002-03-15 01:02:05 AM  
Plus, this is a bad headline to a worse article.
2002-03-15 01:07:30 AM  
Bah! This, but not my article that teaches parents to deal with their child's masturbation. What a boring, boring day
2002-03-15 01:38:09 AM  
Hiya Hytes!

Article sucked. Died twice trying to finish it.
2002-03-15 01:47:39 AM  
What a delightful and entertaining read. I laughed out loud several times.

That crazy Roscoe P. Coltrane....


Wrong thread. :P
2002-03-15 02:17:52 AM  
This article promised cats playing basketball in a den somewhere.

I am rightfully pissed.
2002-03-15 02:26:26 AM  
I guess if you are a black basketball coach you can say "I was kidding" whenever you want.
2002-03-15 03:50:39 AM  
Where the hell are the cats playing basketball?! I want to see them, and for sick funnies, see a Dennis Rodman cat!
2002-03-15 06:12:40 AM  
Hello. My name is Nolan Richardson and I'm a racist piece of shiat.
2002-03-15 08:05:22 AM  
For Vibrato and Rabid_Ferret:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-15 08:25:47 AM  
Somebody call the men in white coats for this whackjob.
2002-03-15 09:41:45 AM  
2002-03-15 10:16:59 AM  
This is why my bio says "somewhere in the south"
2002-03-15 10:35:50 AM  
This is what we get for Frank Broyles quest to win at all costs.

counting down til Charlie rips me a new one
2002-03-15 10:40:14 AM  
Dewsdad: exactly.

I think the news conference that initiated this entire ordeal was completely pre-meditated. Richardson pushed all the right buttons, and he was gone in a week - no battles, just vitriol. It happened way too fast.

And now he's coming back for a challenge? He's got his contract buyout, so who's telling him to biatch?
2002-03-15 10:44:52 AM  
OffCamber and Dewsdad: He actually said it twice according to some of the papers down here.
2002-03-15 10:55:27 AM  
By that I mean, on two different occassions.
2002-03-15 11:28:19 AM  
Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sorely disappointed. I wanted to see those cats in their little red uniforms running a pick. Excellent consolation prize though, BOrg9, thanks for that.
2002-03-16 03:42:29 PM  
2002-03-18 01:35:18 PM  
I smell Jesse Jackson.
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