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2002-03-14 01:41:51 PM  
Cool.... I guess.
2002-03-14 01:41:58 PM  
2002-03-14 01:42:07 PM  
I have heard the calling, I will seek out this burger and prove all naysayers wrong.
2002-03-14 01:42:34 PM  
My colon hurts from just reading the article...
2002-03-14 01:43:11 PM  
I wonder how many days worth the FDA recommended dose you get of cholesterol and fat if you eat the whole thing.
2002-03-14 01:43:17 PM  
Wouldnt it be funny to put the mustache-disguise-glasses on the thing before serving it? At least I thought so......
2002-03-14 01:43:55 PM  
I think Lori needs to try eating my 6 pounds of man mean.
2002-03-14 01:45:27 PM  
Meat, I meant meat. Of course, the only place where I have six pounds of man meat are in my big fat man titties.
2002-03-14 01:45:34 PM  
If you think that's big, wait till you see the side order of fries that comes with it...
2002-03-14 01:45:35 PM  
My tummy hurt yesterday from eating a one-pounder at Fuddrucker's.
We once tried a "Big Banger" ( 3 pounds ) at Wallbanger's.
2002-03-14 01:45:35 PM  
Me: I'll have the six pound burger, and a side of cottage cheese, please...

Waitress: Anything to drink?

Me: Diet Coke.
2002-03-14 01:45:36 PM  
Six pounds...Let's see, a quarter pounder (just the beef patty) from McDonald's (tm) is 234 calories...234x16=3744...Add some cheese and condiments, you're up to about two days worth of calories...It can be done.
2002-03-14 01:45:45 PM  
Lori Weiss is a repeat customer who has come the closest to downing a 6-pounder. She once ate everything but the bottom of the bun.

Ill bet that part was so saturated with grease that you practically drink it.
2002-03-14 01:46:06 PM  
Excellent suggestion, Good_Beer! :o)

There's a steakhouse here in Houston, Taste of Texas, where the record for someone eating ribeye is 128 ounces. That is EIGHT pounds of beef. About 4000 grams of fat....
2002-03-14 01:46:13 PM  
Just Bring It!!
2002-03-14 01:46:17 PM  
That sounds like wager to me...
2002-03-14 01:46:29 PM  
[image from rit.edu too old to be available]

Yeah, but I bet I could do it
2002-03-14 01:46:33 PM  
What does the Kids meal come with..a free bi pass?
2002-03-14 01:46:39 PM  
6 pounds? A burger? I'll do it. Just gimmie a Dr. Pepper to wash it down.
2002-03-14 01:48:16 PM  
Could you knock out a PETA member cold if you smacked 'em in the face with this burger?
2002-03-14 01:48:29 PM  
Lori Weiss is a repeat customer who has come the closest to downing a 6-pounder. She once ate everything but the bottom of the bun.

And she weighs less than 100 pounds.

Not for long, I reckon...
2002-03-14 01:49:09 PM  
6 lbs is nothing

2002-03-14 01:50:19 PM  
Bring Me The Head of Mayor McCheese
2002-03-14 01:51:24 PM  
I want to try this. Mostly I just want a picture of me with a 6 pound burger. :)

I think one of my friends could do it
2002-03-14 01:52:54 PM  
People are starving to death all over the world and you can order a 6-pound hamburger in the USA, figures...
2002-03-14 01:53:10 PM  

[not actual burger]
2002-03-14 01:53:55 PM  

[image from home.btconnect.com too old to be available]
2002-03-14 01:54:58 PM  
Can i get that supersized, to go?
2002-03-14 01:55:42 PM  
The size of a human head? That's not very big, I mean my head is... oh. That human head. Never mind.
2002-03-14 01:56:22 PM  

How much do you think my head weighs?

2002-03-14 01:57:06 PM  
03-14-02 01:52:54 PM ThreeLittleSmurfs
People are starving to death all over the world and you can order a 6-pound hamburger in the USA, figures...

I love how farking self-righteous Canadians are......
2002-03-14 01:58:21 PM  
"He called me greenhorn. I called him Tony Randall." -anyone catching that reference and its significane to this article gets a cookie.
2002-03-14 02:01:21 PM  
[image from artcarfest.com too old to be available]
2002-03-14 02:02:08 PM  
Ironbar: i ammused the whole world thinks we are supposed to give a damn.
2002-03-14 02:02:28 PM  
>The bar also offers 2-pounders and 3-pounders

For those watching their figure??
2002-03-14 02:02:33 PM  
Yeah, let me see if I can cry that Canadian a tear because of my nation's wealth and power.

Wait, wait, it's coming...almost...

Nope. Guess not. Can't wait until we bomb your people back to the ice age, which, conveniently, you're not far from.
2002-03-14 02:02:51 PM  
no cookie for me!
2002-03-14 02:03:28 PM  
"Lori Weiss is a repeat customer who has come the closest to downing a 6-pounder. She once ate everything but the bottom of the bun. And she weighs less than 100 pounds."

And also, a tapeworm the size of Gibraltar.
2002-03-14 02:03:40 PM  
I don't buy it. I've eaten a human head in one sitting.
2002-03-14 02:04:53 PM  

If my head were veal, how much would it cost?
2002-03-14 02:05:25 PM  
damn, that's down the road from my inlaws. I'll have to stop by next visit and eat that sucker.


I think after eating it, you wouldn't get all those calories and such out of it, since it would fall out the bottom pretty fast from all the grease... might clog the septic system, though.

mmmmmm 6 pound burger. Wonder what it comes with for sides.
2002-03-14 02:05:52 PM  
On a related note, there's a place here in San Antonio called Habanero's Grill (www.habanerosgrill.com), that serves something called a "Bang Burrito."

Basically, it's two regular 8-inch burritos put together, and hovers between 2 and 4 lbs, depending on your choice of toppings. Now, that's obviously not 6lbs, but I've had a bang burrito every weekend for 3 years, so I'd say I'm up to the challenge.
2002-03-14 02:05:54 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

Funniest. Cartoonist. Ever.
2002-03-14 02:06:06 PM  
Lori Weiss - And she weighs less than 100 pounds.

Wonder how much are dung weighed the next day?
2002-03-14 02:08:24 PM  
Maybe you should start giving a damn, poverty and oppression are the very things that breed support for terrorism...
2002-03-14 02:10:55 PM  
BigJimShade: Yeah, but a human head is mostly bone. We're talking all meat here.
2002-03-14 02:11:20 PM  
The only thing better than a big-ass burger is a nice juicy steak.
2002-03-14 02:12:49 PM  
Shut the fark up you idiot.

I don't oppress anyone, so no one should be flying planes at me and my family, farko. If you think terrorism is justified, you need to get your head examined.
2002-03-14 02:13:51 PM  
Hrm. If it's that big, you must have to eat it with a knife and fork. Just working on logistics here.
2002-03-14 02:14:35 PM  
NaTaX, do you live in a Democratic country? I think you do, so your government's policies are your policies unless you directly oppose them.
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